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Metal Sonic

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Welcome to Metal Sonic's wiki page of pain. [Last Updated 25 October 2015]

Metal Sonic won Best Town Performance from Scummies 2013 for town win in Perpetual Mylo.

Current Avatar



Age: High School

Hobby: Playing Mafia, Writing

Favorite Character: Scum, only because I'm better at it

Favorite Role: Dayvig, because I snipe scum with it

I Hate This Role: I don't hate any role, provided the game is balanced.

Copied Titus's wiki format without shame.

Team Mafia

Metal Sonic signed up for Team Mafia 2015, bringing together vezokpiraka, shos, and BBmolla under the name "team nocaps". The members of the team usually converse and post without regard for capitalization and punctuation, which inspired the team name. Metal Sonic participated in the Team Mafia Vanilla Nightless game, where he drew the faction that he had wanted -- scum. After a very harrowing and draining battle, he and his team wound up defeated, but the experience had been fruitful in many ways. Metal Sonic had forged strong friendships with the players in the endgame, especially his partner Zar. He also walked away with a new usertitle "Sun Tzu" for his efforts.

Win Record

Win Loss Draw % Faction
35 30 0 53.85%  as All Factions
24 27 0 47.06%  as Town
11 3 0 78.57%  as Mafia / Werewolves
0 0 0 0%  as Cult
0 0 0 0%  as Self-Aligned

Ongoing games

Black background indicates games I'm dead in.

Gold background indicates games being played in a hydra.

In no particular order.

Game Mod Phase Hydra?
Mini 1724: Gameboy Advance Mafia wgeurts Day 4 Knuckles
Mini 1732 - Super Smash Bros. Project M(afia) vonflare Day 1
History Mafia II Nexus Day 1
Mini 1731: Diablo 3 Mafia TonyMontana Day 1
Mini 1717 Alfred Hitchcock UPick Antihero Day 2 Concrete Angels
Three-Pronged Trouser God Mafia T-Bone Day 7 masters of fart
Twilight Zone Mafia farside22 Day 4 Xiao Xiao Buns

What other players think of Metal Sonic

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sonic is badass ~Mainez

At first I didn't like Metal Sonic... but he has grown on me. Either he has matured or I have immatured enough to like him :) - RedCoyote

I used to think Metal Sonic was like a child at the keyboard--his play style struck me as off-the-cuff and barely thought-out. It wasn't until I began paying more attention and hydra'ing with him that I realized that Metal Sonic is incredibly intelligent and thinks about the game constantly. He's one of my favorite scummers, mostly due to his good nature, enthusiasm, and how much fun he can bring to the table. ~Varsoon