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Well, I'm forbiddanlight, and as far as my data indicates, I am one of the most inverted players ever, in that my scum game is usually my most pro town and my townie game is scummier than the actual scum. Which makes things interesting for people playing with me, since you can't trust a self aware meta. Right now I'm attempting to fit into the insane niche but with other scummers like Natirasha, ABR, BM, and DGB hanging out there, I can only hope for barely an honorary position :(. But I won't let that stop me! So, moving along, I suppose I should talk about my complete games (Please note this is far from chronological order):

Completed Games of forbiddanlight
Games Result
Mini 626(1) Scum Wins (Town)
Worse Idea Mafia Town Wins (Town)
Mushroom Kingdom Mafia Town Wins (Town)
Mini 657 Town Wins (Town)
Mini 635(2) Scum Wins (Scum)
Mini 663(3) Serial Killer Wins (Town)
EHOBANHAR (4) Cow Scum, Emo Scum, and Town joint Victory (Emo Scum)
Open 83 Town Wins (Town)
Open 85 Jester Wins (Town)
Open 92 Town Wins (Town)
Worst Role Ideas Mafia Scum Wins (Town)
Mini 630 Council of Eville Scum Wins (Town)
Open 80 The New C9 Tie Between Scum and Town (Town)
Open 84 Fire And Ice Mafia (5) Fire Mafia Wins (Ice Mafia)
Open 80 Double Day Mafia Scum Wins (Town)
Babylon 5 Severed Dreams Mafia (6) Minbari, Survivors, and Serial Killers win (Serial Killer/Survivor)
Mystery Mafia Two Town Wins (Town)
Read Your Role Mafia Mafia B wins (Town)
Mini 685 Memento Mafia No One Wins, Abandoned (Serial Killer)
Mini 687 Time Abuse Mafia Mafia and Cult Win (Mafia)
Crackers Mafia Town Win (Mafia)
Traitor Mafia (7) Mafia Win (Town)
Mini 679 Battlestar Galactica Mafia Town Win (Town)
Real Time Mafia Abandoned (Town)
Explosiva Mafia Mafia Win (Town)
Mini 710 Kleptomafiac SK Win (Town)
Mini 683 Intentionally Vague Mafia Town Win (I think?) (Town)
  1. Mini 626 featured two scum teams. I was a vigilante.
  2. Mini 635 had me scum with farside and Mirth (Mirth says you have her mixed up with someone else. I was never scum with you. And you probably mean 636. :P)
  3. Mini 663 deserves it's very own wiki page. But the short of my part is that I was the townie that doesn't exist, posted through the mod up to 10 times a day, 100 words a post. Could also one shot day vig. I started off well by leading a bandwagon on scum D2 as the voice of the mod, etc, but I ruined the game for town D3 because I made a 2 AM decision to use my vig kill to get us to an odd number...and then woke up later to realize that I forgot to count myself as alive. Yeeeah, not my best performance. Then Natirasha goes on to win the game.
  4. EHOBANHAR: Officially, cow scum won, however, they actually went for a happily ever after ending in the thread.
  5. Open 84: I did horrible things at the end of this one, culminating in a self hammer. I am not proud of this, but the game had gone on practically since my join date, and it needed to end.
  6. Babylon 5: This was a complicated game where everyone had two win conditions. A racial win condition and an alignment condition. Essentially, one of the races won by D3, and I assisted by using my D3 kill to off one of those aligned against the race most likely to win. The set up was deep south.
  7. Traitor: But I TOTALLY called SC as the last scum in lylo! I TOLD YOU SO!

Record: Wins 12; Losses 12; Ties 1

Now I will list the ongoing games I am currently in. No table this time:

Still Alive:

Mini 726 Mind Screw Gaiden

Mini 728 Ye Olde Times Mafia

Mind Screw 3 (Why do I torture myself)


Final Fantasy VII Mafia (NK'd N1)

Family Guy Mafia (NK'd N2)

Hmm...I appear to be playing a reasonable number of games right now :S...that's weird.

Currently Modding Insane Asylum Mafia

That should cover everything.