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Magnaofillusion joined MafiaScum.Net in February of 2010 after having played Forums based Mafia at another site for several years.

I'm a father and work as a CPA.

My Mafia Beliefs -

I believe that in a Forums based Mafia setting more information is almost always better than less. I thus believe that 95% of complaints about 'Walls' derive from laziness as opposed to honest worries about thread clutter.

I don't believe in Town-tells. Doing any specific action in and of itself does not have any alignment bearing. The game-state and the person taking the action must be assessed as well to determine if the action had solid Town motivations that are much stronger than scum motivations.

More to come ...

Interesting Facts Section -

MagnaofIllusion has never replaced out of a game and has replaced into 9 games.

Winner of the 2010 "Rookie of the Year" Scummie for Outstanding New Player.

Player in Lord of the Rings Mafia - the Winner of the 2010 "Most Enjoyable Game" award.


If you feel like commenting feel free to drop it in this section!

Andrius says Hi, and that MoI's awesome for saving his butt with a Deus Ex Machina meta in Prison Mafia. You Rock!

animorpherv1 HI! MoI, You are a better mafia player than I thought you were. Teach some of these awful Newbies a lesson pl0x.

Super Smash Bros. Fan Loved being in a hydra with you in The Lord of The Ring Mafia. I've learned quite a few things about hydra from there.

SaintKerrigan Love modding you, MoI. On that note, you might want to keep your eyes open... ;)

Pidgey So much quality in this player, I always hope he is in my team