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Finished Games
Game Start Role Alignment Result Notes
Newbie 607 07/29/08 Vanilla Town Abandoned This one was a..debacle. If Gimbo hadn't ruined it, town would have lost for sure. For a first game, this one really was irksome. It definitely set the tone for my absolute hatred of meta - especially as a defense. PEG earned the lynch - I dont feel bad about that. The rest of it was bickering between town and, as is obvious in rereading, lost sight of even looking for scum. Not a great start.
Newbie 723 12/26/08 Vanilla Town Loss I got outplayed. Plain and simple. KKB really played a solid game and earned the win - there was only one piece of evidence really against him. The town played abysmally this game and its a little sad how bad it truly was in the reread.
SSW III 07/24/08 She-Wolf Town Win I was hyper aggressive but it payed off in spades - my first list of real suspects nailed 2/3 scum with good reason. But it all REALLY fell into place when we shifted to Jebus. The speed of those last two days makes me laugh in rereading. Most of the town played a great game and we were really good at eliminating those that weren't.
Monty Pythons Mafia Circus 07/01/08 French Taunter Town Win A great game. Babies first power role. We got some mad help from DBE claiming in the great debacle D1. My night pull ended up being awesome and the docs freaking ruled. I did hit the Sk and if they had saw my breadcrumb I think it would have been even easier. A lot of fun.
Xyl's Relative Chaos 11/01/08 Secret Agent Scum Loss I may have lost, but my god was it a win. I got killed by the other scum group for being too town. Yea, thats right. If I'm going to lose, I'd love it to be this way. My role was sweeet too.
Lynch All Lurkers 04/15/09 Vanilla Town Win I replaced in, said my piece (and was fairly decently right about it) and then was NK'd. Fun while it lasted. A very interesting dynamic with the lurker-scum vibes and the push against it.
Mallrats 07/22/08 Vanilla Scum Abandoned It was fun while it lasted. I wish it wasn't abandoned. I think at the point we were at no one would have tagged ALL of us and if anything I was the sacrificial lamb.
Kirby Mafia 09/09/08 Vanilla Town Win I replaced in to a game so covered in apathy it shouldn't have been won. Yet, we managed to pull it out. Go go lylo!
Grimmmafia 10/15/08 Rumpelstiltskin (Vig) Town Win This was one of my favorite games. My self-inflicted post restriction really made it a hoot. I am still floored that the scum never even tried to kill me even after I started picking them off. Good times.
Serum & Steel 11/01/08 Krark-Clan Shaman (Metallurgist) Town Win Blah. Blah on this game. Its a win, but.. I really didn't like the setup nor the rule changes as it went on. Not my favorite.
Prozacmod 2 11/14/08 Vanilla Town Win I couldn't ever get into this game. I kind of liked the dynamic of the rooms at night, however the abysmally long nights killed a lot of it for me. I was glad to die.
Killing Verse 02/02/09 Vanilla Town Loss The post restrictions were hard on the town. Real hard. Couple that with scum roles that invalidate the town... blah. Interesting, but I wouldn't say balanced well.
Street Fighter 4 03/13/09 Vega (Traitor) Scum Loss Porkens stole the show this one. Faking a guilty (and being right) really screwed us up. I pat myself on the back for living another day WITH A COP RESULT on me. The powers of Empking I guess
Polygamist Mafia 07/05/08 Lover (Adel) Town Win I know, somehow, I was instrumental to the town actually pulling this out. However, I'm still not sure what I did. The mess around the hammer hurt my head - how do you not lynch someone who says they are scum? However, my partner was liquid awesome. A lot of fun all the way through. I think, if I ever do a Poly, I am going to push AGAINST the massclaim early even harder.
Tranquility 09/14/08 Vanilla Town Loss This game should be better known as "How to not play as Masons." I am still irritated watching what SHOULD have been an easy town win. But, alas.
Mini 701 11/01/08 Cop Town Loss This game is the poster child for balance. 10 players... 4 scum? Really? We had one mislynch and still lost. I still am proud of my play, but.
Capitol of the World! 11/29/08 One-Shot Vig Town Win Note to scum: Don't implode day 1 over a joke-case. It leads to a scum loss. This game was a hoot, from the getgo.
Mafia Jailbreak 01/31/09 Vanilla Town Win Nothing like playing balls out in endgame for an assured win. I can imagine the scum irritation when Bio and I said "welp, if you're scum you win." Fun, fun stuff.
Normalcy 03/09/09 Vanilla Town Loss I wish I could have lived longer. Ohh the joys of getting lynched I suppose. :P Interesting setup and some good play by scum. Fun to read along with.
Return of the Mafia! 01/22/08 Vanilla Town Win Notice that this game started BEFORE I JOINED THE SITE. Good gravy. I did some megaposting and nailed some scum (and was abysmally wrong about some too). Fun to look at in retrospect.
SSW II 07/03/08 Werewolf Town Win I love swift games. I like the pace so much better and my experience has been really good with it.

I think I played well in this game. Especially towards the end. BM made a huge mistake in going after OGML - aside from that he played a damn good game. OMGL gets the mad props for pushing so hard on the recruiter day one which, in turn, made him explode into goo. Fun times.

Near Vanilla 03/02/09 Vanilla Town Win Camn is tech. Seriously. Her replacing in swung that game around so hard it was still spinning. A fun reread.
Doubleday Mafia 06/19/08 Vanilla Town Loss I only am angry that two lurker scum won this. LF played an amazing scum game. The town... well, not the best showing. I need to learn to give and take a bit more - I was way too bull-headed.
Streets of Verona 05/29/08 Vanilla Town Win I got double killed Night 1. After pushing DJ's MOON MATH. Apparently that made me the greatest threat ever.
WWF Mafia 07/09/09 Vanilla Town Loss Awesome post restrictions. Awesome flavor. Goofy town. :P
A Roccisi Summer 05/14/09 Vanilla Town Win An extremely fun game (even if I was lord of wrong) and well modded and balanced. I still hate neighborhoods SO much though.
Lovers Mafia 07/24/09 Lover Scum Win My first scum win! I was really, really nervous when Haylen self-voted and had to spin some serious tales for damage control - I think if I hadn't done that I would have been busted right out.
Wheel of Time Mafia 04/17/09 Male Who Can Channel / Vanilla Chaos / Town Loss Teach me to roll with the town - I would have won faster than lightning if I had stayed chaos. I loved the setup sans the "lying" mechanic which (no fault to Kinetic) I think just can't be done well in a mafia game. Its far too subjective.
Apennine Mafia 07/07/09 Vanilla Scum Win Flawless win after 120 pages. All in all lurkers + spew dominated this game and made it fairly easy - up until I L-1'd my partner to break that wagon which ended up in one of the most pro-town players hammering themselves (instead of me). Good game, overall.
Bleach Mafia 07/22/09 Inoue Orihme Scum Win Flawless win in a fast setup. The balance was off - this was a really, really swingy game (we won D3 start because we had 3 kills d2). A good idea but the mod hiatus + the amount of kills made it blase.
Twilight Mafia 06/19/09 Charlie (Cop) Town Loss Stupid, stupid scum NKing me D1. I had hit a scum that night and had the others wrapped up. I guess I took too hard a role at the start and that backfired. Scum played solid after that point.
/in-Vitational Game 5 08/08/09 Vanilla Town Loss Apathy kills towns. Not a whole lot more to say than that. Scum played solid, but we ultimately shot ourselves in the foot.
Less Flavor than English Food 09/01/09 Godfather Scum Win This one was a fun game. I came out guns a blazin' to try and force a cop investigation... to find out there was no cop. Benmage took on the role of town-destroyer and it was amazing to watch it always come back to him. Decent play by scum, but mostly town killed themselves here.
Murder in Emerald City 06/10/09 Vanilla Town Loss This was a fun game to replace into. I liked my performance. KK was inspired. Xyl played an amazing game. Kinda sucks losing by lynching scum but eh.
Newbie 840 09/08/09 Vanilla Town Loss I liked Net's move trying to drag me down with him. The joys of newbie games - seriously.
MtG: Parallel Universe Mafia 08/06/09 Vanilla Town Loss The modkill rules were blah. Cults are double blah. Cults that get to fake being a cop are triple blah. Definitely not my favorite from a game perspective although I love my play during it.
Fast and the Furious Mafia 09/03/09 One Shot BP Town Win Hells to the yea. I ran this game. This may be one of my finer overall games. Even the mislynch I don't feel bad about. Good stuff.
Battle Mafia 08/22/09 Bookie Scum Loss This game was a hoot. Yea, maybe I had about the worst claim ever but what are you gonna do. Benmage played an amazing game and almost pulled it out. Stupid getting lynched because a paranoid cop who flipped paranoid called you scum. :P
Border of Touhou and Mafia 09/27/09 Roleblocker Town Win I'm sad I got killed. :( This was a fun game. Xyl, again, played amazing. KMD, again, played amazing. I liked it and the flavor was well done. Vi's an excellent mod.
Polygamist Mafia 11/10/09 Lover Scum Win Ehh. Not much to say here. Modkill + Crazy Townie = Easy Scum Win.
Plainview 10/29/09 Vanilla Town Loss Kudos to Zito for that inspired wagon shift. That threw everything off and I think resulted in the win.
Caught in the Crossfire 11/12/09 Secret Miller Town Loss I didn't play well. Overall this is one of those games I look at and just shake my head at how wrong I was. Pops played immaculately. When lylo is two town wagons you know its awesome time.
Dark Goma Mafia 09/17/09 Inventor Town Draw This game was a lot of fun. I was absolutely hoodwinked by the SK and the mafia claiming partial docs and fortifying each others claims. We had a few totally sad plays and my aggressiveness pushed through some not-perfect lynches but.
Nouns Mafia 11/05/09 Doublevoter / ? Town Loss How does a doc not claim before they get lynched? How is this a good idea?
The Sopranos: A Deadly Game 07/02/09 Ambitious Townie Town Loss Bleh. The mod was awol, the game was awol. This is one of those that really makes you sigh because it COULD have been good but apparently no on involved wanted it to be.
Picking Simplicity 10/13/09 Vanilla Scum Win So many replacements helped the cause quite a bit. I'm still not sure how I didn't get power lynched for my mid-game shenanigans trying to derail a crumbed result. At least the town quicklynched town in lylo!
Super UPick 11/02/09 Cult Leader Neighbor Cult Abandoned Psh. I'm not doing UPicks like this ever again.
Flash Mafia 11/25/09 Vanilla Town Loss I wish I knew why I was off this game (and I think this was the start of that trend) - I KNEW MBF needed to go but I couldn't get any bite. If, IF, I could have swung that when I wanted it would have all fell into place and been a landslide town win.
Newbie 883 12/24/10 Vanilla Town Win ICEninja played a great game. Otherwise, pretty standard for a newbie.
SWN II: Curse of the Nekomata 01/23/10 Post-Restricted Vanilla Town Win This is one of the most fun games I've played. Additionally, overall it is one of my best games - but, without question, Day 3 was the best mafia I played. Really I should have just stopped after this one. :P
Morning People Mafia 02/21/10 Vanilla Town Loss I need to remember that "not second guessing myself" != "vote immediately at lylo". Also "reading flavor" can help games. Good game...until the end. :(
ZOMBIES! 02/22/10 Vanilla -> Zombie Town -> Scum Win I hate cults. Hate them. Overall the town played poorly (lynching pie MAY be one of the worst days of mafia I've seen) and I fought tooth and nail to get where we were get bit and have to 180 and do it again. So, a satisfying win but still blahh.
Lay of Leithian Mafia 04/1/10 Thingol (Jailkeeper) Town Win <3 Plum. This game was fun. Start to finish. I felt like despite being terrible at start my kick-in lategame and my prescient jailing helped combat that.
A Glitch in Time 02/17/10 Tracker Scum Loss Town Godfather. That's all I have to say. My gambit SHOULD have worked and the fact it didn't speaks volumes about the shenanigai there. Ffff
Mini 932 03/03/10 Macho Doctor Town Win Hoopla played a great scum game. It just was a function of having too many good towns left. A fun game at start but man, ohh man did it drag on as it went.
Werewolf: Wisborg Asylum 05/08/10 Vanilla Scum Loss I hate cults. I hated the super cop mechanic. A lot of good things, sure, but those two really make my teeth itch together.
Mini 944 03/19/10 CPR Doctor Town Loss Insane cop? Me being unable to vig properly? Mod in lala land? Bleh.
Ridiculous Drama! 03/21/10 Vanilla Town Win DTM played a solid game and had me bamboozled. However, the vig takin care of business there AND me being left alive long enough to parse the game out at endpoint really, really helped. I was wrong, wrong early but I sure fixed that at the end.
Mafia War 05/05/10 Roleblocker Scum Win Replaced into a stagnant game. Lynched one scum, killed the other scum that night and the proceeded to wrap it up by lynching a pretty obvious town the next day - all without the help of a partner. All in all, not bad.
Stew Bastard Marathon 08/11/10 Onions (Odd-Night Commuter) Town Win Fun little marathon game.
Harry Potter Mafia 05/25/10 Remus Lupin (Vigilante) Town Loss Ehh. Mod flaking, flavor madness and scum being soo coy they could run it. Props, but still.
Cross Edge Bastard 07/07/10 Raze (Fantasy Calm Echo) Town Win I'm not going to lie - I had no idea what was going on this game. I just wanted to kill someone soo bad but noo. Also the endgame business was really, really strange.
Mafia vs Werewolves 05/17/10 Confirmed Mason Town Loss 15 replacements. A few good town players but just such a wall of nothings to lynch from it was inevitable.
Scummies Invitational 07/27/10 Vanilla Town Win I think I played well in a game with a good group of players. Man, ohh man, the idea of not being able to get ANY lynches in a multi-lynch setup I can't even begin.
Mini 985 06/09/10 Roleblocker Mafia Loss This debacle. A bad setup riddled with small and large errors throughout. Bleck.
Mini 994: Elliland 06/19/10 Weak Cop Town Loss Elli will always be on my list of bad naughty folk for this game. Weak Cop AND A GODFATHER WHY PUNISH ME I WAS DOING SO WELL :CRY:.
Quirkytown 07/23/10 Vanilla Town Win Ohh modkills. Andrius played well. A win.
Of Gods and Men 05/20/10 Delight Town Win An involved and fun game but I died N1 and I'll admit I didn't keep up :P.
Fast & Furious Mafia 09/04/09 Truck Driver (1-Shot Action-Immune Town Win A fun game, even if it got a bit heated. DJ played...differently but it sure did turn out ok.
Mafia Reverbation 01/24/10 Dark Eminence Town Win This was an awesome game and how I got my title of POWERFUL WIZARD - sometimes you are town because you're awesome. Sometimes you are town because you've got brain damage. Only once in a blue moon can one be town for both at the same time.
Alabama Reveration 02/17/10 Bucephelus Charlton (Vanilla) Town Loss This may be the worst I've played. Ever. Ever ever. The setup didn't help but all me.
The Fountainhead (Wiki) 03/03/10 Mrs. Keating (Vanilla) Town Loss Millers! GOD. A fun game though.
Victorian Vampire 03/30/10 Godfather Scum Win Not sure how I pulled this off, but I keep my track record of being scum and getting scum lynched D1 - even if they're on my team and I don't know it.
Scummers Mafia 05/05/10 Miller Town Loss Bad, bad town. Bad town. I can't stress this enoguh.
Supernatural Mafia 07/04/10 Pamela Barnes Town->Cult Loss OHH HAY CULT. NO.
Trader Mafia 05/31/10 Vanilla Town Win I definitely wasn't in this game long enough to have a real impact OR feelings on it. I liked the idea though.
SWN III 09/09/10 Doctor Town Abandoned ~
It Got Worse 06/02/10 Jailkeeper Scum Loss I don't do well in crazy setups and I should learn to stay away from them. :P
The Brave and the Beautiful 07/02/10 Cortana (Hacker AI) Town Win This role was awesome and I'm sad I died because I was trying to be saved. Boo.
Cereal Killers 08/19/10 One-Shot Roleblocker Scum Win Lynching charter D1 was the beginning of the end. It all went downhill from there and I was glad to help push it that way.
/Invitational 11: Pick Your Poison 5 07/28/10 Janitor Scum Win Ohh this game. I can't believe I pulled it out. Thank you fate <3.
Castlevania Mafia 08/26/10 Alucard (One-Shot Vig Miller) Town Loss Fake cop claim leading to the Apocalypse. Thanks.
DEFCON Mafia 08/27/10 Espionage Town Loss Stupid pussyfooting town. Amazing game though.
Objection 08/12/10 ? Town Abandoned ~
Spontaneous Bastard Mafia 09/01/10 Mal (Jester Limited Serial Killer Cult Recruiter) Neutral Win I never read the thread. I picked someone, said he was scum and got him lynched HOPING to get myself lynched. Well, he was scum so thats good I guess?
Paradise Mafia 08/23/10 Jailkeeper Town Loss Outplayed by scum. Plain and simple. Good game.
The Vanillaside 07/26/10 Vanilla Town Loss RC played a solid scum game. The town, however, did not.
Magician's Mafia 09/14/10 Vanilla Town Loss ~
Hide and Seek Mafia 09/10/10 ? Town Loss ~
Battle of Alcatraz 10/13/10 Prisoner (Vanilla) Town Win ~

General Mafia Thoughts

1.) Meta - Meta is, as its normally used, retarded. Meta can not and should not be a defense for scummy playstyles - why encourage it? Instead, kill them without remorse until they shape up. Meta can, and isn't, used as 'icing' on a case - if you see a set of scummy actions, and due to playing with them or other play see the same set of results - say so. Otherwise, drop it. I hate having meta arguments every damn game.

2.) Hammertime - Early game there is a REAL issue with the hammer. It holds way too much sway; its just a vote, ffs. Players shouldn't be instantly condemned for doing it nor should, if it hits scum, they be proclaimed heroes. Wagons take every player.

3.) Bandwagons to Claim - It drives me nuts in early game when bandwagons get pushed until a claim...and then die. To be replaced by another. To do the same thing. Seriously, why not just massclaim. This drives me nuts and I'm starting to see a definite scum push-pull in this mess.

4.) WIFOM - STOP IT. Not using it, calling it on everything. There's a rhyme and a reason and nothing at all wrong with scum conjecture when it is designed to apply to what has happened, not the circular logic pattern that IS WIFOM. Pull it together, ffs.