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Zorblag's just this Troll, you know?

He takes issue with the fact that "Troll" has come to be used the way it has on the net and does what he can to restore the honorable species identification of Trolls everywhere.

If you want to know him better you can always check his (Link).

Games of Shame: Zorblag was replaced

  • NOTE: Losses in this category are counted as losses for Zorblag in the completed game sections by alignments though nothing else transfers.

Newbie Game 906 - replaced Apathy D1, replaced by Elscouta D3, townie, endgamed. 02/03/10-04/22/10. Town Lost.

Mini 934 - Troubles at Smiths&Catharts - replaced Cyberbob D1, replaced by Cyberbob D2, townie, killed N6. 03/03/10-06/11/10. Draw.

/in-vitational 11 - Pick Your Poison 5 - replaced by AdumbroDeus D2, townie, killed D4. 07/28/10-10/27/10. Town Lost.

Newbie Game 1075 - replaced Trendall N1, replaced by spitfarvle D2, townie, endgamed. 03/09/11-05/27/11. Town Lost.

Newbie Game 1082 - replaced Romanus N2, replaced by Thor665 D3, townie, endgamed. 03/23/11-04/20/11. Town Lost.

Current Games

Newbie Game 1269 - replaced Ritzbiscuits D1, doctor, killed N1. 08/03/12-now.

Newbie Game 1278 - replaced Kcdaspot D1. 08/29/12-now.

Completed Games (Town)

Newbie Game 684 - replaced PutBoy (mcbain) D2, townie, lynched D2. 10/09/08-02/28/09. Won.

Newbie Game 708 - replaced Beatles_Fan21 D1, townie, killed N1. 11/30/08-04/10/09. Abandoned.

Newbie Game 726 - replaced Grave Scrabbler (Jackabomb) D2, townie, survived. 01/13/09-03/28/09. Won.

Newbie Game 755 - replaced tjayh913 D1, townie, killed N2. 03/12/09-04/27/09. Won.

Newbie Game 779 - replaced Vel-Rahn Koon D2, townie, killed N2. 04/25/09-06/16/09. Won

Newbie Game 791 - replaced Spolium N2, townie, endgamed. 05/25/09-07/06/09. Lost.

Newbie Game 842 - replaced BlueRaven (Lord Baltheir) during confirmations, townie, killed N2. 09/11/09-10/29/09. Lost.

Newbie Game 845 - replaced Cass N1, townie, endgamed. 09/16/09-11/04/09. Lost.

Newbie Game 852 - replaced el simo D1, townie, survived. 10/07/09-10/24/09. Won.

Newbie Game 862 - replaced peacesells D1, townie, endgamed. 11/01/09-01/03/10. Lost.

Newbie Game 866 - townie, killed N1. 11/05/09-12/01/09. Won.

Newbie Game 868 - replaced EriktheRed D2, cop, killed N2. 11/16/09-02/02/10. Won.

Newbie Game 871 - replaced Annachie D3, townie, survived. 11/18/09-02/19/10. Won.

Newbie Game 928 - replaced sirdanilot (springlullaby) D3, townie, killed N3. 03/16/10-05/17/10. Won.

Newbie Game 938 - replaced ZephyrA D1, townie, killed N1. 04/08/10-06/11/10. Won.

Newbie Game 979 - replaced Wiccan Honor D1, townie, lynched D1. 07/02/10-08/13/10. Lost.

Newbie Game 1018 - replaced Sweep D1, townie, survived. 09/29/10-11/23/10. Won.

Newbie Game 1029 - replaced Headloss D1, townie, killed N2. 11/06/10-1/15/11. Lost.

Newbie Game 1064 - replaced Sauron (Stefunny) N1, townie, survived. 02/14/11-03/17/11. Won.

Newbie Game 1065 - replaced Magnificate N2, townie, survived. 02/19/11-03/07/11. Won.

Newbie Game 1077 - townie, killed N2. 03/10/11-04/04/11. Lost.

Newbie Game 1222 - replaced Vincent2128 D1, townie, lynched D1. 03/19/12-06/01/12. Won.

Newbie Game 1252 - replaced TheHossaim D2, doctor, killed N2. 06/15/12-08/03/12. Won.

Newbie Game 1257 - replaced Tanis1 D2, townie, killed N2. 07/02/12-08/30/12. Lost.

Newbie Game 1266 - replaced Vinny Is A Yellow D1, townie, survived. 07/28/12-08/25/12. Won.

Open 111 - Immunity Mafia - tracker, survived. 01/28/09-03/30/09. Mod Abandoned.

Lynch All Lurkers Mafia - townie, killed N1. 04/16/09-06/08/09. Won.

Mini 792 - Tofu Mafia - townie, endgamed. 05/13/09-08/04/09. Lost.

Mini 817 - Chosen - replaced nadroj15 D1, townie, killed N3. 07/08/09-09/14/09. Won.

/in-vitational 2 - Chosen, Karaoke Style - replaced Tom pre-game, townie, lynched D4. 08/07/09-09/19/09. Won.

Mini 880 - Mini Quick and Dirty - townie, endgamed. 11/09/09-12/20/09. Lost.

Geezer Mafia - townie, killed N1. 04/02/10-08/24/10. Won.

Oldy Mafia - replaced chamber D4, townie, killed N6. 11/16/10-03/18/11. Won.

Completed Games (Scum)

Newbie Game 683 - goon, lynched D4. 09/29/08-12/13/08. Lost.

Newbie Game 698 - replaced Paragon12321 D1, roleblocker, survived. 11/17/08-02/17/09. Won.

Newbie Game 749 - replaced ZazieR (Ajul Kangas) D2, goon, survived. 03/02/09-06/01/09. Won.

Newbie Game 751 - replaced free_fighter D2, goon, survived. 03/02/09-05/06/09. Won.

Newbie Game 817 - replaced Vel-Rahn Koon D3, roleblocker, survived. 07/24/09-10/08/09. Won.

Newbie Game 853 - replaced Far_Cry N1, goon, survived. 10/08/09-12/24/09. Won.

Newbie Game 869 - replaced SensFan D3, goon, survived. 11/16/09-02/22/10. Won.

Newbie Game 935 - replaced Kyiv D2, goon, lynched D4. 03/30/10-06/07/10. Lost.

Newbie Game 1253 - replaced Arugula D4, goon, lynched D4. 06/18/12-08/28/12. Lost.

Mini 695 - Futurama Mafia - godfather, survived. 10/22/08-12/12/08. Won.

Open 193 - Friends and Enemies - goon, survived. 01/08/10-03/28/10. Won.

Mafia 116 - Prozac's Large Game - replaced SensFan during confirmations, goon, survived. 07/17/10-10/17/10. Won.

Hydra Mafia - replaced Tasky (as a head of Chimaira) D1, roleblocker, survived. 10/18/10-12/06/10. Won.

Mini 1090 - Of Rogues and Curses - JoaT, survived. 12/01/10-2/1/11. Won

Completed Games (Other)

Pledge of Allegiance - Neutral Sniper Vigilante, won D4. 05/03/10-05/29/10. Won.

Open 233 - Ninja Mafia Boogaloo - Neutral Survivor (former Mafia Ninja), modkilled D4. 07/21/10-10/04/10. Lost (Mafia won.)

Modded Games (Complete)

Open 132 - Bird 7P - Scum won.

Newbie Game 777 - Town won.

Newbie Game 803 - Town won.

Newbie Game 829 - Town won.

Mini 848 - Second String Muppets Mafia - Scum won.

Newbie Game 850 - Town won.

Newbie Game 864 - Scum won.

Newbie Game 873 - Town won.

Newbie Game 898 - Town won.

Newbie Game 917 - Scum won.

Mini 993 - The Kids Don't Like It - Town won.

Newbie Game 976 - Scum won.

Mini 1020 - Troll Mafia - Scum won.

Lie to Me Mafia Picked up for Stef starting D2 - Scum won.

Mini 1099 - The Prisoner Mafia - SK won.

Other Activity

Zorblag was part of the Mighty Orbots hydra (with Papa Zito) for California Trilogy: City of Angels.

The On Camera Thread

The Off Stage Thread

Mighty Orbots returned for Mafia Reverberation and then Of Gods and Men

Mafia Reverberation

Of Gods and Men

What people have to say about Zorblag

SensFan in Newbie Game 683 wrote:

For an English major, you sure are bad at reading.

Wall-E in Immunity Mafia wrote:


jesus man have you never played this game or what?!

Kublai Khan in Newbie Game 751 wrote:

And Zorblag... To be honest, I hope I never play another newbie game with Zorblag. Whatever he writes, all I read is:

Zorblag wrote:


Even though Mirth said that he's scum, I'd still hesitate to vote him.

LongNameForAShortLife in Newbie Game 749 wrote:

Albert B. Rampage wrote:

My mental image of Zorblag is that of a boot, stamping on a human face - forever.

I think Zorblag is a little too polite for the orwellian imagery. Substitute slipper for boot maybe.

DrippingGoofball in Lynch All Lurkers Mafia wrote:

Gawd I love the troll. I think I may just get down on one knee and propose.

MiteyMouse in Newbie Game 791 wrote:

Ok...I'm rethinking the killing the replacement thing. Let me explain, I just saw that Zorblag is the one replacing in. He's sharp but, I think we could cuddle him a bit.

Talilan in California Trilogy: City of Angels wrote:

I just gained a whole lot of respect for Troll's scum play because he really had me thinking you had a good chance of being town during his tenure in the hydra.

Charlatan in Mini 863: Space Station Mafia wrote:

Happy Birthday, NAW. By all means, play drunk. It works for Zorblag.

Anon in Newbie Game 862 wrote:

Zorblag in the other hand was an amazing dude. And not because you had a town read on me.

Patrick in Newbie Game 871 wrote:

I don't think I ... could have forced <it> down Zorblag's throat any further than I did. ... At every step I had to try and guess what he was thinking.

Sotty7 in Mini 914: Mafia Reverberation wrote:

The way Troll waltzed back into the game and pretty much talked himself out of the lynch was not cool at all.

Trylledej in Newbie Game 1018 wrote:

@ Zor - damn you.... just... damn you

VP Baltar in Mini 1090: Of Rogues and Curses wrote:


I'm here and I'm town, therefore Troll is scum. Yes, I'm serious. And if you have any sense, we will lynch Troll now before he starts walling you with words and muddling your reads.