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Logo mafiascum medium.jpg This user plays Mafia. (Talk)

Prefer to be a Pro-town Player. J townie opt16.gif

Prefer to be a Vigilante. J vigilante opt16.gif



Carbon-14 Open 282


Scumhunter's Speed 8p Micro 213

The Cell Micro 225

Organic Chemistry Micro Micro 248

Watch Your Step Micro 261

Antihero Micro UPick Micro 329

molliegeddon Micro 444

Mini Theme

Antihero Mafia REBOOT Mini 1504

Paranoia Mini 1552

Antihero Mafia REDEMPTION Mini 1619

Alfred Hitchcock UPick Mini 1717

Disney Villain UPick Mini 1756

Large Theme

Organic Chemistry **2014 Game of the Year** Organic Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry

Antihero vs Fakegod Antihero vs FakeGod


Antitown (with Katsuki)
helium-3 (with pirate mollie)
Orion (with EspeciallyTheLies)
purple hero (with Ms Marangal)
The Necromancers (with mastin2)
Heartless (with TellTaleHeart)
Sonic Heroes (with Metal Sonic)
The Antagonist (with ika)
Antihero vs FakeGod (with FakeGod)
Hellhound (with Firebringer)