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My campus does not allow me to access large-scale forums online. Nor does it allow me to play games. I have delayed posting because I was trying to appeal, but my appeal has not been approved. As such, I have to leave mafiascum because I will only be returning home during the holidays, and there is no way for me to play this way.

My sincere apologies to everyone affected by this, most especially mods Patrick, N9V, ShadowLurker, Fletcher, Mr Flay, VitaminR, everyone else who's modding a game I'm in, and everyone else in the newbie games I'm modding.

I'm also allowed to use only my school mail, because I'm under a restrictive firewall. I won't put it here, but I have sent my newbie game setups to greenliquid's email using my school mail, because that's the only email contact I have from mafia scum. Yell at me there.

As to whether I will return, my scholarship says I have to stay in hostel for at least 1 term, and this term ends in december. I will be going to Vietnam on exchange after that for another term, and I'll probably not have internet access. So I'll be back in 8 months time.


Will whoever reads this please post something in the mafiascum forums please, because I can't access it at all.

spectrumvoid (also known as voidy, voidycakes, voidybuns, voidybins, SV and (rarely) speccy) is one of the best loved players on Mafiascum.

She stumbled onto after playing some games on IRC. I still consider a newbie, since I'm new to a lot of mafia roles. Joined on 9 June 2006.


(Rant: Damned I screwed up the syntax.)

Need to: add a section for dead but unfinished games.

Wiki editing help needed.

I'll love whoever teaches me to use tables.

Playing record


Newbie 304 (Sheepish mafia) Abandoned / Draw / Won. No idea what's the verdict on this one. Me and thok were the ics, and the newbies kept being replaced. We ended up with a 3-p endgame, with the newbie-scum missing.

Newbie 313 Died as townie due to anxious play. Replaced pipinghell, cop. Frustrating game because pipinghell was too scummy. Also because I knew exactly who scum were and couldn't convince anyone. First game ever where I taught scum how to win.

Newbie 348 Doc. Won. Survived. Luckiest town ever. Very quick lynch day 1 netted scum, I protected the cop, the cop investigated scum.

Newbie 362. Townie. Lost. Early vote d2 and quick-lynch by scum despite having cop + cop innocent. Well played by scum poomermon.

Newbie 364.

Newbie 369.

Newbie 370.

Newbie 372. Townie. Survived, won. Example of how no-lynch helps. Example of good modding by PJ about inactive scum.

Newbie 376. Scum. Survived, won. False-claimed cop, won.

Newbie 381

Newbie 382

Newbie 388

Mini 395 (Big Lebowski) Abandoned.

Mini 414 (Anime mafia)

Mini 423 (Calvin and Hobbes)

Mini 424 (Basically Basic mafia)

Open 12 (Masons and Monks) Abandoned.

Open 14 (Near Vanilla)

Open 17 (Strawberry) Died N2, townie. Replaced Ripley D3.

Open 18 Scum. Dead D2. Lost. Sigh, another game where Skruffs nailed me.

Open 27 Bird C9.

Normal 59 (Hell on Earth) Mafia, lost, survived till end-game. Made a bad night-choice last night. Confusing with 2 scum groups, I didn't know how to play.

Normal 61)

Normal 62 (Suspicion in Sicily) Dead.

Normal 64. Dead.

Jack of all trades

PS2SUX mafia Mafia, dead

Meadow of Sorrows mafia Lost. Gr...

Stargate mafia


Hm... Should I organise it by W-L record??

Newbie 243 Cop. Dead N1. Lost.

Newbie 246 (Awesomely Alliterative mafia) Replaced D2. Mafia. Alive. Won.

Newbie 250 Mafia. Alive. Won.

Newbie 255 Replaced D2. Townie. Dead N2. Won.

Newbie 275 (Mormon Missionary Mafia) Replaced D1. Townie. Lynched D3. Lost.

Newbie 277 Town. Dead endgame. Lost.

Newbie 280 Cop. Lynched D1. Replaced CTD townie. Survived. Won.

Newbie 293 Immune System Mafia Scum. Alive. Won.

Newbie 296 (C9PO mafia) Killed N2. Townie. Won.

Newbie 300 (Battle of Thermopylae) Scum. Alive. Won.

Newbie 314 Lynched D3. Townie. Lost. I lost this one for town, scum counter-claimed the real cop, I wasn't around at lynch, was lynched next day.

Mini 306 (Arrested development mafia) Replaced D3. 2 shot vig. Alive. Won.

Mini 345 (Dr. Who mafia) Doc/Cop. Dead N2. Lost.

Mini 346 (100 MPH mafia) Town. Killed endgame. Lost.

Mini 348 (Charmed mafia) Vig/RBer. Alive endgame. Won. Probably the first game where I lied in an attempt to get scum to reveal himself and it succeeded.

Mini 349 (Revenge) Replaced N0. Extremely distracting hoochie. Killed N0. Abandoned.

Mini 355 (Starcraft mafia) Town. Dead D1. Lost (unbalanced setup by mod).

Mini 361 (Leper mafia) Scum. Lynched D3/endgame. Lost.

Mini 362 (Open role bastard mafia) Replaced D1. Town aligned bastard patrol. Killed N1. Won.

Mini 364 (7 Samurai mafia) Replaced D2. Scum. Alive. Won.

Mini 366 (DDR Mafia). Replaced D1. Healer. Alive. Aborted.

Mini 367. Replaced D1. Killed N1. Town-aligned Vigilante. Lost. Nominated Town MVP by Primate.

Mini 372 (CVM missionary mafia) Replaced N1. Town with double vote and 10% protection. Alive. Aborted.

Mini 375 (Old Mafia mafia) Replaced D3, asked for replacement D3 due to CPU error and CNY.

Mini 383 (Ben & Jerry's mafia) Replaced D1. Killed endgame. (Yet another bad endgame, with patrick-scum). Townie. Lost. Setup: it proves Stoofer's 3rd Law because it was way too confusing. Well-played by Patrick.

Mini 385 (Hacker mafia) Replaced D1. Scum. Aborted.

Mini 391 (Fairytale mafia) Replaced D1. Killed N2. Townie.

Mini 393 (Vegas Showgirls mafia) Replaced in N2, asked for replacement N2 due to CPU quote error and CNY.

Mini 398 (Triad mafia) Replaced N1. Mafia, survived, won. Bad play by me defending my partner when I should've have bussed, balanced by bad play by c_d. Won mainly due to good stalling.

Mini 400 (Random Generic mafia) Replaced D3. Vig. Alive. Won. Similar to 7 samurai mini, my predecessor was so scummy he was close to lynch, but I basically went on a rampage accusing 3 main, was right 2 out of 3. One of my better games.

Open 1 - Pie C9 Lynched D1. Town. Lost.

Open 2 - Vanilla mafia. Replaced confirmation stage. Townie. Dead N2.

Open 3 - Basic 12 player Townie. Alive. Aborted.

Open 4 - Cop C9 Townie. Died endgame. Lost.

Open 5 - Switch Mafia Scum. Won flawlessly, survived. (Could be unbalanced setup)

Open 8 - Vengeful Town. Died endgame. Lost. Possibly my worst performance ever.

Open 9 (Basic 12 player) Cop, Killed N2 after claiming, won. This game was affected by all kinds of errors, which led ripley to suspect my absence. Also revealed myself mainly to save the 2 people I'd investigated (SL and BM) who looked really scummy.)

Open 10 (C9) Scum with IH, lynched D2, lost. Classic mistake of SV pretending to believe a cop claim, not realising SV + IH would be the only ones left.

Open 12 - Masons and Monkies Town. Killed N0.

Open 13 (Double Cop Finish mafia) Scum, survived, won. First ever victory where I fake-claimed (Fircoal was the real cop)! Good timing with open 9, where I was cop, and Fircoal was around. Well-played by BB, leading to Romanus putting an early vote and me and BB piling.

Normal 49 (SpeedyKQ's Big New York Game) Replaced D11. Shot Night 11. Town. Lost.

Normal 52 (Back to basics) Abandoned. Townie.

Normal 55 (Yakuza) Killed N5. Vig switch. Lost. GF had no gun but could kill, game had a gunsmith. Not too sure about balance since GF was overpowered

Normal 57 (Good Ol' Mafia) I requested replacement very early this game, due to the insane posting by newbies, insane voting, and insane wagoning. I tried to explain how mafia is played, some basic strategy etc, but everyone ignored me. Worse still, the other ICs were as bad as the newbies.

Mafia 58 (Ready Salted Mafia). Townie. Killed N1.

Normal 60 (Face-to-face). Vig. Killed N1.


Snakes on a plane. Big Leroy, spontaneous combustor. Died D1 of obesity (not due to lynch)

Strange Suburbs mafia. Replaced N1. Pro-town night vig. Killed N2.

Post Restriction Mafia III. Secret Agent/Assasin. Died D2.

Evolution Mafia Replaced N2. Scum. Dead D4.

Points mega mafia Abandoned. Townie.

Space Monkey mafia Replaced D4. Killed N4. Gorilla (townie).

Two-Headed Mafia II Cult recruiter, shot multiple times N4. First time being cult, didn't know cult wasn't pro-town. Tried to recruit scummy players to out them. Forced Glork to reveal himself as scum, but due to 0 recruitment we lost. Case of being too perfect since my scum predictions were so awesome. PJ hates cults. Modded by courk, who has cults in her mods.

Note: Replaced as in I replaced someone, not someone replaced me. I like to replace to get the games going.

Note 2: I owe MBL and Mariyta a favour for replacing in and asking to be placed. And M-M for asking for replacement in Mafia 57.

Modding record

Open 6 (nightless) Successful mod.

Mafia 56 Back-up mod turned mod. Successful mod.

Open 16 (vengeful) Successful mod.

GreenLiquid's Animal Crossing mafia Back-up mod, game in progress.

Newbie 355: Successful mod.

Newbie 356: Successful mod.

Newbie 363: Game in progress

Newbie 366: Successful mod.

Newbie 371: Game in progress

Newbie 373: Game in progress

Newbie 374: Game in progress

Newbie 383: Game in progress

Newbie 389: Game in progress

Newbie 391 and 394: Temporarily taking over Pinky.

Newbie 403: Succesful mod.

Newbie 404: Game in progress. Restarted.

==Co-modding/Back-up==: Mini 410 Macdonald mafia by CDB Successful mod. Mini 445 Double Mafia by bird. Didn't give SK night-kill immunity, otherwise okay.


Uncompleted and unformatted. Need to add section for dead but unfinished games.

Newbie games 243: lost T 275: lost T 277: lost T 314: lost T

246: won T 250: won M 255: won T 280: won T 293: won M 296: won T 300: won M

Win record: 7/11 Town win-rate: 4/8 Scum win-rate: 3/3

Minis: 345: lost T 346: lost T 355: lost T 361: lost M 367: lost T 378: lost T 383: lost T

306: won T 348: won T 362: won T 364: won M 391: won T 398: won M 400: won T

Win record: 7/14 Town win-rate: 5/11 Scum win-rate: 2/3 Abandoned: 4 (349, 366, 372, 385)

Opens: 5: won M 9: won T 13: won M

1: lost T 4: lost T 8: lost T 10: lost M

win record: 3/7 Town win-rate: 1/4 Scum win-rate: 2/3 Abandoned: 1 (3)

Total games played: 32 Win record: 17/32 Town win-rate: 10/23 Scum win-rate: 7/9