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Welcome to Titus's wiki page of pain.

Curent Avatar



Age: Over 21, Less than 35

Hobby: Playing Mafia, Writing

Favorite Character: Scum, only because I'm better at it

Favorite Role: Dayvig, because it causes the most drama

I Hate This Role: I don't hate any role, provided the game is balanced.

Copied UberNinja's wiki format without shame.

Team Mafia

Titus signed up for Team Mafia 2015, bringing together Alchemist21, BlueBloodedToffee ("BBT"), and Albert B. Rampage ("ABR") under the name Blue, Meth, Blade and Associates. That name is often incorrectly assumed to be hinting at the mysterious "B" in Albert B. Rampage being "Blade", or referencing Titus' status as a lawyer in California with the name of a fictional law firm, or containing the color of predilection of BlueBloodedToffee, or because any worthwhile Alchemist could presumably cook up a good batch of meth. Titus likes the name because each part of the name symbolizes each one of us. Blue is obviously BBT. Blade is based on the conversation below. Alchemist is the Meth part. I'm the Associates, because of being a lawyer.

ABR likes the name because of Breaking Bad's fictional blue meth product and the following interaction between Titus' twin sister Mathblade and Kitz: Mathblade: Kitz I'm MathBlade not MethBlade. Kitz: I don't see a calculative person. I see a person high on meth. Figured MethBlade was more appropriate to your play.

Titus was determined to be the team's captain by age seniority, but I'm not THAT old.

Win Record

Win Loss Draw % Faction
22 28 2 42.31%  as All Factions
14 22 2 36.84%  as Town
7 6 0 53.85%  as Mafia / Werewolves
1 0 0 100%  as Cult
0 0 0 0%  as Self-Aligned

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I hope you like the layout! Remember to check mine out if you want. Tn5421 04:26, 15 May 2014 (UTC) When Titus joins into the game you're playing, you're half excited and half terrified because you have no clue what's about to happen. Aeronaut (talk)

Titus is great! Plotinus (talk) 06:28, 4 November 2015 (UTC)

Titus is just intimidating. I've seen her dominate games as both alignments. She is quite possibly my biggest role model for mafia. Gamma Emerald

Firebringer was not here. -Waterbringer