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The most amazing person ever. Also known as Buhbuhbam (BBM). OMGWTFBBQ all up in yo grillz, cookin' steaks.

To whom it may concern, I am back on this site, but to a much lesser extent. I am focusing much more of my time on modding games, and trying to limit myself to one (possibly two for some of you cool people that mod games still :D) games. It's much more fun that way.

I am a founding member of Team Asshat.

Player Profile

Modding Record and Future

Currently Modding


Already Modded (Not listing newbie games)

Baby too much scum - Took over for Theopor.
Wintereenmas Mafia - First mini theme, co-modded/co-creator with Ultima Avalon. Outside of flavor laziness, it was a success.
Ramen Mafia - Speed game, fun to mod/watch the game play out.
Monta Vista High School Mafia - Ended sourly due mainly to lack of player participation all from everyone towards the end of the game. Greatly enjoyed the setup (created by Lord Gurgi.
(Post Hiatus)
BBM's Large Normal Mafia
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Future Modding "Adventures"!

Face-to-Face Werewolves (Two games: One mini, one large!)
BBM's Kingmaker
The Asshat Octology for great enjoyment of great games. Name pending.
The Colorado Trilogy

Playing Record

I am going to try to update this again, but I have gotten rid of all of my games pre-hiatus, and will only be updating games post hiatus. As a game ends, it will arrive on this list. No sooner, no later.

Games Post-Hiatus

Mafia 1013 - Prozac's Basic Theme - Mod Prozac Great game, poor result. There is never anything wrong with a Prozac setup, though. Always fun. Town - Poisoned Day 3