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Current Games


Game Record

Game Mod Role Outcome Died?
Open 572: Nightless Vengeful Mayhem NotMafia Vanilla Town Town Win LD1
Open 575: Friends & Enemies Together at Last Reinoe Town Mason Mafia Win KN3
Open 578: Fire & Ice Mafia tn5421 Ice Mafia Goon Ice Mafia Win Survived
Advance Wars Upick! Natirasha Greyfield Town Win KN3
Open 581: Making Friends and Enemies Armageddon Town Mason Town Win KN1
Mini 1639: Varsoon Mafia Varsoon Recruited Vanilla Town Mafia Win Survived
Mini 1642: The Burning Flames682 Town Gunsmith Mafia Win Endgamed
Open 585: Jungle Republic Honey Bee Mafia Goon Mafia Win Survived
Large Theme: Drawn on Arrival The Critic Town Insurance Agent Neighbor Town Win KN2
SURVIVOR Mafia Cephrir Hated Townie Town Win LD2
New York 180 ika Mafia Non-Consecutive Rolecop Mafia Win Survived
Team Mafia: Signs and Void hitogoroshi Town Minor Night Tracker Town Win Survived
New York 185: Freshwater Frenzy Wake88 Town Even Night Gunsmith Town Win KN3
Large Theme: We The Purple II Pinksmoke Mafia Messiah [Unhydrated] League of Triple Win LD6
Mini 1690: Zed's Tavern Ozgin Town Neighbor Mafia Win LD5
STEVEN UNIVERSE MAFIA Varsoon Town Limited Double-Voting Lover-Mason Mafia Win KN1
Mini 1748: ClownTardis Mafia Rift Adrift Town Intergalactic Constant Mafia Win KN2
The Walking Dead: Episode 1 Radja Town 1-Shot Friendly Neighbor Town Win Survived
Micro 579: The Walking Dead Ep. 2 Radja VT Town Win KN1
Mini 1690: Micro 591: Cheetory Mafia Aeronaut VT Mafia Win KN1

Gork Games!

Game Mod Status Role Fate Note
Micro 417: Everyone is Against Me?! shos Town win VT Replaced out D1
Large Normal 182 Bulge SerialKiller Win Town Hider Killed N3
Large Theme: Pokémon Generation II uPick Professor Elm Mafia Win Wooper Killed N1 Hydra with Bulge as Vilewhirl
Large Theme: Inorganic Chemistry Antihero Mafia Win Town Neighborizer Killed N1 Replaced out D1
Mini 1676 Marvel Mafia Jingle Town Win VT Survived Hydra with Bulge
Three-Pronged Trouser God Mafia Three-Pronged Trouser God Town Win Town Weredickwolf Seer Survived
— ✌ — MINI 1721 — ✌ — Marquis Mafia Win Innocent Mason Killed N2 Replaced in D2
Mana Khemia: Mafia in Al-Revis Flay Gunmar Mafia Win Town Vote Manipulator Endgamed Hydra with Ankamius
Large Theme: Mafiaception Glork Town Win Town Midgame Agent Killed N4
Blitz 8: U-Pick Villians farside22 Town Win Town Supersaint Survived
Blitz 21: - Hope plus One ―kibou― pieguyn Town Win VT Survived Replaced in N1
Mini 1765 Star Wars: The Force Awakens xRECKONERx Town Win 1-Shot Vig KN3 Replaced in N1
Mini 1781: Plotinus Mafia Ether Mafia Win Music Vendor Endgamed
The Third Fortnight zoraster Town Win VT Survived

Modded Games

Game Outcome
Mini Normal 1652: Sweet Dreams Mafia Mafia Win!
Mini Theme 1679: Baccano! Mafia Mafia Win!
Large Theme: Disney UPick Mafia Town Win!

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Gork-related Complain

"Im cool with killing gorkington, but he's gonna think it's because I think he's intelligent, which is unfortunate." "are you trying to be a lower-case typing ass on purpose?"

Offsite Games

Game Mod Role Outcome Died?
SA Mafia XXVIII: Humanoid Mechanics waluigi Town Bomb Mafia Win Endgamed
SA Mafia XXIX: Mega Mayhem Blazerxz Megaman Mafia Win Killed Night One
SA Mafia XXX: Book One - The Swash Fox Vanilla Town Town Win Survived
SA Mafia XXX: Book Three - The End Woodyman Mafia Goon Mafia Win Survived
SA Mafia XXXI Interweb Vanilla Town Third Party Win Lynched Day Two
SA Mafia Mini-Protocol Y West Mafia Goon Mafia Win Survived
SA Mafia XXXII Woodyman Pure Town Town Win Killed Night Three
SA Mafia XXXIV: Magi Mafia Magica Kailoli Town Back-up Nurse Town Win Killed Night One
SA Mafia Mini Triforce Troubles Grangle Vanilla Town Third Party Win Killed Night Three
SA Mafia XXXV: Reservoir Foxes Fox Vanilla Town Mafia Win Endgamed
SA Mafia XXXVI: Mass Effect XaviortheSavior Vanilla Town Mafia Win Endgamed
D2 Mafia XVI: Disturbance Young Informed Doctor Mafia Win Killed Night Two
D2 Mafia XVII: Mafia in Da Club RogerMcSexington Town Neighborizer Town Win Survived
D2 Mafia XVIII: Miasma City Ashblade Town Roleblocker Town Win Killed Night One
D2 Mafia XIX: Apparition MexicanAnime Mafia 2-Shot Roleblocker Mafia Win Killed Night Four
D2 Mafia Mini-Mafia JohnnyFarrar Mafia Goon Mafia Win Lynched Day Two
D2 Mafia XXII: Get The Bad Guys, Guys! West Vanilla Town Town Win Survived
D2 Mafia XXIII: Magi Mafia Magica Kailoli Town Mason Town Win Killed Night Two
D2 Mafia XXV: Protocol X West Mafia JOAT[Inventor] Mafia Win Lynched Day Three
Gman's Revengence Bulge Town Hider Third Party Win Killed Night 4
Gman and Friend's Dumpy Adventures Professor Elm Town 1-Shot Fruit Vendor Mafia Win Killed Night 1
SuperGman and the Heroicfest! Jingle Vanilla Town Town Win Survived