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Cicero joined mafiascum on 27 Jul 2007. The name is pronounced SIS-er-Oh. It's an homage to this guy:[1]

In real life Cicero is 35 years old and is a Canadian lawyer/policy wonk. This means that he gets uncomfortable when he's realised that he's in a heated flame war with a 15 year old.

Game record

Newbie 436 - Town/Vanilla/Loss - an inauspicious debut in which I successfully argued in favor of my own day one lynch.

Mafia 63 - Town/Vigilante/Win - replaced in late and managed to find the research necessary[2] to help the town to Meta and Mass Claim out a come from behind victory. This made him happy.

Lost Boys Mafia- Vanilla Town / Loss -  :twitch: 185 pages, almost a year long, cult game with no deaths until the very end. It haunts my dreams.

Mafia 65 - Bulletproof Vest / Town / Win - No crosskill game.

Mini 499 - Doctor / Town / Win - Skruffs: "Cicero, you are the most blood thirsty doctor I've ever seen, but I've never been in a mini where the doctor made it to the end before, so kudos." 'nuff said.

Doctor Who Mafia Doctor(Quack)/Town/Win - This game was a great setup that got ruined by players from who got bored with the game and cheated by outing the scum team. The most challenging part of the game was fighting off one of Albert B. Rampage's stupid fake cop claims.

Mafia 71 - Recruited Mason/Town/Loss - This game was also mostly ruined by field trip and then dealt another blow when the moderator had to abandon the game as a result of real life considerations. Skruffs stepped in as moderator and saved it.

Food Fight Mafia - Godfather/Scum/Loss - I was nightkilled in this game even though I was nightkill immune. Moderator error. Good concept but some mod errors made the game's conclusion suspect. Should be run again though. Did a really good job as scum here. Wasnt suspected at all.

Pirates vs. Ninjas - Goblin/scum/Loss - Was really proud of my scum play in this game. We lost in the endgame but it was very very close. Almost won.

Adel's Nightmare - Resurrector and vigilante/Town/Win - Fun game with interesting mechanics.

Newbie 573 - Vanilla/Town/Loss - Terrible newbie game I played as an IC. The newbs would barely talk.

Mini 567 - Ipick - Post restriction giver/scum/loss - Very interesting and odd Guardian setup. I needed to replace out. Kison came in and did an amazing job in my stead.


Cicero is not a fan of Cults.