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Player Profile

Hey, Oman is a Title Fairy now!

To begin, Oman finds it difficult to summarise himself for you. I suppose if you wanted to know what kind of guy he was, you'd have to ask other people anyway. But Oman is usually the guy who gets a little drunk and attached to people on the other side of the world via the interwebs. If you'd like to be one of those people, Oman is on AIM as omanscum.

Come meet Oman in Australia for a beer one day.

Oman is a fan of Porochaz, that crazy British guy who gets drunk and posts just like Oman! Go, Go, Prozac!

People care about Oman, regardless of their lies to and about him.

If you wish to know more about Oman, you should probably check out his Get To Know A Scummer Page, or just be friendly and ask.

The Goal:

Oman's major goal on Mafiascum is to produce a high quality run of titles within his reign as Title Fairy. Balancing the iron fist of quality against the need to have a joyful community, Oman is finding people to be more understanding than he expected.

His other goals of playing and moderating are taking a back seat, as he enjoys the GD community.

The Origin:

A lot of people ask why I name myself after a country that is so inferior to Yemen. My answer is always the same: "Its short for Omankdor, why not google that?"

But to save time I give thee THE ORIGINS: LORD OF THE PANTS Its about page 13-14, but here's the short version.

From a play written by some friends which I played an awesome role in:

GRANDELF - Grrrr! (To YODA in respectful, formal tones, bowing) Greetings venerable and wise Oracle of Omankdor, Master of the Mikklewakkamekka, Husband of Betty Chan, also known as Y-Y-Y-Y-YODA-

So there you go.

Current Projects

- Title Fairy

- Playing and modding a little

Fun Oman Quotes

Oman, are you being stupid on purpose, are you not reading, do you not understand English or are you trying to bring my wrath upon you? - Romanus Newbie 406

I'm Oman, that's O A... shit I can't even spell my own name. - Oamn

From Scumchat:

OmanOC (13:44:34): i can spread like paris hiltons legs

Ibaesha (11:42:27 PM): Oman rules

CrubSA (9:16:35 PM): [in response to my childish comments about working for the Air Force] they don't actually give you a plane do they?

LordPantaloones (12:03:05 PM): omanoc backwards is "Comaman" LordPantaloones (12:03:16 PM): who is a little known superhero LordPantaloones (12:03:26 PM): we found your secret identity LordPantaloones (12:04:19 PM): "It's Coma Man, fighting evil with his powers of narcolepsy, right wrongs and-"SPLAT

Porochaz74 (18:09:10): Im eternally disappointed in you