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7263.jpg This user plays Mafia. (Talk)


The kickass force of evil known as Mokina (comp. Monika) joined the game on May 24, 2007. She went on hiatus on August 22, 2007 and returned on May 5, 2008. Then she took another, had to write some papers to not drop out of college, and abandoned MafiaScum for a while.

Mokina's a really awesome mod until she flakes. Then she's just okay, I guess.

"It's a Trap," quoth she in Darkstalkers Mafia, proceeding to jump at shadows for several pages before finally getting some sense of Occam's Razor. Since then she has learned her lesson.

Current Games


Foggy Londontown Mafia

Mini 810: Infection! Mini

Newbie #804 (Pregame) as IC


  • Modding Scum Paranoia

Completed Games


Game Moderator Setup
Newbie 374 spectrumvoid C9
Vanilla Townie. Town victory.
Mini 419: Farkle Mafia Nai Closed
Left before completion (Summer '07 absence).
Open 27: Bird C9 Cephrir C9
Left before completion (Summer '07 absence).
Mini 573: Darkstalkers Mafia Dead Rikimaru Closed
Protown Jailkeeper. Town victory.
Newbie 588 Vel-Rahn Koon F11
Left before completion (Summer '08 absence).
Open 74 Elmo C/9ths
Left before completion (Summer '08 absence).
Face-down and Thirsty Mafia yellowbounder Closed
Mafia Goon. Flawless mafia victory.


Game Moderator
Dark Opera Mokina
Oh well - maybe I'll run another sometime. Big commitment, though.
Roll To Dodge II yellowbounder
Prisoner's Dilemna Xdaamno
Crappy outcome. I placed 9th out of 11.
Robot Prisoner's Dilemna Round 1 Pie_is_good
Crappy outcome (12th out of 14) but hopeful for Round 2.
SK Game GreenLiquid
The algorithm was solved.
Haunted Mansion Occult
Fought for the Semi-Unholy Alliance.