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Yeah, I just cluster killed my wiki. Screw game records and all that. I'm way too lazy and not nearly OCD enough to keep it up... any way...


I used to really suck bad. It got so bad that I actually had trouble joining games because I was such an idiot. I had a wake up call and a 3 month break (which helped immensely) and so I started to improve.

I might add a game list here... but as I said, I can't be arsed into doing so.


I still suck but I do not suck as bad... I am no longer an VI, but simply horrible at mafia.

I'm currently working on a game... although not very rigorously. I might try to run one of this summer.


Continue to improve. Run a few games.


mhhmmm... where to start? I must say that when I first started to care about gd and the like was from a "worst poster" contest run by tafo ( I was so dumb back then. Partly because, it was just "the INTERNET" so who gives a fuck? Anyway.. I ended up campaigning to win the worst poster tourny... and I actually did...

So then I started shooting the shit and the like. And my next crowning achievement was the "CKC" (Cool Kids Club). It was basically just a reaction to a MS meme that sprung up in f62 (back when things were a little less ruled and more "just for fun" stuff sprang up organically). Here is the link ( Anyway... so fun was had with that. But at the same time "czar" elections were going on. So I re-tooled the thread to make it a political group. More like a terrorist party. We thread bombed other threads with anarchy symbols and dice tag spam. SOMETHING I INVENTED. YES I INVENTED DICE TAG SPAM. Dice tag spam is where you just copy and paste a bunch of [dice]99dd99[/dice] in one post. It is basically the most efficient way to spam a thread beyond image dumping a huge image multiple times.

Then I was an idiot over the speakeasy and shit like that. Ignore that part of me.

And then I was less of an idiot, but still an idiot over the resignation. But ALL OF MY POINTS ARE STILL VALID.

Game Maxims

All meta is bullshit. Period. There are very few if any cases where meta has ever in the history of mafia lynched scum. Meta cases are always bullshit. End of story.

Defending other as town is not the town thing to do. Town should always attack and almost never defend

I don't read stupid back-and-forth bullshit with long winded walls. Save your time because I will be saving my eyes.

GD Stances

Codify the rule set please. Stop bullshitting people about rule lawyers and get off your collective asses and write a good rule set. Give specific examples

Show us Don't tell us how the community has an impact on the site.

Be more consistent with application of rules.

Apologize for mistakes because you have made them and if you act infallible then people will assume that you think that you are.

Fuck Chamber, no seriously, fuck that guy. He is the biggest poser on this site. Says he reads post when he clearly doesn't. My grudge with him will not be satisfied. ever. (at least for a while)


None currently. I used to have two flakers on it, but they left the site.

Comments Anyone:

post at will, I would like if you added your name at the end, but you don't have to :) -CooLDoG

I just found out how to capitilize CooLDoG. It's very simple, just write out 'cooldog' and capitilize everything except the o's. See? Easy. --Bub Bidderskins 19:56, 25 January 2011 (EST)

"at will" Tn5421 (talk) 04:19, 9 November 2014 (EST)

Are you sure it isn't 'capitalize all consonants'? -vonflare