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Ms Marangal

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This user plays Mafia. (Talk)
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About Me

Prefer to be a Pro-town Player. J townie opt16.gif

Hi, I'm Ms Marangal
I'm female
I'm Filipino
I'm an adult
I like- correction, love purple
I trust my gut reads more then anything
I'm a somewhat aggressive player
Yet I'm careful, especially with my vote so don't get to freaked out if I take a while to do so :P
I also love a bit of friendly competition
I love mafia thought the psychological aspect of it interests me more then the logical parts of the game.


Ms M: Given by Ravenpaw
Malangala: Given by Pirate Mollie
Ms Marangel: Given by Pirate Mollie
Purple Smear: Given by Thor
Ms Margle: Given by Lord Mhork
Ms Margaret: Given by Lord Mhork
Margie: Given by Lord Mhork
Ms Marple: Given by SerraPaladin
Mary: Given by SerraPaladin
Mangle: Given by SerraPaladin
Meringue: Given by SerraPaladin
Madringal: Given by The Goat
Mom: The Acting Method (Amethyst actor Hydra)
Maranga: Feirei
Scummy Pineapple: Nero Cain


Hey, I welcome comments from others though if you want to leave one, please place your signiture so I know who it's from. Please and thank you <3 ~~Ms Marangal

Marangal is epic and awesome, and has a great Theory on playstyles (wink face) ~ Love you girl, TAM
Sush on those theories >.>~~ Ms Marangal

TAM loves his Beautiful Baby Mommy ;) ~ TAM

OMG you sound just like me (minus the Female Filipino part). We should hydra some time. ~Om of the Nom

Matching play styles = Hydra Loveeee. You iz awesome ~ Mala

Reading this message will make you roll scum two more times >:D ~GiF

Reading this message will protect you from GiF's curse <3 ~ <3 TAM