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Tatsuya Kaname

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Tatsuya Kaname is a member in mafiascum forums. He usually actives in The Whole Sort of General Mish Mash and mods several game like Monopoly Millionaires' Club, but also joins Mafia games in rare occations.

Now Tatsuya Kaname is going to start a Mafia modding career. Starting from Open 614 (Diffusion of Power).

Handmade Rules

Starting from here are all BB codes.

[size=150][color=#FF00BF][b]GENERAL RULES[/b][/color][/size]

[b][color=#FF00BF]1[/color][/b]. This is a game, the main goal is to have fun, so have fun and don't throw crap. [b][color=#FF00BF]2[/color][/b]. This is a GAME, the secondary goal is to win, so play to win and don't play against your win condition, everyone hates it. [b][color=#FF00BF]3[/color][/b]. THIS IS A GAME WITH A NONSENSE MOD, so always feel free to point out suggestions and ask any sensical question by PMing or post in[b] bold, starting with @mod:[/b]. And try not to throw crap. [b][color=#FF00BF]4[/color][/b]. This is a good game, we don't want any cheatings here. If I see it, or someone sees it and report to me, I'll have to modkill you and turn you to a Neutral Survivor, meaning that you cannot win, plus I'll have to report this to Admins. I don't want to do that so please, PLAY IT FAIRLY AND KEEP RESPECT! [area=According to #4]1. No editing/deleting 2. No quoting Role PMs, but paraphrasing is fine. 3. No encrypted texts. However, spoilers are OK. 4. No personal attacks AT ANYTIME. 5. Of course, no breaking the Site Rules. 6. No fake votes.[/area] [b][color=#FF00BF]5[/color][/b]. This is a game brought to you by, so please follow ALL the [url=]Site Rules.[/url] [b][color=#FF00BF]6[/color][/b]. [b][color=#FF00BF]THIS IS MOD'S COLOR[/color][/b] (#FF00BF), DON'T TRY TO USE IT.

[b][color=#FF00BF][size=150]TATSUYA'S ACTIVITY / PROD / "V/LA" RULES[/size][/color][/b]

[b][color=#FF00BF]7[/color][/b]. Be active and talkative. We don't want inactive players. But not too much like a post an hour, that's too annoying. [b][color=#FF00BF]8[/color][/b]. As said above, so 24 hours without posting anything will result in a PROD. [b][color=#FF00BF]9[/color][/b]. 24 hours after the prod, but you don't come back, I'll have to find a replacement. [b][color=#FF00BF]10[/color][/b]. I can give you up to 3 prods, if you require a fourth, I'll also have to find a replacement. [b][color=#FF00BF]11[/color][/b]. Having V/LAs? Post it in this thread in [b]bold[/b], and it is recommended to PM me about it too. However, I accept only up to 1 week length. Longer than that? You should find a replacement.

[b][u][color=#FF00BF][size=150]TATSUYA'S VOTING RULES [IMPORTANT][/size][/color][/u][/b]

[b]ALWAYS[/b] use the vote tag, like this: [code][vote]Tatsuya Kaname[/vote][/code] And unvote tags, like this: [code][unvote][/unvote][/code] [b]YOU MUST SPELL OUT THE PLAYER'S NAME YOU'RE VOTING FOR.[/b] No abbreviations and check your spelling. This is important because I'll use Thesp's Votecounter. Unvotes are not necessary, but it's good. You don't have to unvote before you vote another player. And lastly, don't vote multiple players in the same post.

[b][size=150][color=#FF00BF]TATSUYA'S GAMEPLAY RULES[/color][/size][/b]

[b][color=#FF00BF]1[/color][/b]. 2 weeks for daytimes. But can be extended due to things that might happen. [b][color=#FF00BF]2[/color][/b]. 2 days for nighttimes. [b][color=#FF00BF]3[/color][/b]. A lynch is acheived when the number of votes to a player is equal to half of the total living players, rounded down, plus one. If this doesn't happen before deadline, then it's a No Lynch. [b][color=#FF00BF]4[/color][/b]. After the "hammer" or the final vote required for a lynch is casted out, a "Twilight" starts. All living players, including the most recent lynchee, may talk until I lock the thread and start the night phase. But no more votes can be made. [b][color=#FF00BF]5[/color][/b]. I will announce the alignment and role after a player died, but the night their special ebility was eligble for, will not be announced. [b][color=#FF00BF]6[/color][/b]. I will allow one informationless "bah" post at the start of the next day after you died. After that, you must keep silent until the game ends. [b][color=#FF00BF]7[/color][/b]. All night actions are submitted in Private Topic, or PM if you don't have one.