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The legendary Daniel S. Anix, also known as Commander 11th Hour, also known as St. Daniel the Chaste: Patron Saint of Eccentrics and Voluntary Virgins, also known as the Mithbuster, also known as God.

Why God has an AniX complex

- Daniel Anix invented the Mafia variation Upick, which has quickly dominated the chat mafia community and has even spread over to forum mafia.

- Daniel Anix invented the role of Mailman back in his early 2000's chat mafia games. Like everything he churns out on a whim, it quickly was accepted as a standard part of the game.

- Daniel Anix is an asexual. If you didn't already know this, you haven't talked to him for more than 5 minutes.

- Daniel Anix was the first one to buck the GTKAS queue, making him the origin of one of the more pervasive fads on Mafiascum.

- Daniel Anix is known by the alias "Commander(Previously Mr.) 11th Hour" due to his uncanny ability to lurk throughout an entire game and then, at the final moments before his side is going to lose, appear out of nowhere and break the game open. The lurk time has been handwaved away as everything from laziness to prep time to a restriction to keep the game from ending too early.

- Daniel Anix once single-handily shut down mafiascum on the first "Trademark Day" by effectively spamming the board with 11 threads, each of which was extremely image and text heavy. It has forced mith to come on bent knee each successive year, using the very name of the day to beg Dan Anix to "Not break the site." In Dan AniX's benevolence, he has not.

- On November 11, 2011, Daniel Anix became the administrator of Mafiascum, after a short bloodless coup. The war began at 11:11 am EST and power turn-over fully completed at 11:11 pm EST. Regular service began at 11:12:00 pm EST and continued on since that day.

- Daniel Anix searches for particularly keywords related to himself every few hours. If you wish to summon him to a thread, one must simply say his name and he will appear.

Rumors You Should Know are Incredibly True

- Daniel Anix invented eating, thus single-handily curing starvation.

- According to the 80's, Dan Anix logically has cold hard cash, due to the fact he is always Mr. Right.

- Daniel Anix has refused on multiple occasions to show a picture of himself, for fear of having a worldwide lust overload as everyone on the internet orgasms at the same time.

- Daniel Anix is also known as "The Boss", after defeating Bruce Springsteen in a card game with the title as ante, when Springsteen was taken by suprise by a late game evolution into a Charizard. He now is routinely followed around by Tony Danza, who Anix repeatedly asks "Whose the Boss?", to which Danza must respond "You are."

- Daniel Anix had his beginning in Scumchat(circa 2003) running Seinfeld mafia. It single-handily multiplied viewing of Seinfeld by a factor of 11.

- Through his intense detective work, Daniel Anix figured out the same guy who shot the deputy, trying to frame Bob Marley for it, was also the guy who let the dogs out. This person: Cowboy Curtis from Pee-Wee's Playhouse.

- Daniel Anix was declared a prophet and was put on the fast track to becoming the Pope of all religions based on the following evidence: