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That Other Guy
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Prefer to be a Pro-Mafia Player. J promafia sign opt16.gif

I apologize for the recent flaking tendencies; I am currently retired both as player and mod. Perhaps I will regain interest in mafia sometime in the future, perhaps not. Until then, you can see me in GD and scumchat. If you like, you can talk with me on AIM; see my MS profile for my AIM handle.


I studied mechanical engineering for a year (at least, that's what i was supposed to do), and currently I'm an english major; my goal is to become an advertising copywriter. I dabble in avantgarde poetry and a little in philosophy.


  • lurkers,
  • the terms "WIFOM" and "OMGUS",
  • complete lack of justification,
  • spunk.


  • being scum,
  • wholesome arguments,
  • correcting people for the heck of it,
  • finding sense in random voting.


Note: Games I was replaced in aren't on the following list.


Newbie 542FinishedVanilla Townie TownLynched Day 1Mafia winLost
Comments:First game, not proud of this one. Room for improvement.
Newbie 570FinishedVanilla Townie TownLynched Day 1Mafia winLost
Comments:Overall I'm satisfied with my performance; game was lost mostly to bad play from town (VampanezeHunter and mozsuggs).
Mafia 571-CalifornicationFinishedMafia Goon MafiaSurvivedMafia winWon
Comments:Replaced Cook!eMonster; played a little dangerously, claiming cop and getting counterclaimed. Luckily my claim was more plausible.
Newbie 625FinishedDoctor TownSurvivedTown winWon
Comments:First game as IC. Played reasonably good, but the town win is all OGML's achievement--he replaced in and found all the scum, all I had to do was protect him.
Mafia 653FinishedMafia Goon MafiaSurvivedMafia winWon
Comments:I am very happy about this game's performance. I had my scumpartner claim doc with a protect on me after we intentionally no-killed Night 2; the real doc counterclaimed, I killed him, and I managed to secure a final mislynch.
Newbie 709FinishedMafia Goon MafiaLynched Day 4Town winLost
Comments:After two (!) faked doctor claims on Day 1, both from townies, it was hard not to win as mafia here. Unfortunately the remainder of the town really brought their A-game. Props to Obama, Pads, and Pablo Molinero for their play.
Newbie 728FinishedVanilla TownieTownLynched Day 1Mafia winLost
Comments:I wasn't really all there this game.
Newbie 764FinishedVanilla TownieTownEndgamedMafia winLost
Comments:This game was a serious wall of text all the way through. I fell behind by a couple pages early in the game, and struggled all the way through to endgame, where I hammered the wrong guy on gut. Yeah.
Newbie 804FinishedMafia GoonMafiaSurvivedMafia winWon


552: X-Men MafiaFinishedBodyguardTownDayvigged Day 1SK winsLost
Comments:Committed the common newbie mistake of claiming prematurely; in my defense the game was seriously stalling and needed something to start discussion.
Mini 551 (Roleblocker mafia)AbandonedRoleblockerTownSurvivedAbandonedOther
Comments:In retrospect, bad setup. Mod abandoned. Town was preoccupied with devising a breaking strategy, and scum would probably have won anyway.
Mini 555--Last Days of Foxhound MafiaFinishedBodyguardTownKilled Night 2Town winWon
Comments:Game kept on stalling; still, at least I protected the right guy.
Mini 598: Justice Justice SeriesAbandonedVariousVariousVariousVariousOther
Comments:While the premise of the game was interesting, and it could've made for a good game, it stalled pretty early, mostly due to the whole thing happening in a single thread.
Mini 597--Swift Speed: WerewolvesFinishedVanilla TownieTownLynched Day 4Mafia winLost
Comments:Very enjoyable game, I enjoyed it all the way through; sadly, I got carried away with dominating arguments and never caught any scum.
Mini 592: Xyl's MafiaFinishedOdd-Night DoctorMafiaKilled Night 3SK winsLost
Comments:Replaced in mid-Day 1, with one partner heavily under fire and both the other partner and myself being tied to him--bussed the first partner, saved the second, cleared my own name, we could've won if we didn't try killing the NK-immune SK three times in a row. roflcopter deserves this win <3
Uprising Mafia IIFinished(ish)TrackerTownKilled Night 1Town winsOther
Comments:Town only won this through modkills--the game stalled so bad, the mod had no other choice than to kill the inactives. Counts as "other" in stats.
Mini 622 - Mind Screw MafiaFinishedTarhalindur, Flavor Cop/Neutral SurvivorTown/survivorModkilled Day 1Town winOther
Comments:Tarhalindur game. While trying to figure out the game rules I ended up claiming and saying a string of four words that were exactly the same as in my role PM. Ah well.
Mini 639 - Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movie MafiaFinishedMr. Spock, Vanilla TownieTownLynched Day 6Mafia winLost
Comments:I played above par all the way through; sadly, on the last day I figured out the last scum but failed to convince the remaining townie to lynch correctly. Ah well.
Mini 646 - Pick a Player MafiaFinishedUnconfirmed MasonTownSurvivedTown winWon
Comments:Good setup, slow game, apathetic town win.
Mini 678 - 12 Angry MenFinishedJuror 2, DetectiveTownEndgamedMafia winLost
Comments:Hard and slow game.
Mini 658 - Facedown and Thirsty MafiaFinishedElusive Glass of Water, BulletproofTownEndgamedMafia winLost
Comments:Replaced in Day 3, lost interest before finishing reread. Ignored for ca. a week; forced self to post, started interacting, mislynched a townie. Scum win. Pfft.
Mini 703 - A Roccisi AutumnFinishedVanilla TownieTownSurvivedTown winWon
Comments:Very interesting game. Adel is obvious MVP, made the right decision in Kisonscum-Adel-Korts endgame where I thought I was dead for sure.
Mini 729 - Wolf and Travelers' Road MafiaFinishedSheep/Schizophrenic SheepMafiaLynched Day 3Mafia winWon
CommentsPlayed a clean game up until I became schizophrenic: I gained an alternate win condition of lynching Rhinox that day, pushed the wagon until I had to fakeclaim a flavor-based suspicion, and eventually got myself lynched. Still, I served as a good enough distraction that my remaining partners reeled the win in.
Mini 731 - Speed Dating SmalltownFinishedLonely Bastard/VariousTownLynched Day 4Town winWon
Comments:Not a really exciting game; good setup, good players, kept stalling. All turned out ok though.
Mini 771 - Mafia in LuddFinishedBodyguardTownEndgamedMafia winLost
Comments:High profile players, never really connected with the game. Walls of posts made this a hard read.
Mini 835 - The Mafia's Coming to Town!FinishedVanilla TownieTownSurvivedTown winWon
Comments:Impressive player list, high level of play, the timing of freshman camp had me behind for the majority of the game though. Setup unbalanced in favour of town, but ultimately still a really fun game.


Open 65--Mini LoveFinishedVanilla TownieTownLynched Day 2Town winWon
Comments:Found and lynched scum Day 1, game started to stall and I started to get silly on Day 2. Got myself lynched. Anyway.
Open 69--Two of FourFinishedMafia GoonMafiaLynched Day 3Town winLost
Comments:Played a good game until, after a failed kill Night 2, I managed to claim Roleblocker on the Doctor who protected me, discrediting my own story. To top that off, the other power role was a Roleblocker with a block on my partner. Massclaim raped us in the ass.
Open 77--Vengeful MafiaFinishedVanilla TownieTownSurvivedTown winWon
Comments:Slow game, but worth it. Godfather quicklynched town, got vengful killed, and I found his partner based on their wishy washy stance on each other. Then the partner got quicklynched after a long wait. Fun times.
Open 81 - The New C9FinishedDoctorTownKilled Night 5DrawOther
Comments:I got nearly lynched Day 2 or Day 3, claimed doctor, and scum kept me alive until the very last night before endgame hoping for a mislynch. They didn't get it, we had a vig, and the final scum and StrangerCoug shot each other.
Open 89 - Assassin in the PalaceFinishedGuardTownLynched Day 3Assassin winsLost
Comments:Not particularly interesting as a game.
Open 98 - Bird C9FinishedMafia GoonMafiaLynched Day 1Town winLost
Comments:Scum with roflcopter. Put myself at L-1 on first page as a discussion starter, since everyone seemed to wait for others to do something--cop hammered and claimed for doc protection without realizing the setup (doc can't protect cop). It came down to a three man endgame where town made the right decision, sadly.
Open 100 - Friends and Enemies and Enemies and That Other GuyFinishedMasonTownKilled Night 1Werewolves winLost
Comments:Played with an alt, Doc--outed myself on page 1 :P I played a pretty aggressive pro-town game, and I was NK'd for it.
Open 108 - Weak M.D.FinishedWeak DoctorTownKilled Night 1Mafia winLost
Comments:We hypo-claimed on Day 1, and both the hider and the weak doc (me) hit scum on Night 1 and died. Unfortunately my target, GIEFF, managed to set me up as the NK instead of me dying through targeting him.
Open 133 - Lovers MafiaFinishedVanilla TownieTownSurvivedTown winWon
Comments:Found both scum early (like second post of) Day 2, after a completely justified Day 1 mislynch. Good game.
Open 142 - True LoveFinishedLoverTownSuicided Day 2Mafia winLost
Comments:Drove a scumlynch through on Day 1, self-hammered Day 2 because I believed my lover to be the second scum. Kmd (actual scum) went on to dominate endgame.
Open 153 - Cockatiels and Pussycats (Bird 7p)FinishedCopTownEndgamedMafia winLost
Comments:Apathetic town. Nuff said.
[ Open 159 - Lovers Mafia]FinishedMafia LoverMafiaSurvivedMafia winWon

Large Games

76: Desperate MafiaFinishedMafia GoonMafiaKilled Night 3Town winLost
Comments:First game as scum, I played a level-headed and logical game, I was vigged for god knows why. My partner springlullaby and the SK both came near finish.
79: Amish MafiaFinishedDoctor; Vanilla TownieTownKilled Night 1; EndgamedMafia winLost
Comments:Played an aggressive game Day 1, got vigged by the incompetent vig because I had made an early-game case on him; replaced in Day 4 or something with the game completely stalled. Mafia won, but the whole town was lethargic by then.
Mushroom Kingdom MafiaFinishedKoopa TroopaBowser's ArmyLynched Day 3Town winLost
Comments:Replaced in, played under the radar, don't remember much.
Hot Potato MafiaFinishedJames Bond (Vanilla)TownEndgamedMafia winLost
Comments:Instead of voting we had a bunch of potatoes to throw around that exploded at random. Therefore, without a conventional subject of analysis town floundered.
International MafiaFinishedDoctorIcelandic MafiaPoisoned Night 2Town, SK, Icelandic win(ish)Won
Comments:Notable for the ten page confirmation stage argument. The threeway win is due to a mod fuckup, for details see page 123.
Nice Shot! MafiaFinishedRoleblockerMafiaSurvivedMafia winWon
Comments:Replaced BM (the second incarnation) during the night before a 3 man endgame, who replaced out for tactical reasons; I played it just right and managed to confuse one of the the remaining two townies into a mislynch.
(Link)FinishedCopTownLynched Day 9Town winWon
Comments:Interesting setup; new players were added in waves. If I recall correctly, I entered the game on Day 7. Got quite a bit confusing at the end, but town pulled through.
Xyl's Relative ChaosFinishedMayor's wifeTownKilled Night 2Mafia/Third Party winLost
Comments:Not much to say. I wasn't all that attached to this game.
Crackers! MafiaFinishedSKSelf-alignedLynched Day 5Town winLost
Comments:Epic player list. I was one of the leading wagons right on Day 1, I was surprised to have survived on a vig claim as long as I did. Sadly, the closer I got to endgame, the more scum died and flipped, making it more and more likely that I'd be the next lynch. If I'd had one more kill before I was lynched...
Double-Headed Speedy Deep South Massive AlphaFinishedRoleblockerMafiaKilled Action Phase 1Mafia winWon
Comments:Hydra game, played under the name Trotsky with roflcopter; we were killed pretty early so I didn't really read much of the later action. Apparently it was very exciting.
Double-Headed Speedy Deep South Massive BetaFinishedSerial KillerSelf-AlignedLynched Day 2Mafia winLost
Roccisi SummerFinishedBinocular Jack-Of-All-TradesTownKilled Night 5Town winWon


Open 93 Near VanillaFinishedMafia win
Killing Verse MafiaFinishedMafia win
Newbie 772 - Killings in KortstownFinishedMafia win
Mini 789 - 9p Semi-Open Deep South Mini NormalFinishedTown win
Advertising Mafia, my magnum opusFinishedMafia win
/in-vitational Game 3: Brass & ShrapnelFinishedTown win


Someone with more time/patience than me should probably update this.













Third Party




Power Role








Open Setups Designed

How I learned to love the bomb

  • 2 Mafia Goons
  • 1 Mafia Lover
  • 1 Lover with Mafia Lover
  • 1 Lover/Bomb
  • 1 Lover with Bomb
  • 4 Vanilla Townies

Bomb win condition is with the town; explodes both upon lynch (kills hammer) and NK (kills designated killer).

Basically this setup was made solely for the purpose of exploiting the mafia roles mentioned in the full title of Dr. Strangelove.

Friends and Enemies and Enemies and That Other Guy

  • 2 Mafia
  • 2 Werewolves
  • 2 Masons
  • 1 Backup Mason
  • 5 Vanilla Townies

This setup is a variation of Friends and Enemies and Enemies, which in turn was a variation of Friends and Enemies. The whole concept of this was to open the possibility of a mason fakeclaim to the mafia and werewolf groups, because in FEE the three-man masonship could counterclaim any two-man mason claim easily.

It was run as Open 104.

There's Four Jacks in Every Deck

  • 2 Mafia Goons
  • 1 Mafia Jack-of-All-Trades (one shot each of kill, roleblock, alignment invert (can target self))
  • 1 Neutral Jack-of-All-Trades (one shot each of kill, roleblock, alignment invert (can target self); unlimited NK-immunity) i.e. SK
  • 2 Pro-Town Jacks-of-All-Trades (one shot each of protect, investigate, roleblock)
  • 4 Vanilla Townies

Impotence Mafia

  • 2 Mafia Goons
  • 1 Mafia Roleblocker
  • 2 Compulsive Blank Vigs (shoot blanks, kill never goes through)
  • 1 Compulsive Vig
  • 1 Pro-Town Roleblocker
  • 5 Vanilla Townies

This setup was run as Open 106.


  • 3 Mafia Goons
  • 1 Bodyguard
  • 1 Precious Townie
  • 1 Death Miller Jack-of-All-Trades (kill, inv x2, roleblock)
  • 4 Vanilla Townies

Night Start

Boom Boom Bang

  • 1 Mafia Doctor
  • 1 Mafia Roleblocker
  • 2 Bombs (killer dies if they are NK'd; this is a passive ability and cannot be blocked)
  • 2 Vengeful Townies (get a vengeful kill if they are lynched)
  • 2 Vigilantes
  • 3 Vanilla Townies

Night Start


  • 2 Mafia
  • 1 Death Miller Jack-of-All-Trades (one each of investigate, protect, roleblock)
  • 4 Vanilla Townies

Mish Mash Projects

When the Dust Settles (Abandoned)

Aye, Dark Overlord! (Abandoned)

Insult Sword Fighting

Insult Sword Fighting 2

Obligatory 12+ Player Question

roflcopter, Adel, Shea, Ectomancer, kuribo, DGB, destructor, vollkan, Vi, Kairyuu, iamausername, SpyreX, OhGodMyLife

Obligatory 1+ Mod Question

TDC, shaft.ed, Adel


Write here if you have something to say but only want me to see it when I next check my wiki.

Hi Korts <3 - UberNinja