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Current Mafia games


Completed Mafia games

1. Newbie 1618: The one with the palettes
Role: Town Doctor, killed night 2
Town win
Town: Elania, Yimmy, Iecerint, FlintHeart, Radja, MystoNeko, SithLord84
Mafia: Dierfire, Malakittens
After a mislynch on day 1, I started tunneling Iecerint, but he managed to convince me to lynch Malakittens, who eventually claimed Doctor. I counterclaimed and Mala flipped scum. Then I got killed.

2. Micro 491: Merry Mafia
Role: Town Flying Pumpkin That Shoots Laser Beams Out of its Eyes(lynched day 3): I was able to target a player at night. If he was town, he would be killed. If he was scum, he would survive. I could also "charge" for 1 night, then I would kill scum the next night and town would survive.
Mafia and Lyncher win
Town: Bert, Radja, Salamence20(The Fox), WoodyWoodpecker, ProHawk, Kublai Khan
Mafia: EspeciallyTheLies(Kcdaspot), pisskop
Lyncher: ConManMick
ConManMick started day 1 by quickhammering Khan, the doc. Day 2, Woody was lynched because he wasn't able to confirm himself as town, as that's what he claimed on day 1. Day 3, the lyncher and scum worked together for the easy win.

3. Micro 522: Kids With Guns
Role: Vanilla Town(lynched day 1)
Mafia win
Town: Radja, hi im Yakko, ConManMick, Draynth, Froggaphant, Not_Mafia
Mafia: BBmolla, The Bulge
I tried a silly reaction test, which didn't work. So I was lynched. Oops!

4. Micro 520: Anger Point
Role: Mafia Roleblocker(lynched day 3)
Town win
Town: Gameplay506, Firebringer, Vonflare, Orcknight, Tiershift, guille2015, Vedith
Mafia: Radja(PimHel), Prolasped Brain
Replaced in and we went pretty good at the start. But a tracker and watcher spotted both of us.

5. Mini 1706: Pula Mafia
Role: Vanilla Town(killed night 2)
Serial Killer win
Town: superbowl9, Malakittens, Radja, Firebringer(elusive), Bellaphant, shaddowez, Lalendra, GrayFoxxxx, Atum
Mafia: St Constantine the Hermit(Banakai), Scorpious, catboi
Serial Killer: Maxous
Very much a broken setup. Not much to comment other than that.

6. NY 186: Mafia in Japan
Role: Vanilla Town(killed night 3)
Mafia win
Town: Klingoncelt, St Constantine the Hermit(Jazzmyn), GrayFoxxxx, Boonskiies, Espeonage(Shiro), Salamence20(waxing and wanding), Radja, DrippingGoofball(Quaroath), Dessew(SithLord84), Nero Cain, Kaboose, ika, Vedith(Xtoxm)(Pmysterious), MarioManiac4(evilpacman18)
Mafia: Tere(Mainez), OhGodMyLife(pisskop), Kitty Galore(WoodyWoodpecker), I Am Innocent
Serial Killer: ConManMick
Large game, but a very quiet one. I never got very involved, I think, and was killed after a while.

7. Mini Normal 1692: A crack in time?
Role: Odd-Night Mafia Rolestopper(killed night 3)
Mafia win
Town: Boonskiies, Slandaar, Zoronos, Pirate Mollie(zakk), RadiantCowbells(Diego1487)(ChaosOmega), Thor665(PointYBagelS), Loranthaceae(NakedJogger)(elusive), BlueMoonRising, Ricastle, ZZZX(WoodyWoodpecker)
Mafia: Klingoncelt, OhGodMyLife, Radja
First Mafia win! I played pretty well in the first few days. But I got a bit sloppy near the end and got lynched. We still won in the end! Woohoo!

8. Micro 526 - Greater Idea
Role: Weak Jailkeeper(killed night 1)
Werewolf win
Town: Radja, Draynth, ConManMick, Guyett, hiplop, Aptil(PointYBagelS), Loranthaceae(NakedJogger)(elusive), BlueMoonRising, Ricastle, ZZZX(WoodyWoodpecker)
Werewolf: Salamence20, EverydayMuffin, IceGuy
I honestly can hardly remember playing this.

9. FF7 Mafia
Role: Tseng, Town non-consecutive-target Doctor(lynched day 7)
Meteor Mafia win
Town: Titus, Flubbernugget, Feysal, singersigner, Scorpious, TheIrishPope, Bulbazak, Varsoon, Saint, Jaqen Hghar, mastin2, Xtoxm, Radja, The Antagonist, Seiko x Naomi, Cerberus v666
Meteor Mafia: Cephrir, pirate mollie, hiplop
Shinra Mafia: free stool sample, ZZZX, Kaboose, ProHawk
Didn't play very well here... I got lynched as the doctor...

10. Mini 1715 - Z -
Role: Town Cop(suvived)
Town Win
Town: Nachomamma8, Gimlear(Frogger), gummmybear, Bellaphant, Garmr, Radja, eventi, Thor665, pistachi0n, davesaz
Mafia: Ciara24, KarmicGuide, Silverwolf(WoodyWoodpecker)
Even though the setup was very townsided, we got a perfect win here. This game was very fun!

11. Newbie 1647: Republican Primary
Role: Town Cop(killed night 2)
Mafia Win
Town: Zoan, Tetaes, Radja, Sharky5x, Saphira 7, Neko, eventi
Mafia: MarioManiac4, notscience
My reads were pretty accurate here, unfortunately, I didn't live long enough to guide the others.

Modded games

1. Mini 1709: Radjarok
Mafia win
Town: Accountant, Haschel Cedricson, Klingoncelt, texcat, Wanderer-nl(VeeGee), stoz, Salamence20(St Constantine the Hermit)(Trivium), Not_Mafia(vijay2vasandani), havingfitz, Titus(Dessew)
Mafia: gob, Dierfire(SamX), Hopkirk

2. Mini 1735: Radjarok 2
Mafia win
Town: Klingoncelt, TheCow, Frozen Angel, KarmicGuide, EspeciallyTheLies(ceasor), Ricastle, Dierfire(Smudger), pisskop, RadiantCowbells
Mafia: Blockyman, pignash

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