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mastin2 is an alt created by Mastin on her scumday, October Eighth. At the time, she had left the site from regular play, and no longer felt comfortable using the name Mastin. She created an alternate account, mastin2, because it was a name she was more comfortable being, and resolved to use it if she ever decided to return to playing, redeeming her past failures in the effort. When she did return, she played a few names under the name Mastin to prepare for the switch, ultimately making it slightly early after making a promise--a gambit, a bet, she lost, but followed through on. Aside from a couple of brief vacations, she has been playing consistently under the name since 2011.

Disclaimer: Abandon ship! Abandon ship! Wiki is horribly out of date, and Mastin does not wish to go through the effort of editing in her 130+ game history.

A project to update this wiki page is currently under way.


Contrary to popular belief, "mastin2" is not "Mastin" with a 2 added to the end. (That would be Mastin2.) The name mastin2 comes from the Artix Entertainment forums, Mastin's point of origin, where she was originally known by that name. She referred to herself as Mastin, and thus, used that name when migrating to, but she feels more comfortable as the original name.


After going on hiatus in 2009, Mastin decided to create an account on her scumday to use upon her return, to feel more comfortable as a player. However, Mastin feared she was a Village Idiot still when returning initially, and did not want to taint her new account's name. Newbie 1024 marked her return to the site, but she did not use the name mastin2 until he was more comfortable, after There Will Be Bloodshed. Though a bit premature (as certain games demonstrated), she was settled in enough to risk it. Lovers Mafia marked her first game under the new name.


Mastin has approximately 120 confirmed games between alts, hydras, and her main. Though she has promised to update this wiki section eventually, it is not a project she has in mind for the near-future. In approximate chronological order, an incomplete list of games is being compiled.

Because of the large number of games she has been in, this section now has its own page, Mastin2 Games.


Mastin has completed two games under the name mastin2, a Mini Normal and a Large Normal. These are, respectively, Mastin's Mafia and Maniacal Street Mafia.

As with the Games section above, she has promised updates in the distant-future. However, she has a few games planned, though she has no intention of running any of them in the immediate future.

In Final Stages

Weekday Mafia

A Mini Theme planned as Mastin's next game, to follow the completion of Maniacal Street Mafia.

More RPG Mafia

An ambitious open mini theme setup Mastin has planned and has partially reviewed, to once again attempt an RPG mechanic in a mafia game that can work. It has not yet come to full fruition.

A (name yet to be fully determined) Micro Game

A fun little game Mastin has had partially reviewed, but has not been finished.

TVTropes Mafia, Mini Theme

Note: Mastin did not create this setup. She saw in Twistedspoon's signature "Coming Soon: TVTropes Mafia (in brainstorming phase)" and asked to come into the project. Since then, she has been among the setup's designers, but she did not create the game or the idea.

Coming Eventually

A currently unnamed Large Theme

Planned to follow Weekday Mafia.

Mastin's Mostly Mountainous Mean Mod Mafia (Mini Theme)

A case of delivering exactly what it promises, the setup is mostly mountainous. The elements which are not mountainous are bastard modding, which Mastin prefers to call "Mean Modding" ever since Battle Mage's Mean Mod game.

Writer's Mafia, Mini Theme

An old idea of Mastin's, which she is a bit anxious to revive.

EpicMafia, Mini (Theme)

Mastin spent a significant amount of her career on EpicMafia, and is not ashamed to admit it. She misses the old EpicMafia, and wishes to create a game (or series of games) inspired by favorite setups of hers on EpicMafia.

  • Mastin Guarantees that the setup's inspiration will not come from any setup made after 2009. 2009 is where Mastin did most of her playing, so the setup will have been 2009 or older.
  • As fun as they are, most third party roles on EpicMafia are practically a taboo on Mastin guarantees that the (first, at least) EpicMafia game will not contain any third party roles other than possibly Serial Killer.
  • Mastin intends for the setup to be semi-open, in that the exact wording of all Role PMs and how their actions will be displayed is known. Things like "A bullet hits your vest! You cannot survive another hit!" And as close to the role's EpicMafia description as she can get.
  • Working from the above, Mastin intends to keep the flavor the same rough level as well--one-liners in the format of "X, a Y, has died a bloody death."
  • Some roles which work great on EpicMafia just don't transition well into forum mafia. For instance, short of forcing everyone in the game to sign up as a mod-given alt, there's no way to pull off the EpicMafia's Disguiser role. Other roles which might theoretically work such as the Yakuza are still not that viable.
  • Mastin has a general idea of which setups she'll be adapting, but she is still very much open to suggestions. PM mastin2 if you have interest in furthering this idea of hers.

Distant Future

Majesty Mafia, Large Theme

Based on the old computer game Majesty (and Majesty: The Northern Expansion), Mastin is currently in the planning phases of this game. Please PM her or leave a comment on this wiki page if you are interested in this project.

Life of a Mortal Mafia, Mini Theme

Mastin plans to time it so that she moderates this game as close to the release date of her novel as she possibly can, as a celebration, a "grand opening" of sorts. She won't do it before the novel comes out, and would prefer to have no more than a month between the novel coming out and moderating. The setup's details are more or less in her head, but they are still far from solid.


Mastin tends to prefer to keep her signatures the same, but does occasionally have them changed.

First Signature

[i]We let bad dominate us. We all have good in us. Question is, when doing bad, is it silent, or is it [b]created[/b]? Is it there, or formed after a bad deed? No matter what, one thing remains: The thing we seek redemption...[/i]

^Made after Mastin's retirement, this signature was essentially meant to show Mastin's eventual goal: she wanted to become a good player, to redeem herself for the negative reputation she had gained.

Second Signature

  • Mastin's second signature was created by two events occurring simultaneously: Tricycle Mafia and a Mini Game, both which boosted her confidence in herself and made herself feel like an accomplished scumhunter, albeit one who was still growing. The signature is:

Must I say it? I am Mastin. My Motivation is to stop Moronic towns from Mislynching. M'kay? (Yes, I like the letter M. :P)

"It's not my job to be convincing; it's my job to be [b][i]right[/i][/b]."

  • The first half refers to something about Mastin's style of play she discovered in There Will Be Bloodshed, which continued into Mirror Mafia. (Both times as Calcifer.) Mastin might occasionally stop a scum lynch, but far more often than not, she halts "Moronic Mislynches", on easy targets.
  • The second half refers to Mastin's lack of communication skills. While she is well aware she's frequently on to something, she lacked the charisma to get people to follow him.


Mastin's Second Signature was in place for a long time. As such, it developed and evolved to include more in it.

  • I'm a wallcaholic.
    • This piece of the signature was added after a comment from Nachomamma8 in Werewolf Island sparked Mastin to realize that Walling is, indeed, akin to an addiction to her. Unable to resist the urge to turn it into a pun, she soon created this saying, and figured it would be best added to her signature.
  • [i]I'm a fountain of knowledge; vast experience allows me to teach. You best listen to me, or later wish you had.[/i]
    • This final piece of Mastin's signature refers to an old aspect of Mastin which was recently revived, at the end of Mirror Mafia: Mastin loves to teach. Mastin has stated in the past, "if there is one thing I can take Pride in, it's Teaching". To honor this, she thought it was definitely signature-worthy. With one of the highest game counts of any Scummer, during which she has covered the full spectrum of "best town scumhunter" all the way to "worst VI ever", her multiple experiences as scum, her time away from the site pondering new strategies, her reading up on older games, her memorization of the wiki, and her fondness for MD, Mastin has a lot of wisdom, a unique insight into the game allowing her to teach even some experienced veterans a few new tricks. Additionally, this add-on to her signature also tied into the original part, about being right--she often believed people would regret not having listened to her later, when Mastin was telling them exactly what they needed to do.

Current Signature

At a later time, Mastin changed her signature into an advertisement for her webcomic, The Descended, linking to it with the link text titled the comic's sub-header. She also includes a disclaimer in her signature that she is permanently V/LA over weekends, due to her other commitments. The signature also currently links to the Mastin Academy and her GTKAS thread.


Mastin has had a lot said about her since the switchover. Memorable instances will be placed here.

Mastin's walls were epic. He had me almost convinced, and I knew from the mod that he was scum.---Pine.


Mastin wanted to post this message in her signature, but had to cut it back due to the character limit:

When playing [url=]as scum[/url], [url=]I realized[/url] that my play had degraded to a level resembling the very Village Idiot [url=]I swore to never be again[/url].

This realization means that I will not be playing in any new games, except for on request and/or as a hydra. I will still be modding (a LOT :P), I'll finish all of my current games and give them my all, but consider me effectively semi-retired until I complete this soul-search.

The game linked to--Flash Mafia3--describes in great detail the similarities between new-mastin2 and old-Mastin, and how they are too close for Mastin's level of comfort. She swore not to leave the site, nor allow herself to get too rusty, but vowed not to join any new game by herself. This tactic of only playing by request has lasted even into her current games, since she still primarily plays on request of others through PMs.

Mastin has since retired from modding, also with the intention of resuming later, thanks to realizing it was too stressful for her to maintain in her current state. However, she has since picked up the slack and begun getting involved with MD heavily.

Mafia Discussion

Mastin is currently in the process of writing a book on MD theory, to cover all of her work over the years. Initial stages began on July 25th, 2013. As of that date, she has currently been nominated for the Professor Mafia scummy owing to her work during 2013 that she hopes to put into the book.

The majority of her work can be found in the link at the bottom of this page, under the category "MastinMD".


Mastin prefers to be called by the female gender, as of her reveal on February 7th, 2014. As such, material previous to that date may refer to her as a he.

New Account

Mastina is the successor to Mastin2 in almost all affairs. While she still uses mastin2 in some circumstances, for all intents and purposes, she is migrating to mastina.


Mastin asks that any and all comments for mastin2's Wiki Page to please remain in this section, where they are easier to track.

ETL says: "Hello ILY! <3"