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That bug bit me,
I'll admit.
Stunned - it took a while to hit.
But when it hit me,
I was bit.
Shit, I came clean with it.
No match, who am I?
No match, who am I, so why try to deny it?
Just a regular guy, who won't even try it.
--'That Bug Bit Me' by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Hi, I'm hito. I've been here since Feb 28, 2008. For most of that time I wasn't really playing or in the community, but now the bug has bit me.

hito's Forum Profile

I'm a college student pursuing Mathematics. I'm awesome town but shitty scum. I am the master of reaction picture and analogies.

One Website is Just Not Enough Hito For Me

AIM: flaminghito

skype: flaminghito

(this used to be a steam community link but it's blacklisted now? I'm [ZPR] Hito on Steam unless I've changed my name to a joke involving the word bro)

Facebook (Yes, that is my real phone number under 'contact info', and yes, I love getting phone calls from the internet)


The Dead Zone

I'm constantly learning more about mafia and refining my play style. Games in the dead zone are those that thoroughly embarrass me to look at and shouldn't be used as meta because I don't suck that much anymore.

Mini 650, Hito VT, lynched D4: I actually had a couple of good reads but I was still too stupid to know how to act effectively on them. I was the last kill and my inability to either defend myself or attack the right players gave the mafia the win.

Newbie 620, Hito VT, nk'd N2: I was pretty passive here. I did end up taking down a scum, which always feels nice, and I got nk'd by the other scum. So this game I actually did okay, but it was mostly by accident.

Mini 847, Hito Mason, endgamed D4: I was proud of this game when I finished it and it's amazing how quickly I grew embarrassed of this. (How did I not lynch Haylen??). However, some of my logic walls in that game, while they should have been posted in MD and not in game, are things I still agree with and sometimes I quote myself from this game to make points.

Newbie 844, Hito VT, lynched D3 Bah. This was at the same time as the super active Mini 847 and I just couldn't get the energy. In the end though, more energy wouldn't have helped - there was one guy I really thought was scum who was town and one guy I really thought was town who was scum. This game kinda just reminded me I don't really like playing Newbie games. :/


Open 185, Hito VT, Replaced in D2, Endgamed D4 I'm proud of this game. I replaced in a hopeless situation, and Sotty and I together turned it around for town. In the end it was up to me to pick in 3p LYLO. I picked wrong, but what are you gonna do, right.

Mafia 105, Hito VT, NK'd N4 This game taught me a lot about mafia. While I was more passive than I should have been in the thread itself, watching such a skilled playerlist go at it really helped me out.

Open 191, Hito VT, NK'd N3 I'm not a fan of win-by-being-lynched roles, but I replaced in by request. I will say the mimes are a better version than standard jesters and their ilk, but I think that the threat still let anti-town lurking/wankery get a free pass that gave scum the win here.

Mini 885, Hito VT, Mod Abandoned Oh goodness this was a terrible full of PR setup. Bleh. It's a shame the mod left because we called the scum more or less perfectly, with one-shot vig TheButtonmen adeptly shooting the one scum who wasn't obvious. If nothing else this game is an example of me crusading for a policy lynch for almost all of D1, so it's a response to someone who thinks only scum want to do that.

Open 189, Hito VT, Replaced in D1, NK'd N1 This was my most epic replacement ever; I took the scummiest slot and vomited out enough content that by night one I was a preferable night kill to the claimed cop. Sadly a whole lot of lurking ended up giving the scum this game.

Mini 909, Hito Mafia Goon, Won D3 First scum game, first win. The town just had a series of misfortunes that basicially let us win by attending.

Mini 922, Hito Mafia Goon, Won D4 Second scum game, second win. (Not liking this pattern that's developing...) I made some fairly obvious slips but this was a very aggressive town and just by hanging back I was able to avoid the crossfire and win.

Open 193, Hito VT, Replaced in D2, Endgamed D5 This game was by far the most A-tier player list I played with, and while I held my own I played a little too impulsively (this is the game that convinced me that I *need* to keep notes) and didn't have any political capital the whole game. Got some things right, some things wrong, and we lost.

Open 220, Hito VT, Replaced in D1, NK'd N3 This was such a lazy, inactive game. I thought I was lynched D1 but the person who "hammered" me was already voting for me, so I survived another day and proceeded to single-handedly wagon a scum to death. Interestingly enough, town managed to win this game despite dropping in to LYLO twice and the intense flaking. (The mod even flaked at the very end, and we had to get farside to read the final verdict.)

Open 226, Hito Lover, Replaced in D5, NK'D N6 Getting to be confirmed town with Ythill was awesome. I threw down some fake suspicion to get us both alive through N5 and we got the town to lynch Miyu-scum D6. Then we were killed, but it was actually for the best, as DrippingGoofball ended up lynching scum correctly when I probably would have voted differently.

Mini 1042, Hito VT, Replaced in D2, no one really knows how it ended I replaced in D2 thinking I'd have more time for mafia with my new, sit-bored-at-computer job. Unfortunatly, studies, another giant mafia game, and plain old apathy meant that my play was extremely bad this game. It ended up turning into a weird game-theory monster with a (claimed, no less) nk immune SK. I crafted some good theory that was invalidated by the RB getting to kill and block on the same night (which was disallowed in their role PM, but happened anyway.) The mod claimed "everyone wins" when no win-con had actually been met. Personally, I give the honorary victory to serial killer DemonHybrid, because UT violated a theory bound he shouldn't have and only got away with it thanks to his illegal block-kill.

Bomb Mafia, Hito Bomb Squad Technician, NK'd N3 RedCoyote had an interesting mechanic, which unfortunately stalled the game out. Hilariously, we won while only lynching one of the four scum. Fun times.

Stars Aligned III, Hito Investigator, NK'd N5 This was a phenomenal game for me in terms of being a town leader who was easily read as town. My reads left a lot to be desired, especially because the majority of reported mistakes were just town being derps. I tend to be overbearing about such things because I absolutely REFUSE to lose to that kind of strategy, even if it's rare. Still, we pursued a broken strategy for a while, and though scum managed to interfere with its progress it wasn't enough to stop the town victory.

Mafia of the Chosen Ones, Hito Seraph, Killed D7 This wasn't a conventional mafia game, and isn't really something you can meta. My only comment here is that LOOKING like a townie is just as important as finding scum in the best of time, and even MORE important when a deity needs to find townies to give PRs to.

Don't Get Slapped in the Face by a Fish Mafia, Hito VT, Replaced in D1, lynched D1 I replaced in to a scummy slot, and with barely any time until deadline I ended up being a mislynch. Still, it wasn't all bad - I came in tunneling on one scum, and another scum inadvertently outed themselves with a post they made in twilight. Town went on to win the game without a single other misylnch. I like to think I did my part despite being lynched.

Mafia MetaMafia, hitogoroshi the just hitogoroshi, NK'd N2 I hate being scum, I have a poor scum game with people who know me (a passable scum game with strangers), and I was the only person in the 23 player game to not have a power role. Needless to say this was an awful experience for me, I was obvscum, and was mercifully released from the land of the living N2. Faraday went on to secure a win for the faction that I get on my report card, but had absolutely no contribution to.

Aggressive Mind Games Mafia, Hito VT, NK'd N3 This game was part of the Team Mafia game cluster, and I let that fact lead me in to a disastrously wrong read on Fate (though I would have probably had that read anyway, due to his very heavy bussing). My reads were pretty weak this game, but I did a very good job of looking town and bit the nk as vanilla without ever seriously being a possible mislynch.

Ongoing Sans Hito

No commentary on these until they finish; I just put them here for organization.

Ongoing With Hito

I'm not linking to these, you munchkin!


Newbie 575, Hito VT, replaced out D1: Yeah, I'm a hero who replaced out of his first game. I was pretty sick and didn't have the energy. Haven't replaced out of a game since and don't intend to.

Open 212, Hito VT, Replaced in N1, Replaced out D2 So much for that. I replaced in by request thinking I could fit mafia into my finals schedule, and sadly I couldn't. As much as I like being an on-call replacement, I need to weigh my schedule in the balance before accepting. Lesson learned.

Modded By Hito

Open 279, Scum Win D5 After 3 years on site, I finally tried my hand at modding. This was an open setup I personally created, and it was fun to mod. Several personality clashes ended up making the game itself a slog (the game was a 98 page 14 player game!), and the game cycled between ego wars and apathy from people burned out on ego wars. It didn't help that the delayed lynch mechanic ended up making the game a lot less fun than I had hoped. Delayed/no flip is one of those concepts like cults and jesters - you might be able to balance it, but it doesn't mean you should.

Newbie 1120, Town Win D4 It was a newbie. Not much to say here.

My Little Pony Mafia (co-modded with Faraday), Town Win D5 This game was a load of fun to design. Every PR was friendship related. Town WIFOM'd themselves into refusing to believe there was THAT MUCH FRIENDSHIP, but won anyway. Horray!

Words of Praise for this Quality Product


Scum-Nacho on Town-Hito: "Hito, you did a freaking amazing job. I tried to make cases for why you were scum, and I literally couldn't... "

Town-myko on town-hito: "yeah, we might want to thank hito for staying alive, being the towniest guy in the game, finding the scum etc."

Mod-RedCoyote on town-hito: "The MVP of the town I would say was probably hito. He seemed to be the most on target with both his reads and his ability to lead the town. "


Scum-AurorusVox on town-hito, in mafia QT: "At least we killed off Hito, he is a VERY good player. I'd trade one-for-one to get rid of him any day, to be quite honest."


dramonic: If barfing and laughing were compatible, it'd be my response to hito's post.

Vi: hito has to be one of the most quotable people onsite.

The Vandalism Nook

feel free to fill this with comments/quotes/conversations/insults/recipes/what have you. I only ask that you sign it with a tilde '~' so I don't need to dig in the edit history to figure out your identity. ~hito(?)

(10:09:22 PM) hito: vi already vandalized my vandalism nook
(10:09:28 PM) KittyMo: lol
(10:09:33 PM) hito: apparently I shouldn't call tildes 'squiggly lines'

hello thar ~The Manager of RayFrost's Wiki

You have taken up a tiresome and thankless job and the world salutes you for it.
They also call me a masochist. ~RayFrost's Wiki Manager

You are a Noble Steed. ~ Faraday