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Battle Mage

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Haylen loves you.

We're not sure why. Just be grateful she does.

Black mage.jpg

Yo, I'm Battle Mage, often referred to as 'BM'. I've been playing mafia for nearly a year now, but I've only been a member of the MafiaScum Community since January 07. Since then, i have played over 60 games on site. Originally i was much criticised for a playstyle that 'always looked scummy', but now i think I've fixed that. I'm one of the most active people on site, and i think i have the 2nd highest post rate of all members, which is pretty cool. I've played a large variety of games, and I've played with lots of cool people (and a few idiots). I think I'm getting better-I'm starting to develop good instincts for catching scum. I'm not afraid to say what i think, even if everyone else disagrees with me. Sometimes, however hard it is to believe, i might actually be RIGHT. lol My worst points are probably my play as pro-town protection roles, as i have a knack of making bad night choices. It's not the kill prevention i have difficulty with, it's working out which person most needs protection. My best point is probably my play as scum. People inexplicably find it really hard to read me, and as such, i tend to do significantly better as scum than i do as town. That might change soon though, as people are starting to get to grips with the fact that my playstyle is pretty unique. However, my favourite thing atm is MODDING. I really enjoy it, because i actually feel i am pretty good at it. I managed to fix up Stargate SG-1 with a huge number of replacements, and my own large theme-BM's Mystery Mafia, is going really well. Up 'till now, I've modded 2 mini themes, 1 of which is up for nomination for a scummy award. :)

3 players I'd least like as opponents

3 players I never want to play a game with again

3 best moderators

More 'top 3's' coming soon...

Also, newly featuring, the Battle Mage 'Naughty List'. Players on this list will not be welcome in Battle Mage moderated games, and will be persecuted wherever possible. Anybody facing any difficulties with these nasties should message myself and Mith, and they will be 'dealt with'. :P

Naughty List Jdodge Brutal Assassin Jathan (Shadowlurker) Sir Tornado

Meanwhile, take care, BM

User Proposed Avatars

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