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The Person

I joined Mafiascum sometime around March 2008. My outside life involves a fluctuating mix of complexity theory, rock paper scissors, philosophy, comedy writing and performing, travel, card and board games, and imagining. I live in New Zealand, but grew up in UK, and came here via spells in the Czech Republic and China.

The Player

I tend to play mafia more by noticing rather than pressuring, and use intuition as well as logic in forming my reads. I prefer to make my points with humour rather than animosity. I won the 2010 Funniest Role Claim scummy for my claim in Congratulations! You Are... Mafia. I overcommit at times which can lead to inconsistent activity, and now aim to restrict myself to playing in no more than two minis or one large game at a time.

I play Mishmash games occasionally, and won the Insult Swordfighting tournament.

The Games

Here are the games I've played in. I was town in each completed game unless otherwise stated. Currently I'm 9-11 as town, 3-1 as scum, and 0-1 as other.

Tales in the Telling

the game of the year

Stories of Splendour

Double-Dip Mafia (scum)
A Gentleman's Game of Guile, Subterfuge and Intrigue
Time Travel Mafia
Geezer Mafia
Caught in the Crossfire (scum)
Return to Smalltown Y
Mafia Dodgeball
Antarctic Winter-Over Mafia
Killer in Smalltown Y (scum)
Mini Normal 624
Monty Python's Mafia Circus
Science Mafia

Tales of Woe

Hacker's Panic
Powerrox's Mini Normal I (scum)
Generic Reality TV Mafia
Pledge of Allegiance (other)
Avatar Mafia
British Comedy Mafia
Mafia Invasion
Newbie 733
Congratulations! You Are... Mafia
Newbie 659
Mental War Mafia
Newbie 623


One Flew Over a Cuckoo's Nest
Thursday Next

Tales I Told

Hitchhiker's Mafia
Mafia Down Under