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Hello, I'm InflatablePie. *insert description here*

Games I've Played:

Newbie 902 - TOWN Vanilla - Won (survived 3p LYLO)

Mafia 112/Ridiculous Drama - TOWN Doctor - Won (died N5)

Mini 1102/Rivertown - TOWN One-Shot Vig - Lost (died N2)

Mini 1111/Wait Your Turn, Tex! - TOWN Odd-Night Vig - Won (died N1)

Multiple Personality Mafia - TOWN VT/Mort/BG/Miller/JK - Won (survived to endgame) *Note - was in a Hydra with Fugitive, under the name TwoHeadedBoy.*

WoW Mafia - TOWN Recruitment-Immune Mason - Draw (survived to "endgame")

Cthulu Speed Mafia - TOWN Vanilla - Lost (endgamed)

Mini 963/Furry - MAFIA Traitor turned MAFIA Goon - Lost (Lynched in 3p LYLO)

Mini 992/Handsometown - MAFIA Goon - Won (Survived to endgame)

Mini 973/"Bawhston Brawl" - MAFIA Roleblocker - Lost (Lynched in 3p LYLO) (click here for hilarious details - btw, Hoopla was a claimed PGO)

Mini 990/YGO Abridged - MAFIA Godfather (Seto Kaiba) - Lost (Lynched D2)

Mini 1012/Soraville - MAFIA Roleblocker - Won (N3->D4)

There Will Be Bloodshed - MAFIA Godfather - Won (survived to endgame) *Note: was in a hydra with Fugitive, under the name "TwoHeadedBoy"*

Quirkytown - Serial Killer - Lost (killed N3)

Games I've Replaced Out Of:

Mafia 107/Christmas Time Mafia - MAFIA Goon (first game on this site)

Mini 1001/Guys Pt. II - MAFIA Traitor

Cold War Mafia - Edward R. Murrow, US Townie

The Mafia With The Hydras - TOWN Vanilla

I also have a few games offsite, at or the boards "Current Events" and "GameFAQs Contests" at, but I won't be listing them here. :P

I have modded and played a few games at ScoreHero's own miniature mafia site, "MafiaHero", as well.