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(Written by Dourgrim, please be respectful when editing.)


WHO HE IS: Dourgrim is the 69th player to register on mafiascum, according to the site's MemberList function. He was once one of the most prolific players and posters on mafiascum, but he's probably most famous for leaving mafiascum, only to return somewhere down the road with a "sorry, but I'm back" message in GD. (See also his title of "Yep. Again.") This is Dourgrim's third (or is it fourth?) attempt at being a pillar of the society of mafiascum. Wish him luck!

WHAT'S WITH THE WEIRD NAME? My real name is not Doug (note the "r" cleverly placed in the first half of the name). The name actually comes from a D&D character I played many many years ago of the same name, a dwarven cleric. At the time I had a painted figurine of said character (yes, I'm that big of a gamer geek) that happened to be sitting on top of my monitor the day I decided to sign up to play this silly game for the first time. It seemed as good a name as any, and it has stuck through the years, both here and on many other sites and services; due to its unusual nature, it's rarely already taken when I sign up for anything. (FYI, it's also my AIM username and my 360 gamertag.)

WHAT'S HE LIKE? Dourgrim tends to be a prolific poster, a verbose speaker, and a bit tempermental from time to time, but otherwise he's pretty much exactly the opposite of what his name would imply... which is sort of the point.

Mafia Games

Newbie 735 (as IC): alive, Day One

Mini 738: alive, Day One

MishMash Games

None at the moment