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Title Fairy

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A position held by whomever moderates the granting of titles on MafiaScum.

The position is currently held by mastina. Previously it has been held by Sugar, PolarBoy, mathcam, Thok, Oman, TheButtonmen, SleepyKrew, Chevre, Psyche, and DeathRowKitty.

Chevre's Title Fairy Policy

What are player titles?

Player titles are the little snippets that are located under each player’s username. For most of us, it’s a pre-determined Mafia role based on post count in Mafia games:
0 posts – Watcher
1 post – Ninja
2 posts – Townie
100 posts – Goon
1000 posts – Mafia Scum
5000 posts – Jack of All Trades
10000 posts - Survivor
However, it is a long-standing tradition on MafiaScum to give out custom titles as gifts to those users who were integral to a notable event or possess notable traits or quirks that make them outstanding members of the community. These titles are often thought of as gifts, and if you understand this basic tenet, you’ll soon see why the long line of Title Fairies haves adopted guidelines to keep this process fair, organized, and running smoothly.

How does a user get a title?

  1. ANY user can nominate ANY other user for a title. Of course, this comes with caveats:
    1. You cannot and should not nominate yourself for a title. You wouldn’t give yourself a special gift such as this! Nominations from others indicates that you’ve done something notable in the MS community that stands out and makes this site a more enjoyable place to be!
    2. There’s no hard-and-fast rule on how many posts you need to have or how many months you need to have been on the site to be nominated for a title, but we do want to give users time to develop and grow comfortable with the community before we start handing out titles willy-nilly.
  2. Upon nomination, the title is up for discussion on its merits and weaknesses. Users can come out in support of a title if they so choose, or suggest amendments to improve the title. (Not sure what makes a good or bad title? Keep reading!)
  3. If a title nomination gains support from five other users, I’ll give my input, and if I approve, I’ll let the user know of their potential title (if they haven’t clued in to the discussion already!) via PM and make sure they approve. It’s always important to make sure gifts are actually wanted! Meanwhile, the title will remain up for discussion for about 48 extra hours, to work out any remaining discussions and issues.
  4. Once the title is approved, I’ll update it! Someone will be the proud owner of a shiny new title that shows their value as a member of MafiaScum.

What makes for a good (or bad) title?

  1. Because avatars aren’t permanent, titles related to a user’s avatar are strongly discouraged. Think of your fellow users as teens constantly going through different fads and stages; you don’t want your gift to get stale in just a few months!
  2. While usernames are permanent, they shouldn’t be a major reason for any given title. That being said, usernames can lead to clever wordplay or connotation, so they aren’t totally out of the picture. Essentially, usernames can be SOMEthing to consider, but they most definitely should not be the MAIN thing.
  3. Between real-life meetups, Skype, Discord, and other avenues, MafiaScum has a ton of ways for users to interact off-site, and sometimes these interactions generate the best title nomination ideas. However, it’s important that these titles maintain a sense of relevance on MafiaScum beyond the time of the interaction. If a title isn’t fairly clear from a general read of the user’s posts, there should be a good fraction of users who can explain the reasoning behind a title.
  4. While nominations stemming from events, incidents or interactions in the Speakeasy and Get to Know a Scummer subforums are fair game, it’s important to remember that not all members have chosen to have access to these subforums and thus they may not have a wide relevance or appeal.
  5. Titles shouldn’t insult, harass, or abuse ANY player. This, after all, is part of the site rules! Users do have to accept a title nomination, so don’t bother suggesting something that isn’t going to get accepted anyway.
  6. Remember how you shouldn’t nominate yourself for a title? Similarly, try not to involve yourself too much if at all in the discussion, support, and amendment process. As it has been said so many times, these titles can be thought of gifts, and this is kind of like a surprise party. You’re free to return the gift to the store and reject the title at the end, but we’re not going to let you pick your gift right off the shelf.
  7. Profanity can be humorous and relevant, but at the moment, it does not have a place in player titles.
  8. As with everywhere else on the site, don’t discuss ongoing games and do not use them for title nominations. Wait until the game has finished—at that point, you may find that the spark-of-the-moment idea you had during the game no longer applies!
  9. OK, so that’s a lot of NOs, to be honest. So what does make a good title? There’s no tried-and-true formula, but the best titles combine multiple elements to encapsulate the user in just a few words. They use wordplay in a humorous manner but are by no means forced. If you ask a handful of users why User A has Title Z, at least one should give a solid reason. They have a lasting appeal and accessibility.
  10. Branching off the previous point, it is sometimes the case that titles age poorly. In consideration of this, Previously-titled users may be nominated for a new title. It is important to note, however, that the old title may hold a personal meaning for the user and as such they are free to reject new nominations.

So what is going on here?

  1. This thread serves as a place for the nomination and discussion of potential titles. Tangents happen, but don’t get too off-topic; we have a wonderful General Discussion just over there for that sort of thing!
  2. Joking title nominations and jokes are okay—in moderation. We all want to have fun, but it’s important to know our limits and keep discussion title-centric. I have the ability to ban users from posting in the Title Fairy if their posts are not relevant or useful.
  3. If you have comments, questions, concerns, or suggestions about the Title Fairy process or titles in general, let me know via PM. If I can’t give you a satisfactory answer, or if the issues are above me, speak to zoraster or These.
  4. The guidelines in this post are always up for reconsideration and amendment as the site changes. That being said, the Title Fairy’s rulings are final.

SleepyKrew's Title Fairy Policy

Titling Procedure

  1. Any user can be nominated for a title. Anyone can nominate. Please don't self-nom.
  2. Users may discuss and express support for a nomination. If a nomination gets support from five users, and I approve of it or have not made up my mind, the title will remain open to discussion for an additional 48 hours.
  3. Once the 48 hours are up, the nominated user gets to decide whether they accept it or not. Obviously, the user can reject a nomination earlier in the process. Users are allowed to participate in discussions about their own potential titles, but they will preferably take a back-seat role. Do not try to steer the discussion on your own title. A user with a title can still be nominated for a new one.

What Not To Suggest

  1. Titles based on usernames or avatars will typically be rejected. However, exceptions are possible for exceptional suggestions (this is a subjective measure).
  2. Titles based on real-life events, Skype groups, and other sources that aren't the mafiascum forums are allowed, provided that a suitable number of scummers are familiar with the source material (this is a subjective measure).
  3. Don't try to insult people.
  4. Don't discuss ongoing games. If you have a nomination based on an ongoing game, wait until it finishes.
  5. No profanity.

General Stuff

  1. The purpose of this thread is to discuss titles. Don't get too off-topic.^
  2. If you feel I am being lax in my duties, feel free to call me out (it's how I got this gig!). If you feel you need to appeal to a higher authority, contact zoraster or Thesp.
  3. Titles are fun. So have fun.

^A shitty joke title suggestion is okay. Don't spam them. I choose what constitutes spamming (this is a subjective measure). A non-title related one-off joke post is okay if it's not distracting from title discussion. A bunch of non-title related posts aren't okay. Obviously. It's sad that I have to include this.

TheButtonmen's Title Fae Policy

Title Fairy Policy

  1. Accounts must be at least six months old before they can be nominated.
  2. There is no requirements for nominating someone.
  3. Self nominations will not be accepted.
  4. Nominations based on avatars will not be accepted.
  5. Recipients must approve of the title.
  6. This thread is for title discussion only.

How Titling Works

  1. Somebody posts a nomination
  2. Scummers discuss the nomination and think of alternatives.
  3. Once a nomination gets five supporters I will either approve it or explain my issues with the title.
  4. Once I approve a title I will contact the recipient to confirm that they approve of it.

What's a Good Title?

A title should subtly or not-so-subtly reference an amusing incident, playstyle or characteristic that the entire community can understand.

Oman's Title Fairy Policy


  1. The Title Fairy (in his position as mith's appointed official) is both a moderator of the Title Fairy Thread, and a moderator of titles in general. Title Fairy word is law within these confines.
  2. A title is designed to be an informal representation of a user's personality and individuality. It is also a badge of honour that the title-holder has become an individual within the community, valued by his or her peers. A title should be something that user is recognised by, including a lasting appeal, not a quickly waning fad. In layman's terms, one should say "Yup, that is User X alright!". It should be easily accessible to all people, with wittiness/humour being a benefit.
  3. Titles based on usernames (especially username puns) or avatars are not recommended. It is important to remember that titles are placed underneath the username and avatar, and the repetition is not required, and looks cluttered. Also forcing any suggestion, even the particularly clever ones, into a pun rarely become more personal, or more humorous. Avatars are also often transient and the title becomes outdated very quickly. However, exceptional titles may still be awarded even with these.
  4. The minimum threshold for a title is six months on site. This limit is designed to ensure that once a person receives a title, they are entrenched as an individual, and that the title they are nominated for is suited to their personality. This limit is for the person, so a change of username or making an alternate account the primary will not disqualify the user. By no means does reaching the required time instantly mean the user is deserving of a title.
  5. Any user can recommend a title for a qualified user. It is a simple request that extraneous titles are not suggested on a whim, as these clutter the thread. To recommend oneself for a title is bad form, it is a gift from the peers, not something to bestow on oneself. However, users are encouraged to become involved in discussion of their own title within the thread. Abuse of the ability to suggest titles, by suggesting insulting, or otherwise frivolous titles will result in that user's privilege being removed. Note that Site Ideas (including Title Fairy) is covered under the site rules, and abuse may warrant reporting to Site Admins.
  6. Titles are subject to the recipient's approval as well as the Title Fairy's, and may be rejected regardless of other support. Titles can be removed at the request of the user. This is an exception for "outdated" or irrelevant titles, and not a standard action.
  7. The Title Fairy Thread is for title discussion. Its fixture in Site Ideas, as opposed to General Discussion should indicate the administrators' view on how it should be used. While some light-hearted discussion is okay, a good rule of thumb is that title discussion should be the primary focus. Title Fairy reserves the right to delete posts, or split them to General Discussion as required.
  8. For any issues regarding the Title Fairy, Title Fairy Thread, or Titles, see first the Title Fairy then, for any issues not resolved at that level, see mith.


In early September Oman made a short post clarifying his philosophy on titles in general. This post should be helpful in understanding how he makes his decision on each title:

The whole problem I had with username/avatar puns was that it was repeating information unnecessarily and making for clutter. We get used to titles we see every day, but start adding caps, colours, and italics, and suddnely these are very eye catching. From a visual perspective, clutter is not a good thing, and the more "Mafia Scum"s, the more flow. My goal in what will be a short reign as Title Fairy, before I am usurped and my head thrust upon a pike (or I do the above to mith and own the site), is to balance the uniqueness of scummers, the fun we have, and the nostalgia titles can give, against the breaking of flow, clutter, and general awkwardness of unique titles. Take a look at most sites that let users set their own titles and someone will have "MAYOR OF AWESOMENESS ZONE" or something chronically mispelled. Hell, look at location, people can't even take that seriously (Ani has "standing right behind you" for example).

So while it seems like I'm being ultimate killjoy sometimes, I think that refusing some titles that just aren't mature or just suck is one of the things that makes mafiascum great. As a community we are more mature, and more professional than most (Guys pt 2 excluded, in fact, let's just disregard Reck on that), and I think this is part of that. So I'm going to stand up for my standards as written, with mith as the authorisation that my rules are in accordance with his idea of the site's direction and culture. The moment that I fall outside of culture, I expect him to pick me up, as I do when the titles fall outside culture.

To be honest, I have a really easy job, because you guys are high-quality and self-policing. I really thank you for that, and I have nothing wrong with suggestions coming forward and being worked on. The major thing that I want you to take away is that I encourage nominations and to work on a title in-thread, and I don't want anyone to take rejection personally.

Thok's Title Fairy Policy

  1. You must make at least 100 posts in mafia threads before you will even be considered for a title; however, making 100 posts does not guarantee that you will get a title.
  2. The easiest way to get a title is to establish a good reputation on Mafiascum, perhaps by having interesting, impressive (or even infamous) performances in Mafia games. The easiest way not to get a title is to post in the Title Fairy thread saying, "Give me a title!" Given enough time, somebody will come up with a good title for you on their own.
  3. However, everybody is allowed (and in fact encouraged) to make title suggestions for other members of Mafiascum who satisfy the conditions of rule 1.
  4. A title should be accessible to your fellow members of Mafiascum. In particular, inside jokes involving real life friends, references to other forums, or references limited only to Scumchat are not good candidates for a title. Similarly, avatar related titles are generally frowned upon unless the avatar in question has not changed in a significant period of time (at least a year).
  5. Titles should be a short phrase, generally of 5 words or less. If you want to reference a long quote, either summarize it or put it in your signature.
  6. Titles are meant to be good fun; don't use the Title Fairy thread as a place to insult people. Similarly, if you are truly unhappy with a suggested title, it will not be assigned. Moreover, we will strongly consider either changing or removing a title if you feel it is no longer appropriate. (However, in general we will not change a title if you are merely bored by it.)

mathcam's Complete Title Policy

What's in a name? The intent of this page is to outline the guidelines I'll use in deciding who gets what title, and I can think of no better way of doing this than outlining my own opinions on titling.

To start, what IS titling? Titling is the process of putting a short word, name, or phrase under a player's usernames in each post. First and foremost, titling should be fun, and all the rules and regulations below will be thrown out in the case that it would be more fun to do so. Generally speaking, a title should subtly or not-so-subtly reference an amusing incident, pattern, play-style, relationship, or other quirk involving that player on the board. To suggest a title, post in the "Dance of the Title Fairy Thread" in site ideas.

Now, what ISN'T titling? It's NOT a measure of how many posts you have, or how long you've been on the boards. It's NOT a measure of how much whining you did in the titling thread. It's NOT a medium for inside jokes that only you will get, for self-promotion, or for anything other than mafiascum. Finally, NOT having a title does not imply anything about a player's stading on the board, only that more time is required before an appropriate title surfaces.

Finally, let me paraphrase a paragraph from former Title Fairy PolarBoy's policy:

"Titles should be something for, and from, the community. Much of the time when someone suggests their own title it's based on a personal quirk or reference (i.e. *not* community-based). If someone else suggests it then obviously it works from an outside perspective and is a legitimate reference within the community."

So, while not strictly upheld, the long and short of it is "Don't nominate yourself for a title, and don't go pandering in the thread to get someone else to nominate one for you either."