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"Andrius was a player who had excellent charisma in getting players to work together because he made you feel like a supersquad townblock sent to slaughter all the bad people, and he made you feel like you were a part of it."
- Nachomamma8


Andrius Kairys Walker, (aka Andy) discovered the game mafia whilst perusing, looking for the official scoring guide for the card game Bang!. He then found a link to a game simply called 'Mafia', where he was linked to this here site.

Andrius is a qualified IC player.
Andrius was awarded the title of The Baker in late 2010.


Plum, Andrius, and the players of The Lord of the Rings Mafia shared the 2010 Scummy for 'Most Enjoyable Game'.
Andrius won the Scummy for 'Most Improved Player' in the 2011 Scummies.
Andrius was a player in the 'Most Enjoyable Game', in the 2013 Scummies.
Andrius won the Paperback Writer Scummy for Best Flavor Text for DEFCON 4.0 in the 2016 Scummies.

The Baker

The Breadcrumb Bakery.png

"For the record, those are not breadcrumbs. They are bread loaves, possibly even bakeries." - bv310

"I'm not sure to what heresy you worship, but in the Holy Church of Breadcrumbers there is no towncrumb and scumcrumb. All breadcrumbs are created equal under the eyes of the law, and only the motivations behind their creation are town or scummy." - Andrius

Andy's bread loaves.png

The Deplorables

In The Thing Mafia, a group arose to stand against tyranny and oppression. They were stalwarts of justice and liberty, standing against KING SPIFFEH and his evil ways of murdering all those he deemed beneath him. The Deplorables rose to combat him. Every single one of them perished in the fight, but they ultimately prevailed in allowing MagnaofIllusion to win the game for THE THINGS. If the reader must read any part of this game, Pages 229 until my lynch are the pages to read.

Killed in Action:
Untrod Tripod, Lynched Day Ten
Andrius, Lynched Day Five
SpyreX, Lynched Day Seven
Firebringer, Lynched Day Six


Mafia Games Played

Games in which I played as a hydra (Calcifer, namely) are unlisted here as those are hydra efforts. This list is not comprehensive.

Newbie Games

Newbie 917, Vanilla Townie, Town, Loss
Newbie 924, Vanilla Townie, Town, Victory
Newbie 930, Vanilla Townie, Town, Loss
Newbie 938, Mafia Roleblocker, Mafia, Loss
Newbie 981, Town Cop, Town, Loss
Newbie 1016, Mafia Goon, Mafia, Victory
Newbie 1065*, Vanilla Townie, Town, Victory
Newbie 1174, Mafia RoleCop, Mafia, Loss
Newbie 1285, Vanilla Townie, Town, Victory

  • Cheaters were busted in Newbie 1065. Mafia were awarded honorary win as well because of cheating.

Open Games

Open: 239, Mafia Roleblocker, Mafia, Loss
Follow the Cop... Or Not, Vanilla Townie, Town, Victory

Mini Normal Games

Mini Normal 951: Prison Mafia, Vanilla Townie, Town, Mod Abandoned

Mini Theme Games

Mini Theme 943: Greek Mythology, Hades (Grave Digger), Mafia, Victory
Mini Theme 965: Infection Mafia, Mafia Goon, Mafia, Victory
Mini Theme 974: Thrillville Mafia, Mafia Godfather Executioner, Mafia, Draw
Mini Theme 980: Trader Mafia Mafia A Doctor Godfather, Mafia A, Loss
Mini Theme 991: POWERFUL WIZARD MAFIA, Mafia Diviner, Mafia, Victory
Mini Theme 1004: Popularity Mafia, The Emo Kid (Vanilla Townie), Town, Loss
Mini Theme 1048: Donkey Kong Mafia, Funky Kong (Vanilla Townie), Town, Loss
Mini Theme 1022: PokeUPick, Eevee (Vanilla Townie), Town, Loss
Mini Theme 1103: Frenzy Mafia, Restless Spirit, Town, Victory
Mini Theme 1127: Cult v. Masons, Mason Recruiter, Town, Victory
Mini Theme 1473: Super Smash Bros Mafia, Luigi (2-shot Ability Cop), Town, Loss
Outwitted Mafia, Doctor, Town, Loss
Fire Emblem Xenologue, Alvis, Mafia, Victory
Persona 3 FES Mafia, Akihiko, VT, Town, Loss
Curse of the Werewolves, Food Priest, Town, Victory
D&D Mafia: The Curse of Strahd, Paladin (2shot Cop, Honorable Vig), Town, Victory
Witch Trials Mafia, Innocent Child, Town, Loss

Large Theme Games

Large Theme: Go Play in Traffic, roundabout (Vanilla Townie), Town, Loss
Large Theme: Werewolf: Wisborg Asylum, Physician, Town, Victory
Large Theme: Harry Potter Mafia, Sirius Black (Mason), Town, Loss
Large Theme: Quirkytown, Mason, Town, Victory
Large Theme: Choose Your Own Side: A Comedy of Whims, Death Note User (Miller Vigilante), Town-turned Cult, Cult Victory
Large Theme: Succession Mafia, Umberto the Enforcer (Cop), Town, Loss
Large Theme: Pick Your Power 4, Vanilla Townie, Town, Victory
Large Theme: Blackest Night Mafia, Saint Walker (Town-only Motivator), Town-turned Cult, Cult Victory
Large Theme: Stars Aligned III, Cultist, Mafia, Loss
Large Theme: In The Court of The Gods, Vigilante, Town, Victory
Mafia of the Chosen Ones, Town Neighborizer, Town, Joint Victory
Large Theme: A Storm of Swords, Mason, Town, Loss
Large Theme: Choose Your Side: A Monument of Sins, Boromir (Bodyguard), Town, Loss
Succession Mafia II, Vanilla Townie, Town, Loss
Strategy Mafia, Mafia Tunnel Digger, Mafia, Loss
Children of Hurin Mafia, Huor (Goon), Mafia, Loss
Brightest Day Mafia, Mafia Roleblocker, Mafia, Loss
A Dance with Dragons, Follower, Town, Loss
Imperial Intrigue, Bulletproof Townie, Town, Loss
War in Heaven III, Mafia Angel, Mafia, Abandoned
League of Legends Mafia, Jarvan IV, Town, Loss
Xenoblade Mafia, Shulk (JOAT), Town, Loss
Xenogears Mafia, Hammerer, Town, Victory
Spring Waltz, Town Gentleman, Town, Loss
Pathfinder Mafia, Miller 1shot Vig, Town, Victory
The Thing Mafia, Sam Carter, Thing Jailkeeper, Mafia, Victory
Laundry Mafia, Errantparabola, Vanilla Townie, Town, Loss

Top Seven Games

Greek Mythology

  • Despite almost being entirely slaughtered, we pulled victory out through luck and quick thinking from Jack and I. Wonderful 2010 playerlist.

Blackest Night Mafia

  • My performance here won me a Scummy for Most Improved Player. Rallied the town to a all-but-guaranteed victory, only to be culted and pull a different victory from the jaws of victory.

A Storm of Swords

  • Cassandra Victory. Called all the scum, died. The cow snuck by to steal the win.

Xenoblade Mafia

  • Won Scummy for Most Enjoyable Game. Read it.

Xenogears Mafia

  • After a hectic D1 in which I won a long-fought battle to lynch scum instead of me, we finally organized the town to pull off a win, but not after nail-biting action which involved self-lynching me.

Pathfinder Mafia

  • I replaced in and pushed through three mafia lynches in a row. Town cleaned up the last one after my death.

The Thing Mafia

  • The most fun I've had in a long time as scum. We came back from two buddies down in two days to win the game, all while forming The Deplorables, creating gifs/art/poetry/fanfiction and a wonderful game experience.

Mafia Games Moderated

Primary/Solo Mod

Open 251: Hobbit-Sized Medical Mafia - Town Victory
Mini 1070: The Godfather Mafia: The Hunt for Sollozzo Mafia Victory
Large Theme: Resurgence Mafia - Mafia Victory
Mini 1119: The Might of Mordor - Mafia Victory
Large Theme: The Battle for Olympus - Town and Modified-Lyncher Victory
Mini 1253: They're Taking the Hobbits to Isengard Mafia - Mafia and Lyncher Victory
Large Theme: Encore Mafia: Moderator Mayhem - Mafia Victory
Large Theme:The Red Wedding - Mafia Victory
Large Theme: Butcher, Baker, Pastry-Maker Mafia - Serial Killer Victory
Large Theme: DEFCON MAFIA 4.0 - Russian Victory --- Won 'Paperback Writer' in the 2016 Scummies


Large Theme: Super Smash Bros. Mafia! - Town Victory
Large Theme: Lord of the Rings Mafia - Town and Gollum Joint Victory --- Won 'Most Enjoyable Game' in the 2010 Scummies

Memorable Quotes

Fluminator, MattP, and Narninian were all in a tent playing cards. It was a night after a long day of fighting, but the captain Andrius led the troops to take a fair amount of ground from the unholy warriors. "What a guy!" Matt muttered as he rested his feet on the table. Narninian who was a very intense monk just stared at his cards and nodded. Suddenly, a clash was heard outside the tent with some grunts and yelling. "What was that?" Fluminator wondered. Very slowly the door opened and Andrius came through covered in blood with a very solemn expression. All three gasped a dramatic gasp. Andrius already looked dead in the eyes but he stayed standing. "Two of my friends. Varsoon and D3X. People I grew up with." Matt and Flum quickly rushed to help support their captain. Andrius kept talking, "They were traitors. They were just spies. They tried to kill me." Looking at his knives and the metal being stained red, it was clear what they had pushed through. "Did you get them? Where are they?" Narn shouted from the table. Andrius raised his knife, "They are spies no more." With that he collapsed in Matt's and Flum's arms and his soul passed on. "What a guy!" Matt muttered as he rested Andrius against the table. "Killing two of the spies. We shall remember this and win this war for you." Suddenly, Andrius came back to earth for one last moment, "By the way, I killed our inquisitor for slacking off. I DON'T TOLERATE LAZINESS." Andrius slumped back down in his chair. His soul passing on again.

  • iamausername: "Organised voting is all well and good, but sometimes, you just have to take a baseball bat to a guy's head."
  • Cybele: "This is what happens when you stick a bunch of preteens on the set of Speed. Disaster. Everybody tried at least once to jump out of a speeding vehicle, no one tried to apply the brakes."
  • Varsoon: "Andy is equal parts insane and endearing."
  • Varsoon:"So, we were doing pretty fine for ourselves as scum here. I decided to commit to an awkward hyper-bussing strategy that had a good deal of town fooled and we were projected to swoosh this game into a victory. Andrius then replaces in and does this whole 'RALLY THE TROOPS' schtick, sees right through me despite stringing me along with it, and then proceeds to turbo-lynch the scum team one after another after another. I'm not saying town wouldn't have won without him, but the way he came into the game and just drove that game to town victory was really compelling. I played one of the most hardcore games of scum theater with Jaqen in this one, and while it managed to get him through a few more days, it just wasn't enough to trump town's power and the headway they got from Andrius' crusade."
  • Andrius: "tl;dr we need to not focus on the asshats who aren't playing and the badpeople we know are town and actually look for the scum because chances are if we can improve posting quality and posting numbers and decrease the number of asshats and drunks we might actually have a good game"