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Completed 36 games
Modded 68 games
Currently Alive in 0 games
Currently Dead in 0 games
Replaced out of 0 games
Total Games = 37 games.

Prefer to be a Pro-Town Player. J townie opt16.gif

FakeGod's Game Stats

Games Wins Losses Survived Ratio
37 17 20 11 16/20

Wins as Town 15/35 Wins as Mafia 2/2

FakeGod's Biography

As a member of Haylen's Peeps Pulindar started this Wiki thread to help all the players in Haylen's 931 Newbie Game.

FakeGod's Game List

Road to Rome

Game Role Moderator Join Death Status Notes
Newbie 931: Power of Words Doctor Haylen Joined Survived to endgame Ended, Won Claimed d1, didn't die n1 for some reason
Newbie 949 - Poetic Justice Townsperson Haylen Joined Lynched D3 Ended, Lost ?
Newbie 985 Townie Excedrin Joined Killed N3 Ended, Lost ?
Newbie 1387: PUPPY POWER Vanilla Townie Rena Replaced in d1 Survived to Endgame Ended, Won Lynched Roleblocker d1, easy mode afterwards
? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Mayfair Club

Game Role Moderator Join Death Status Notes
Micro 337: College Mafia: Undergrads V TAs Lowly Undergrad Perpetually Nonsensical Joined Lynched D1 Ended, Lost Couldn't stop kazekirimaru from lynching all the wrong townies.
Micro 503 - CD9* Cop jingle Joined Killed N2 Ended, Lost ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Central Park

Game Role Moderator Join Death Status Notes
Open 251 - Hobbits Medical Mafia Quack Doctor Andrius Replaced in d1 Shot in N3 Ended, Won At LyLo, it was auto-win. <3 Andrius for flavor
Open 532 - Rows and Columns Mafia Rolecop Wisdom Joined Survived to Endgame Ended, Won Found Backup early, but nk got blocked on n2. Town quicklynched a lot.
? ? ? ? ? ? ?

New York

Game Role Moderator Join Death Status Notes
NY 151 - Playground Mafia Mafia Goon PeregrineV Joined Lynched D4 Ended, Won First time playing scum. Tried to stay out of spotlight, but my team bussed me hard
? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Little Italy

Game Role Moderator Join Death Status Notes
Mini 967 - Mafia War Townie Snow_Bunny Replaced in D3 Shot N3 Ended, Lost ?
Mini #1029 Boondox Mafia VT danakillsu Joined Lynched D3 Ended, Lost ?
Mini 1064 - Charlie's Town Vanilla Townie Charlie Joined Lynched D2 Ended, Lost ?
Mini 1326: Mansion Mafia Town VT chauchaudotcom Joined Lynched D3 Ended, Lost ?
Mini 1517 Vanilla Townie Alduskkel Joined Endgamed Ended, Lost I misread Nacho at MyLo.
Mini 1541: The Heart of Artificial Reality Vanilla Townie Bert Joined Survived to Endgame Ended, Won Mislynched Phok d1, but our cop Venmar got a guilty n1. The second scum was quickly found afterwards.
Mini 1570: North Sea Winter's Bite Town Doctor fferyllt Replaced in D2 Killed N3 Ended, Lost I should have protected the pirate man.
Mini 1609: The Case Of Doctor Pepper Vanilla Town DoctorPepper Replaced in D1 Killed N4 Ended, Lost Blacklisted Wake.
? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Coney Island

Game Role Moderator Join Death Status Notes
Mini 963: Furry Mafia Rikki the Mouse, Townsperson StrangerCoug Joined Survive to Endgame Ended, Won Won the LyLo!
Mini 990: YuGiOh! The Abridged Mafia Joey, VT/Sibling/turned into Vig Riceballtail Joined Survive to Endgame Ended, Won Vigged a cop n2, and a SK n3.
Mini 1,011: Help! My Computer Got Infected! CPU, VT StrangerCoug Joined Shot by Vig N3 Ended, Lost ?
Mini 1023 - City Watch Mafia Constable Dorfl, Townie molestargazer Joined Survived to Endgame Ended, Won ?
Mini 1,041: Wheel of Fortune Mafia Mystery Wedge, one-shot insane doc StrangerCoug Joined Killed N3 Ended, Won Quickly found the other Mystery Wedge, then helped until I got shot.
Mini 1070 The Godfather Mafia: The Hunt for Sollozzo Vito Corleone, The Don Andrius Joined Shot N4 Ended, Lost Played ok. I got townread by bunch of people, then got shot.
Mini 1473 Super Smash Bros. Mafia Donkey Kong, the 1-shot Vigilante Oversoul Joined Shot N3 Ended, Lost Shot town gunsmith n1 as vig
Mini 1482 Castle - A Mafia Murder So Vile Agent Jordan Shaw, VT Malakittens Replaced in D2 Lynched D3 Ended Lost Scumread our cop hard, and outed his softclaims :(
Mini 1470 Yu-Gi-Oh Abriged! Season 1 Yugi Mutou AND The Pharaoh, Odd Day VT/Even Day Vig Ghostlin Joined Survived to Endgame Ended, Won Shot a VT N2, played very inactively since I was very hard to lynch and had a nightkill
Mini 1512 BIPOLAR MAFIA Vanilla Townie Kuribo and GreyICE Joined Survived to Endgame Ended, Won Game used a phase mechanic, featuring roles that have different powers each phase.
Destiny Mafia II: The Rule of Fates Hand of Fate Fate Joined Shot by vig N2 Ended, Lost I was on the ball entire game, and got shot by the vig for it.
Mini 1557: Imaginary Fights Love Must Go On 4nxi3ty Joined Survived to Endgame Ended, Won I had lousy reads entire game. Got carried by other players.
Mini 1640: Persona 3 FES Mafia The Protagonist, Vanilla Townie Not_Mafia Joined Shot by scum N5 Ended, Lost
Mini 1678: Matriarchy Mafia Madonna SleepyKrew Joined Survived to Endgame Ended, Won
? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Theme Park

Game Role Moderator Join Death Status Notes
Go Play In Traffic! Townie StrangerCoug Joined Killed by Vig N3 Ended, Lost ?
Harry Potter Mafia Ginny Weasley, Beloved Princess SensFan Joined Lynched D3 Ended, Lost Dumbledore = Voldemort? Also, <3 Ginny.
Anything Goes Mafia Cats, Hated Townie UT and quadz Joined Killed by Mafia N2 Ended, Lost Claimed Hated Townie first post, got shot by mafia when Kuribo hid behind me n2
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Fred Weasley, Hogwarts Townie Nexus Joined Killed by Strongman n2 Ended, Won Drew the strongman kill n2 via gambit. Town lynched correctly 3 times in a row!
Maria's Anime Binge Game Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Loyal Hider, Motivator, Bodyguard, Coroner MariaR Joined Survived to endgame Ended, Won Scum team barely tried.
Situation Room Vanilla Townie northsidegal Joined Survived to endgame Ended, Won Scum team flopped over and died.

General Mish Mash

Game Role Moderator Join Death Status Notes
? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Mod Mode

Game Status Notes
Mini 1088: Cookie Thief Mafia Ended Cookie Thief Victory
Open 255: Double Cop Ended Mafia Victory
Mini 1489 - VisCon: Murder at Wingate Mansion Ended Town Victory
Micro 222 - VisCon: Thieves' Guild Ended AITP - Knights Victory
Micro 234 - VisCon: Sacrifice Ended AITP - Ice Witch Victory
Micro 253 - VisCon: Fire Fairy Ended AITP - Humans Victory
Touhou UPick Ended Town Victory
Mini 1523 - VisCon: Desert Kingdom Ended Mafia Victory
Micro 294 - Frozen Ended Weselton Victory
Mini 1558 - VisCon: Crossroads Ended Hanged Victory
Micro 335 - Does notscience Get the Girl? Ended AITP - notscience Victory
Touhou UPick 2 Ended Mafia Victory
Micro 358 - Summer's Promenade Ended Mafia Victory (?!)
Alice in Wonderland Ended Mafia Victory (perfect)
Through the Looking-Glass Ended Mafia Victory (but perfect vig play)
Micro 405 - Autumn's Serenade Ended Town Victory
Corpse Bride Ended Town Victory (finally)
Micro 418: MS sitcom UPick Ended Scum Victory (IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN TOWN WIN)
Micro 427: Puella Magi Madoka Magica AITP Ended AITP - Assassin Victory
Micro 434 - Winter's Ball Ended Mafia Victory
Once Upon A Winter Night Ended Town Victory
Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires Ended AITP - Pyro Victory
Touhou UPick 3 Ended Town Victory
Spring Waltz Ended Mafia Victory
Micro 464: CD9* Ended Town Victory
Paradise Lost Ended Demon Victory
Micro 489 - Gemini Pact Ended Mafia Victory
Nightingale's Tale Ended Mafia Victory
Micro 501: V9 Ended Town Victory
Micro 515: Chosen Mafia Ended Town Victory
Micro 536: They Call Me Zito. Ended AITP - Town Victory
Micro 546: Papa John's vs Papa Zito vs Kublai Khan Ended AITP - Town Victory
Antihero vs FakeGod Ended Mafia Victory
Touhou UPick 4 Ended Aborted
kuribo in Wonderland Ended Town Victory
Summer Waltz Ended Mafia Victory
Queen of Hearts Ended Town Victory
Micro 658 - Frozen Ended Mafia Victory
Micro 665 - Autumn Masquerade Ended Town Victory
New Year's Eve Masquerade Ball Ended Mafia Victory
Micro 684 - Pixie Seven Ended Town Victory
Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires!! Ended AITP - Pyro Victory on night 1!
Midsummer Night's Revelry Ended Town Victory
17 Kilos of Cocaine Ended Town Victory - Perfect
Micro 762 - Dragon Hunters Ended Town Victory
Night Clan Ended Town Victory
Valentine's Dance Ended Town Victory
Touhou UCanPick 5 Ended Mafia Victory
Minuet's Trio Ended Town Victory
Forgotten Hourglass Ended Mafia Victory
Boundaries of Reality Ended Mafia Victory
Witches' Halloween Ball Ended Town Victory
Excalibur Ended Mafia Victory
Merchant's Daughter Ended Mafia Victory
Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires!!! Ended Town Victory
Mini 2065 - Access Point Ended Town Victory
Mini 2079 - Guns & Roses Ended Town Victory
Starry Night Ended Town Victory
Guns & Roses II Ended Mafia Victory
Detective Penguin & City of Fogport Ended Mafia Victory
Perfect Masquerade Ended Town Victory
Guns & Roses III Ended Mafia Victory - Perfect
Guns & Roses IV Ended Mafia Victory
Smuggler's Port Ended Town Victory
A warlock, werewolf, and a vampire Ended Town Victory
Smoke-Filled Antechamber Ended Town Victory
Epilogue! Ended Town Victory
Guns & Roses V Ended Town Victory
Psyche's Seal Of Approval