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Hi, I'm ChannelDelibird. Maybe you remember me from that time when I won a Scummie during Red Wedding Mafia. I've played and modded games on mafiascum, on and off, since 2006. My username is commonly abbreviated to CDB.

Notable Things

  • I used to have the title 'Thok Puppet' due to this controversial revelation.
  • My title has since been changed to 'Card Czar' for two reasons:
    • Back in the days of controlled lawlessness, I ran for and won the position of Forum 62 Tsar. This had no effect.
    • Since my first major mafia meet at Scummer of Love in 2012, I have created and maintained the 'Greater Idea' deck of mafia cards which I bring to every meet that I attend to be used and expanded by attendees.
  • Due to the aforementioned deck, I was partly responsible for the creation of Great Idea Mafia at Scummer of Love and, consequently, its evolution into Greater Idea Mafia at UK Scummers Meet 2013. Greatest Idea Mafia is partly my fault, as well.
  • Less successfully, I invented Reverse Mafia when I was much younger. It wasn't really any good but it was, briefly, a thing.
  • I used to be on scumchat a lot but now I mostly forget to log on.
  • I'm a frequent entrant and infrequent winner in the Song Contest, flying the flag for Mali.
  • My entire modding career is an exercise in jealousy at Yggdrasil's News Mafia from the old days.
  • I make an infrequently updated mafiascum podcast with Nexus, called Tea & Scumpets. We've done episodes about playing, modding, hydras and the Scummies as well as one about meets recorded live at Scumdon with several meet attendees.
  • I'm a founding member of the UK Scummer Commonwealth, an amalgamation of UK-based or -nearby scummers who organise semi-regular meets. We're always excited to welcome new faces so check the thread for when the next meet is going to be!

Recent Playing History

I generally consider myself to have played significantly differently ever since I first played mafia face-to-face at meets. Those looking to meta me in current games ought therefore to consider my more recent experience, which is as follows:

Town Games

Group-Scum Games

Third-Party Games

Recent Modding History

In the past, I used to flake out of modding a lot of games. I got better. Sometimes I mod things alongside Nexus. He keeps me honest.

Most of the games listed below are from the last few years, ignoring most of my old stuff (quite apart from the flaking issue, my modding sensibilities have changed a fair bit over time). If you're looking for mod meta, these are the games to study:

I also ran a game of Diplomacy in MishMash in 2015.