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Here is a list of all the custom rank* titles on the forum. Feel free to add a story about where the title comes from.




  • BabyJesus - Not Helpful!
    • BMQ: secret double meaning: Not only is it BJ's catchphrase, but also because BJ isn't too helpful when he just goes around saying it all day. Second that as well.
  • Battle Mage - Jester
    • Refers to how early in his heyday his playstyle saw him eliminated early and often.
  • Bert - Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra
  • big_kahunia - Intimate Stranger
    • Intimate Stranger being similar of course, to Intemet Stranger, and the game he modded as that account.
    • Talitha: Both for the IS impersonation in Penthouse mafia, and I seem to remember him getting kinda intimate with a certain female at jeepfest Razz.
  • bigbenwd - got thread?
    • A reference to his spamming and insistence on getting a title. He also created a thread specifically to discuss his title, and started many other threads. Reference here
  • Blackberry - berry (italics)
    • A reference to certain posts in Worst Game Ever. Reference
  • blackhawk - Hercule Paranoid
    • Nominated by yaw for his play in Mystery Novels Mini.
  • bloojay - The Other Blue Meat
    • PBug suggested the other blue bird. Other Reference here)
  • BlueSin - Unique
    • Bloog jay: I want a customize title too. I don't care what it is as long as it is unique. Reference
  • Borkjerkflin - Xenophile
    • His Xenogears Mafia and Xenoblade Mafia were both nominated for the 2013 Most Enjoyable Game scummie, and the latter won. He was also nominated for best flavor and excellent moderation and is a popular mod.
  • Brandi - Awwwrtist
  • BrianMcQueso - My Wit is Broken
    • BMQ: I was going to nominate Dranko for something as well, but it has slipped my mind. Somebody think of it for me. Thinking is hard.
  • Bridgesandbaloons - Shea it ain't so!
  • BROseidon - Expert Marxman
    • Formerly Shade Brigade.
  • BulletNLynchproof - Micro Madness


  • Cabd - Every Breath You Take
  • Cadmium - Twentythreeth
    • Cadmium: It's a reference to my second modding attempt, Monkey Island Mafia (which was lost during the big crash). I had set a deadline for the 23th of some month and apparently people found that funny Wink.
  • camn - soundtracker
    • camn often uses vague song references as set-ups to later breadcrumbs.
  • CaptainBlicero - ARRRRRRRR!
    • Flying Dutchman (here): It both suits his playing style and honors his modding!
  • CaptainMeme - Banana Split
  • Cerberus v666 - Let's Be Reasonable
  • chamber - Cases are scummy
    • Chamber believes that presenting a case to the town is an anti-town action.
  • ChannelDelibird - Card Czar
    • Formerly Thok Puppet because 1) All of ChannelDelibird's avatars for a long period were of sock puppets, though this is now defunct. 2) ChannelDelibird once claimed to be an illegal alt for Thok in this April Fool's Day thread: [1].
  • Charles Davis - NON-NAZI
  • Charter - Beware of dog
    • charter is known for an aggressive and persistent playstyle.
  • Cheery Dog - Kayak
    • Formerly Kayak
    • Based the meme born from this post.
  • Cheetory6 - MS Painter
  • chesskid3 - Princeton's Pride
  • Chevre - Honourable Mention
  • chkflip - Stand Up Guy
  • cicero - Oratoreador
  • Citizen Karne - rossobud
  • Cognito Ergo Scum - Mafia Sum
  • Cogito Ergo Sum - YARR!
    • He says YARR! often.
  • Cobalt - Trollface.jpg
    • One of Cobalt's standard responses to threads, with or without the actual image.
  • Commodore Amazing - Out-booyahed
    • CA asked for a mortal enemy; Admiral Amazing: You now have your mortal enemy!! DIE YOU SCUM! How does it feel to be hopelessly outranked, outclassed, and outbooyaed? MUAHAH!
  • ConManMick - Dear Derry
  • CooLDoG - Wanker
  • Coron - Shameless Plug
    • inhimshallibe: = hey, look at me and what I can do! In particular, I point to the Scummy Nominations thread. I find it amusing someone actually wants the Kenny Award. {SV: where's the old scummy nominations thread}
  • Creampuffeater - Virgin
  • CRiX - Pacifist of Inatitude
  • Crywolf20084-Cayke
  • Her real name is Caitlin, which she shortened to Cay. Calling Cay Cayke became a running joke on scumchat, which spilled over to General Discussion and resulted in basically everyone calling her Cayke.
  • cuban smoker - An Acquired Taste
    • Meme suggested it here
  • Cubsfan4ever - Not quite a Fascist
    • Cubsfan is known for his outspoken right wing views, and for his excitable way of expressing them.
  • Cubsfan4life - A guy can dream, right?
    • a reference to the Chicago Cubs and their chances of winning the World Series.
  • CuddlyCaucasian - Professor of Being a Dog
    • A nod to CC's very iconic performance as Kawazu in Survivor: Abridged, in which he made up a song with the lyric that is his title
      • Formerly Solely Survivor
  • Curiouskarmadog - This space for rant.
  • Cyberbob - Jrammar Nazi
    • got into an argument over whether "vig" should be pronounced with a hard or a soft g
    • ironically i was the one saying that neither are objectively incorrect (saying it with a soft g sounds stupid as shit though)


  • d8P - The "I told you so" guy (Reference here)
  • dahill1 - bagel
  • DarthYoshi - I am your Father
  • davidangelsummers - It's a Norwegian thing
  • Davsto - Farce of Habit
  • DemonHybrid - And Another Thing...
    • Because he likes to post 3 or 4 times in a row, or stealth edit and tweak his posts in GD.
      • Seriously, he does it like all the time.
        • If you don't believe me, go check his posts.
          • Also, he likes to revisit arguments, both in and out of game. A lot.
  • DeathRowKitty - Frog
  • Dirge - Lost his Marbles
    • Dirge got a vasectomy. Dirge: Geesh! Now everybody knows! Why don't you tell them the doc said I had the biggest pair he'd ever seen while you're at it too!
  • Dodgy - Gives MeMe the willies
  • Dourgrim - Yep. Again.
    • Dougrim tends to disappear and reappear periodically on MS
  • Dragon Phoenix - Don't shoot the mod
  • Dragon Slayer - It was THIS big!
    • Referring to the size of dragon he slayed.
  • Dranko20 - Probably Naked
    • Reference to a thread where Dranko was eating taquitos in the nude.
  • Drench - Like a fat kid likes cake
    • Removed
  • DrippingGoofball - I don't know!
    • Her post restriction in Verbose II (highlighted by a post where she repeated I don't know about 30 times.)
  • DrippingGoofball (later) - Mafia Piñata
    • Given after her erratic play caused people to want to eliminate her in numerous games. Also, it has piñatas.
  • Drunken Piper - Couplet Typer
  • dybeck - Ooh ooh ooh
    • Vismajor: I nominate dybeck for "Ooh ooh ooh", for fun. See Situational Puzzle" 1. of may thread for details. {SV: I can't find the thread}


  • Elias_The_Thief - Not Statistically Significant
  • Elsas Jay - Chaos and Confusion
  • elvis_knits - Queen of Rock'n'Purl
    • A pun on Elvis' title of the "King of Rock and Roll" and the knitting term Purl.
  • Empking - Empking's Alt's Alt
    • A reference to his (arguably pointless) alternate account, Empking's Alt.
  • EmpTyger - It's a JOKE!
    • A reference to an April Fool's Joke EmpTyger made in Les Mis mafia (mini 167), which ended up getting him eliminated as scum.
  • Equinox - Shot Count
  • Erg0 - Famewhore
    • For this thread, which may or may not have been a shameless attempt to procure a title.
  • Ether - Lyrical Rampage


  • FakeGod - Seven-Colored Puppeteer
  • Faraday - ...should I be here?
    • A title that occurred due to Faraday's tendency to post on the wrong account in game threads/md/gd. A hell of a lot.
  • Farside - Mafia Mum
    • Drawn from actually being a mother and performing well as scum (a connection is implied with Mafia Godfather).
  • Fate - :HAPPY:
    • A title made of pure irony given his tendency to post angrily in ALL CAPS.
  • Flameaxe - Comma Police
  • Fletcher - Eligible for a Title
    • Fletcher has 100 posts, and thus is eligible to receive a custom title. (He kept begging for one when he wasn't eligible)
  • Flying Dutchman - I never think
  • Foolster41 - Auther
    • According to MeMe, Foolster is both an aspiring writer and one of the worst spellers on MS.
  • Forbiddanlight - Blowfish
    • Avatar based. The avatar from Puni Puni Poemy showing Poemy in a very...suggestive position with an older man is constantly explained by forbiddanlight with the exclamation "IT'S A FISH!"
  • Fritzler - More /in than you!
    • Fritzler is in for a lot of games. (The specific origin comes from his entry into Villains of Gotham Mafia. He posted it in the mini theme queue.)
  • Frozen Angel - Queen Shifty
    • A reference to Frozen Angel constantly stealing pagetops using the :shifty emoticon.
  • Frozen Atlantic - Not a flavor whore
  • Furcolow - To Be Frank


  • Gammagooey - Glad Hatter
    • Based on the party hat meme that started in DEFCON Mafia 3.0 after Gammagooey was nuked (a 72-hour delayed daykill).
  • Gaspode - Old school
    • Gaspode: He asked for it in light of an argument by Macros and his rantings about the lack of 'old-style mafiascum.' Also for his 'probably-annoying habit of reminding everyone that everything was so much better a year ago'.
  • GIEFF - Internet Superstar
  • Goatrevolt - Pond Scum
    • An avatar-based title spawned from this thread. Quite a few players thought Goatrevolt's avatar was a frog, when in reality it is actually an image of a goat breaking free from oppressive restraints.
  • GreyICE - Fifty Shades
    • Formerly 50 Shades
  • Guyett - Hammering Hammered
  • GuyInFreezer - Magical Girl


  • Haylen - Life of the Third Party
    • Haylen won 3 games as Serial Killer in her first year on mafiascum.
  • hasdgfas - HoMoo
    • The Moo comes from the fact that he is a cow, and the Ho part comes due to there being multiple discussions over "gayness"(or whatever the PC word for it is now) involving him
  • Herodotus - Black Ops
    • Inspired by Chess Mafia
    • Herodotus was one of the Black players who co-backup-moderated Chess Mafia. The hydra account used for moderating was Mr. Black.
    • Hez is known for his tendency to scream out Hezwavre with a long string of the letter z.
  • hitogoroshi - ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • hohum - Uncle Potbear
  • Hoopla - (the birthday cake picture)
    • Due to an apparent glitch on the site, it is constantly Hoopla's birthday.


  • Iammars - Mers I am not
    • People have repeatedly (and erroneously) called him Iammers.
  • ibaesha - Too Townie
  • Imaginality - Restricted Townie
    • imaginality got post restrictions in consecutive games, which he played well (winning a Funniest Role Claim Scummy for one) and happened to receive all town-aligned roles for his first ~15 games on site.
  • implosion - Polymath
  • Incognito - Not Rex
    • A reference to his real life name, a pun based on his username, and a reference to his role of Julius Caesar in Mini 720 - SPQR. Reference.
  • inHimshallibe - SmartyPants
    • Meme: "Know-It-All" for his incredible streak in SmartyPants -- not missing a guess yet over dozens of categories. Changed to SmartyPants by Mr.Flay.
  • InflatablePie - Accept When He Does
    • People tried and failed to give him the title "Except When He Does" for years.
  • Intemet Stranger - Mafia Scurn
    • Alt of big kahunia used for Penthouse Mafia. Note that "m" has been switched for "r n" and vice versa.


  • Jaguar - The real dogmatix
    • Shelper: In Asterix mafia, two different scum in a row tried to claim her role. Reference here
  • Jahoohno - 16777215 km/h
  • JDodge - Accept it
    • Given after JDodge goaded reluctant people to accept titles the community proposed for them.
  • JDTAY - n00b hoser
    • As a warning to newbies because of his comments in newbie 74 here
  • jeep - Cappo Bastone
    • One of three self-given titles. Cappo Bastone is the second in command and when creating the "cappo" groups, JEEP decided to abuse his power and give himself the title.
  • JereIC - Dr. Pants on Fire
  • John - stuck wiht bad englishJohn
  • JokeExplainBot - The Joke / Your Head



  • Lady Lambdadelta - Nekonfidante
    • Formerly Cat in a Rage
  • lalaladucks - Best Newcrummer
    • She received the Best Newcomer award in the 2016 Crummies
  • Lloyd - Vote Lloyd
Lloyd has repeatedly voted for himself.
In Mini 278, Llyod proxied his vote to Kelly Chen. Kelly Chen: Vote: Lloyd. Lloyd votes: Lloyd (Link)
  • Looker - Stenographer
  • Lord Gurgi - Mostly Harmless
    • As a Serial Killer, Lord Gurgi went six Nights without a single successful kill.
  • LoudmouthLee - Smooth Operator
That would encompass his mafia playing abilities, and his talents with the ladies. -- Talitha (Link)
(Link) (Link)
LuckayLuck's playstyle focusing on finding townies rather than finding scum.



  • Nachomamma8 - Devil in the Details
  • Nai - Executor of the Dead
  • NanookTheWolf - R.I.P. He trusted mathcam.
    • Mathcam suggested it here
  • Narninian - Contracts STDs
    • Narninian used an alt called STD (to mimic Save The Dragons) for a long period of time.
  • Neo - Goat
    • When the mafiascum forums first formed, the default title for newly registered names was Sheep. Neo immediately took "offense." Jeep or mith quickly changed his title to "Goat" for laughs.
  • Nexus - miss
  • Nicholas1024 - The Ides of Mash
  • Night Stalker - John Smith. Really.
    • It's the most innocent townie name.
  • Ningal - Newbie information desk
  • nocase - Hot Streak
  • nonny - Official Chat Room Inviter
    • Reference here
    • Invites people to the mafiascum chat room in an official manner.
  • Norinel - Not Voting (3)
    • Norinel kept accidentally incorrectly tallying the number of people not voting in Star Wars Quotes mafia, a game he was moderating.
    • Norinel strikes again in Newbie 296



  • Panzerjager - Pink Kitty Tank
    • Aggresive Playstyle and Name mixed with Pink Kitten Avatar.
  • Papa Zito - Normally Badass
    • Based on how he ran the Mini Normal queue as a List Mod & the Badass Normal trope.
  • PBuG - I win
  • PeaceBringer - Posts Blindly
  • Percy - Rainbow Robot Cthulhu
  • Persivul - His Majesty the King
  • petroleumjelly - Thirteenthly, ...
  • A reference to Kingmaker II, where petroleumjelly was listing several arguments for an execution, eventually having a thirteenth argument in one post.
  • Phoebus - Hall Monitor
    • Nominated by Meme here for keeping the threads orderly. One example here
  • pickemgenius - Jack The Tripper
    • I mean look at him...he's the perfect blend of stoner look mixed in with psychotic serial killer. This looks based player is sure to kick your ass with his awesome personality. Thanks for not adding my title meanie face.
  • Pink Princess - Bloodthirsty Babe
  • pirate mollie - thingmaker
  • Plum - Forbidden Fruit
    • She's female and underage (at the time of the title being given).
  • PolarBoy - Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Mafia
    • PolarBoy: I'm not replacing anyone. My name not being on the player list is probably a mod oversight. (He posted for 7 pages in Calvin and Hobbes mafia
  • PokerFace - Too Useful
  • PookyTheMagicalBear - Pooky got your back
  • Populartajo - Alpaca Caliente
    • Had twin shticks of being an alpaca and being horny.
  • PopsicleStix - Easily Amused
    • He nominated himself here
  • Psyche - mr. personality
  • Puzzle - Has a Cunning Plan
    • dybeck: I'd like to nominate Puzzle for "Mr. Cunning Plan". Someone wrote it in a thread the other day and it made me chuckle.


  • quadz08 - President Weiner (formerly Representative Weiner)
    • Won the first Speakeasy popularity contest and a poll of users' preferred penises (with quadz08 being the only one that had not posted his.) He was nominated at around the time of the Anthony Weiner drama. Currently President Weiner due to some Abuse of Power by SleepyKrew, former Title Fairy, based on a quadzxSKrew erotic fanfic written by Mina.
  • Quagmire - Sword Asexual
    • Reference to pictures of 'himself' here (The pic has disappeared, but that's the original link.)
    • Title has reference to sword, and sounds like 'sorta sexual'


  • RachMarie - HUGS ♥
  • Radja - Serial Thriller
  • Rainbow Brite - Flexible
    • Rainbow Brite (Female) = Seol (Male)
  • rajrhcpfreak - I puzzle myself sometimes
    • Raj: usless you pefer the title, "i puzzle my self sometimes"
    • Phoebus: Nominate raj: I puzzle myself sometimes
  • ralphmerridew - Double Trouble
  • Ranger - {Top Tier}
  • RichardGHP - Parama's Alt
  • rite - Shameless Bandwagoner
  • rolandofthewhite - F. the White!
    • A common misreading of Roland's username is "Rolando F the White"
    • First brought up by Meme here, nominated by Mr.Flay
  • Rosso Carne - Spammah Hammah


  • SaberKitty - Supposed to be? This IS blue.
    • SaberKitty only posted in blue.
  • SaintKerrigan - Brings Out the Flavour
    • SK was known for writing reams of flavor for each scene, taking it very seriously.
  • Sarcastro - Sarcastric
  • Save The Dragons - Protection unnecessary
    • Nominated by lulu here
    • Pun on his name and doc protection
    • A pun on the "STD" acronym of his name
  • Seol - Logical Rampage]
    • Seol: Also, people should trust me more when I'm going on a logical rampage on people. (in 5 year invitational)
  • shadyforce - U-S-E_T-H-E_F-O-R-C-E
    • It's a reference to his name and his tendacy to use dashes.
    • Fun fact: 24 hours after he got his title, he received the role 'Darth Vader' in mixed themes mafia.
  • shelper - Moxious
  • silgado106 - Someone stop me please
  • Simenon - Entitled
  • SleepyKrew - Did His Job
    • Formerly Snark Attack.
  • Snakes - I Will Survive
  • Someone - Well, we gotta remove Someone
    • A joke based on possible confusion with his name.
  • Sotty7 - That Damn Good
    • A nod to her scumplay as well as a reference to pro-wrestling (which she met her husband through being a fan of)
  • spectrumvoid - Back from the Future
    • spectrumvoid appears to be defying the laws of time and the Internet. (Reference and here)
  • SpinachEater - Twentythreeth
  • spork76 - I didn't get a role.
    • Spork: 'um I think I signed up before the crash then resigned up recently. Before I never had posted exept in a game I hadn't signed up for to say I didn't get a role.' Other reference here
    • Refers to SpyreX's response to getting his doublevote ability confirmed in this post. Also representative of his tendency to exaggerate and use CAPS LOCK. Cemented with SpyreX's Mini Theme POWERFUL WIZARD MAFIA.
  • stark - commie scum
    • stark is a supporter of communism
  • Stewie - SK killing Lois
    • He asked for it here
    • He regretted it here
  • StrangerCoug - Does not Compute
    • Comes from this post in Mini 658. Kairyuu originally suggested that StrangerCoug's title be "is a robot" or some derivative thereof, but iamausername, the person who made the post linked here, didn't likw how blunt it was and thought "does not compute" was better.
  • Sugar - moderately caffeinated


  • Talitha - Dr. Dead
    • Tally has an unfortunate tendency to die when she gets the role of doctor
  • tanstalas - Too Much Game
  • Tarhalindur - Mod Screw
    • Tarhalindur's reputation as a mod is largely based on his Mind Screw games and his tendency to run overcomplicated setups with strange roles, both of which tend to screw with the minds of his players.
  • Tatsuya Kaname - For information
  • Tazaro - Selfie
  • The Shadow - knows
    • A reference to the old Shadow radio show (Who knows what evil lurks in the minds of men? The Shadow knows.) JEEP barely restrained himself from abusing his power when The Shadow registered. One of the very few titles given out before the 100 "minimum" requirement was met.
    • Fun fact: Talitha: he is the only person to ever vig kill me, and I was scum.
  • Thesp - Supersaint
  • Thestatusquo - Shea
  • Thok - Disgrace to SKs everywhere
    • Thok claimed SK in Normal 43 hoping to be converted to town by CA (who he thought was a psychologist).
  • Thor665 - Papa Smurf
  • Thoth - Not the spot
    • People confuse Thok and Thoth because of similar names. Thoth has an Egyptian God as an avatar, Thok has the Spiderman villain The Spot.
  • Tierce - Cache Me If You Can
    • For heavy-duty cache hunting to restore games and miscellaneous threads after the March 2012 rollback to November 29 2011.
  • Titus - Moon Walker
  • Totem - Saves London
    • He had a backup copy of London after the crash.
  • Trojan Horse - Oldest Trick in the Book


  • UberNinja - Jekyll and Hyde
  • UncertainKitten - Maid in Japan
    • Inspired by a picture of UK cosplaying as a maid and built on her interest in anime and visual novels. Also has sexual connotations, as UK was previously known as a masochist.
  • Untrod Tripod - Fat and Sassy


  • Varsoon - Scatman
  • Vi - Professor Paragon
    • Vi won Professor Mafia and Paragon of Mafia Hunters simultaneously.
  • VisMaior - Flip out!
    • For Best of the internet mafia performance
  • Vraak X - Approved by George W. Bush
    • Polar Boy nominated it here
    • Game refererence here
    • Additional reference here
  • Vamparific - Noose Magnet
    • Named for being the first person eliminated in 3 consecutive games, was town aligned each time.


  • Werebear - Cursed One
    • It's a reference to his name. He asked for it here.
  • Who - Yes?
  • willows_weep - willow, the mafia slayer
    • Nominated by blackhawk here. A reference to Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


  • Xalxe - It's pronounced "Xalxe"
  • xofelf - Miss Mash
  • Xylthixlm - !xmafia win
    • Xyl created an IRC mafia bot
  • xRECKONERx - GD is my Best Man
    • GD is my Wingman (Formerly)
      • Because Reck has a history of posting before and after drunken sexual acts on the General Discussion forum



  • Zindaras - Mr(s) Popularity
    • Zindaras has received 63335 pm's on multiple occasions. (here and here)
    • Used to be Mr Popularity. Was changed to Mr(s) Popularity on request ([2]), referring to the fact that people had trouble figuring out his gender.
  • ZONEACE - There's no F in ZONEFACE
    • For some reason, people kept mistyping his username with an F in it.
    • Additional joke here
  • Zorblag - Troll
    • Zorblag's just this Troll, you know?
  • Zor Tester - 123
  • Zulfy - was robbed
    • Removed


Custom titles are awarded by the Title Fairy. If they have no custom title, all scummers have one of the following titles:
Watcher - 0 posts
Ninja - 1 post
Townie - 2 posts
Goon - 100 posts
Mafia Scum - 1000 posts
Jack of All Trades - 5000 posts
Survivor - 10000 posts