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Get to know a Scummer

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Get to know a Scummer (often abbreviated as GTKAS) is exactly what its name implies, a way to know each other. This is done via interview threads in which anyone may ask you anything (within common sense). This is completely voluntary.

GTKAS was started by PlaysWithSquirrels in 2006. Unsanctioned GTKASs soon became a fad after AniX posted his own GTKAS outside of the queue. A flood of GTKAS threads soon followed, and the fad stopped for over a year. It enjoyed a brief but successful restoration under Simenon, who passed it along to Andycyca, who passed it on to DemonHybrid (Now Amrun) and Mastermind of Sin, who have been jointly running the queue and the threads ever since.

...And then no one updated this page for like 8 years. The lineage of GTKAS has continued to where it is now, with Nahdia.