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Awesome Pants

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Awesome Pants is awesomely awesome. He writes his wiki page in third person not only to sound pretentious and wanky, but also to have an extra two persons than the regular person. Person Person Person.

He joined on the 17th of November 2007, but wasn't able to win a game until the 11th of May 2008, losing three games in between, which is probably a testament to his slightly dodgy playing style.


Wiki formating shamelessly stolen from Crub.


Newbie 587

Mini 623 - Science Mafia


Game Thread Role Death Outcome Win?
Newbie 507 Vanilla Nked N1 Scum win No
My first game. Was a bit impaitent. Scum won in a lynch or lose on day 2.
Newbie 516 Goon Lynched d3 Town win No
Mafia goon. Made the mistake of claiming doctor and saying I protected myself which lead to me being lynched D3. Might've won if I hadn't made the mistake of saying I protected myself.
Newbie 529 Vanilla Lynched d2 Scum win No
Scum won with my lynch.
Newbie 577 Vanilla Survived Town win Yes
Vanilla townie, my radar was a bit off for days one and two, but I managed to find the last scum day three, which lead to his lynch and a win for the town. My first win!
Mini 576 - High School Mafia Vanilla Endgamed Scum win No
My first theme game and it was a bit confusing. Managed to stay alive till end game where I voted for our cop, because of the way he'd been playing, and lost us the game in doing.
Mini 570 Godfather Survived Scum win Yes
Town really should have won this one, they had me and my partner pretty much nailed near the end, but we managed to win with a deadline and a lucky dice roll.
Mini 615 - The Eclipse Demon King Survived Scum (cult) win Yes
Pretty cool setup, in order for the cult to win I had to avoid getting lynched and avoid getting hit by the hunter's bullet. I only just managed to do both, and my recruits were the main reason for me getting the win.
Newbie 624 Townie Lynched d2 Scum win No
Replaced in and played pretty badly. Not my finest game. Scum did well.
Newbie 637 Goon Survived Scum win Yes
Didn't have much time so my contribution to the game was somewhat lacking. Won with a bit of luck on our side.
Realistic Mafia Cop Mod error Scum win No
My first large game and the pace was really daunting. Died due to a mod error, but probably would've been lynched anyway.


Mini 621 - Pantsville - SK win


Win Record Wins Total
As Town 1 6
As Scum 2 3
As Cult 1 1
Total 4 10