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I am Jeffrey Hope, your resident village idiot (unfortunate as that is). I was born on December 26, 1989 in Virginia Beach, VA, but I grew up in El Paso, TX and moved to Chaparral, NM a short distance away in early 2009. Sometimes I think I want to get out of here—I'm so bored of this place! In fact, anytime I'm more than 50 miles away, I'm happy.

I mod a lot of games—both Mafia and Mish Mash. Examples of both include Card Sharks, Go Play in Traffic!, Monopoly (three such games, actually—the U.S. and U.K. versions and a Mafia game based on the former), and the StrangerCoug's Worst Nightmare series.

On top of all that, I also once helped MeMe keep both mini queues up to date. While this was once an on-and-off "Hey, this is messed up" kind of thing, I officially became responsible for updating it on January 13, 2009. (MeMe still filled up games, nagged at mods who fell off the face of the site, etc. before being replaced by Papa Zito and hasdgfas.) In 2010, I became list mod of the Large Normals, left that position the next year feeling that I was being negligent in my duties. I took it back the year after that and left it again in 2013 due to time constraints created by college. I was the last Large Normal list mod to be a separate person from the Mini Normal list mod. I've also had a stint as Mish Mash Janitor from 2014 to 2015, leaving due to stress in school.

My scumday is May 6, 2008, but due to time zone differences the "is having a scumday!" marker doesn't show up until May 7. (Interesting factoid: A similar situation applies to my birthday. I was born at approximately 00:30 EST, which converts to 22:30 MST the previous day.)

I have a guide to running Mish Mash games.

Origin of the name

As I said, I first played Mafia on Rooster Teeth. The first time I signed up as StrangerCoug was on there. As seems to be commonplace on that site, most usernames have something to do with one of the machinima series, especially Red vs. Blue. Only the former was true in my case: my addiction was to The Strangerhood since, when I started watching the videos and visiting the site, I didn't have a computer that would work with The Sims 2. When I finally decided to join their forums, I implemented the fact that I liked those videos in my user name by making it a portmanteau of that and my high school mascot, which happened to be the cougar. I tried to make my name StrangerCougar, but the site only allowed names to be a 12-letter maximum. I left it as what could fit, and on December 30, 2005, the name as we know it was born.

You will sometimes see "the StrangerCoug", especially when I'm referring to myself in the third person, but the word "the" is not officially part of my user name and is therefore lowercase unless it starts a sentence. Addressing me as "The StrangerCoug" is incorrect. was the last site on which I signed up as StrangerCoug when I still had a cougar to call a mascot; however, since August 2007 it has also been my fursona. (Yes, I'm a furry. Get over it.)

Playing History

I first played Mafia as a forum game on a site called Rooster Teeth. I've made myself quite an established presence there, playing every round except for the first and the seventh, being the game moderator in the latter. When I came over to MafiaScum (via my browsing around on Wikipedia) and signed up on May 6, 2008, one of the biggest things I noticed different is that, on MafiaScum, all votes are viewable to the public and can be changed by the person making them. On Rooster Teeth you had to send a PM to the game moderator, and once he recorded it you were not allowed to change it (as far as I knew, anyway). I have now adapted to both, and I actually think the game on here is more fun.

Hey, what happened to the Statistics section?

It hadn't been updated since 2010, and it was really updated only sporadically for awhile before. Most of my games as a player were from the late 2000s to the early 2010s, though I have never claimed to be retired from playing. In general, on the Mafia side, you should be looking for me in the theme queues. I usually mod these days, but I will play an interesting enough theme game.


This is where you and I get to post quotes by, about, or to me on MafiaScum that we find interesting. Feel free to add on as desired.

These should be in chronological order, by the way.


  • I played Day 1 and I think part of Day 2 thinking I was town and didn't realize I was scum until Green Cow PM'd me. I tried to be very conservative with my posts since it would be obvious that I was scum if I did, but apparently that didn't work. We didn't even get a chance to kill anybody. ...Wait a minute—I've got an idea! *shoots xyzzy* StrangerCoug, Mini 620: Psychopathic Xyzzy Mod, post #161
  • Who the hell cares about social experiments? I refuse to copy and paste signature text just to follow a trend. StrangerCoug, as part of his signature from 2008-08-02 to 2008-08-07
  • Acting scummy on purpose does not necessarily make a player a jester—it could also be legitimate scum trying to get bussed as a gambit of some sort. I don't see either, but #162 is heavily noted. As in on 10,000 pieces of paper. —StrangerCoug, Mafia 90: Lolwat? Mafia, post #172. Post #162 is this.
  • I'm surprised a rotten tomato fight hasn't started yet, given how ashamed some of you and I are of each other. —StrangerCoug, Mafia 91: Hell Aboard the Purple Flower, post #3195, referring to my regrettable mod actions and several people talking outside the thread that I didn't hear about until the game was over
  • SC, you have to lead to this trick as we- PUT THAT GUN DOWN! —yabbaguy, Hearts, post #344 after "shooting" myself out of confusion for the second time
  • OK, did RedCoyote's cards barf in my inbox!? —StrangerCoug, I Doubt It, post #215, after revealing what RedCoyote claimed was two jacks but clearly weren't
  • Obligatory commercial advertisement: HughesNet sucks. Get something else. —StrangerCoug, BOOM!, post #316, after having to deal with two service outages in a month


StrangerCoug, post #596: How exactly do you buy Income Tax? (bird1111 miscounted his throw and thought he landed on Whitechapel, which was still available.)
animorpherv1, post #597: You distract the banker and cut the spot out of the board.
StrangerCoug, post #88: Let's add a #6 [to my list in post #4]: Getting people's genders wrong when it's right there in front of your nose.
Glork, post #89: Shut up, woman. Now get to making me a sandwich.
OhGodMyLife, post #90: Don't talk to her like that.
Cybele, post #790: Wow. It's been nearly a month, but I finally get to roll. (He throws an eight, putting him on Water Works.)
Cybele, post #791: Just so I can pay $32. Bugger all. Call me in February, when it's my turn again.
StrangerCoug, post #793: If I'm not packing when you get back.
crywolf20084, post #718: For JD, I shall bet 363.46153846153845 lower
StrangerCoug, post #719: ...OK, new rule: Bets must be in multiples of $1.00.
animorpherv1, post #980: mod's rule: Every time the mod rolls, it automatically is a 40. NO MATTER WHAT THE DIE SAYS.
StrangerCoug, post #981: Shut up, ani.
StrangerCoug, post #471: ...Guess what I have, everybody? BLACKJACK!
Kmd4390, post #478: Shoot the dealer...
Mastin, post #479: Dayvig: StrangerCoug. There goes one of my three dayvig shots. And the dealer, for that matter. Anyone volunteer to take SC's place? If you're lucky, you won't find the second bullet.
StrangerCoug, post #480: OW! Why did you shoot me for something I had little control over?
Mastin, post #481: Because Luck is an Un-killable neutral survivor.
Castle White Castle, post #827: The cougar is quick like a cat!
StrangerCoug, post #828: That's because a cougar IS a cat xD
Kmd4390, post #942: Higher. I can see through the cards, so I know it's a 10.
StrangerCoug, post #943: Well, ten's certainly higher than a four, so let's see...
(Kmd4390 turns out to have not only made the correct higher/lower call, but correctly guessed the card's value.)
StrangerCoug, still post #943: Well, I'll be damned! It really is a ten! *stands in front of the next card* What's the next one, my beloved psychic?
Kairyuu, post #657: My apologies for the long delay in updating, and thanks much to StrangerCoug for yelling at me and actually making me do it. First post is fully updated.
StrangerCoug, post #660: You're going to love that golf club in a moment.
(The reference is to the title of the PM I gave him to tell him to update the replacements thread.)
ShadowLurker, post #348: higher
Prof. Guppy, post #349: No! Don't! It's a trap!
StrangerCoug, post #350: Higher than a four, you say... Oh, no. It's a two. ani, call the seven!
animorpherv1, post #352: higher
Prof. Guppy, post #353: It's not much higher, but it is higher. No more than a ten-spot.
StrangerCoug, post #354: Higher than a seven, you say... (An eight is revealed.) ... Prof. Guppy, get out of this studio. I can't trust that you haven't been peeking behind the cards.
yabbaguy, post #196: StrangerCoug has been assessed a new posting restriction. He must write at least 500 words per post.
StrangerCoug, post #197: One, two, three, four, (keeps going until) two hundred twenty-three, two hundred twenty-four... Screw this; Microsoft Word says I have enough words.
Robocopter87, post #600: Also, we need more shoving instead of pushing here.
StrangerCoug, post #603: *shoves Robocopter87 off a cliff*
RichardGHP, post #4661: Since when does a cribbage board have more than 32 pieces?
StrangerCoug, post #4662: Since cribbage started being played with a deck of cards.
RichardGHP, post #4663: That's where I went wrong, then. I was under the impression a full deck of cards constituted one piece.
Nobody Special, post #4664: I'll drop the cards on the kitchen floor and you can pick up the one piece.
Jerbs, post #196: I'm not feeling well, plus the storm thats supposed to come tomorrow, makes me think i might be V/LA for some time
StrangerCoug, post #199: That's not a good combo >< Noted.
Parama, post #198 (for convenience purposes, it goes backwards for a bit): There's a chance my power may go out soon due to freezing rain, so consider me V/LA for the next 4 days. I'll keep posting if I don't lose power, of course.
StrangerCoug, post #199: Noted also.
DLG, post #202: Yeah, me three, on the potential to lose power and have to be V/LA. Hope not, but if I suddenly disappear for a couple of days, that's why.
Packbat, post #204: Also, I, too, am in an area where freezing rain is possible - if power is lost again, I will have limited access for a few days.
StrangerCoug, post #206: ...OK, what happened? Did Mother Nature decide to hate everybody?
Packbat, post #207: Yes. (The word "yes" is a link that goes to a weather map which, at the time, showed a large swath of the US going from a little northeast of the El Paso/Las Cruces area, where I am, northeast through New England under a winter storm or blizzard warning, and even where I was there was a winter weather advisory. I would be hit soon after.)
DLG, post #884: Thanks for modding, and thanks for letting me replace in. I still would rather fall of the Tower of Pisa, though.
StrangerCoug, post #885: *flies DLG to Pisa and throws him off the Tower just to make him happy*
(The reference is to a minor mod error in Newbie 1,181, which was eaten by the crash. It and Newbie 1,221 take place in Rome, and the kill flavor I used for DLG in the latter was "thrown off the Tower of Pisa". The Tower of Pisa is not in Rome.)
18 Framm 18, post #343: T
StrangerCoug, post #344: Two T's. What now?
18 Framm 18, post #345: Ugh, I can't stand it, but... Buy an "E"
StrangerCoug, post #346: Two E's.
(In both of my posts, I forget to delete the letter just called from the list of letters left.)
Feirei, post #357: There shouldn't be an E left. ._.
StrangerCoug, post #358: Fixed.
swyellowtail, post #361: There shouldn't be an T left. ._.
StrangerCoug, post #362: *fires the person operating the used letter board and hires a new one*
Two matches later...
DeasVail, post #697: R?
StrangerCoug, post #698: No R.
(I forget to delete R from the list of letters left, resulting in the following argument.)
swyellowtail, post #706: R
StrangerCoug, post #707: No R. (I realize I forgot to mark it as called, but the rules pretty much screw swyellowtail anyway as I have to count already called letters as wrong.)
swyellowtail, post #708: ...That's a MOD ERROR. God damnit!
StrangerCoug, post #709: I considered letting you pick another, but the last post to have the used letter board said "No R" at the top. If your two opponents decide you should be allowed another chance, I'll allow it, but my initial ruling is based on what would have happened either way.
DeasVail, post #710: I am happy with Sw getting another chance.
StrangerCoug, post #711: If RedCoyote approves, you'll be allowed a chance at another letter. The wheel stays at $750.
RedCoyote, post #712: Poor little sw. Resorting to begging for extra chances because he can't keep up with the thread... I'm kidding! I'm fine with sw having another guess. I'll still beat him.
swyellowtail, post #713: Probably going to be a fail anyway: C
StrangerCoug, post #714: No C. *obliterates the C in the used letter board with a plasma cannon to make sure no one picks it again this round* *realizes too late that it's overkill* We'll do repairs later; I know how to fix that thing. DeasVail, spin the wheel.
StrangerCoug, post #24: Who's that in your avatar, Kimor?
Kimor, post #38: It's an original character.
StrangerCoug, post #41: Cute one nonetheless.
Kimor, post #42: Thanks! (He shows another picture of the character, this time leaning against a chess king.)
StrangerCoug, post #43: You're welcome. Fellow furry, I suppose?
Kimor, post #44: Indeed! One of the reasons that I created my new account.
petroleumjelly, post #49: Huzzuh!
StrangerCoug, post #52: *singing* The furries are marching one by one, hoorah... hoorah...
StrangerCoug, post #65: Let's let Twistedspoon predict the hot column.
StrangerCoug, post #66: Right column again~
StrangerCoug, post #67: Let's see...
7 2 1
8 3 6
9 4 7
Are you kidding me? TWO hot columns, one of them the one Twistedspoon called and the other column two, in the columns with two prizes, and the two columns that weren't hot columns last time now have consecutive numbers... It's the attack of the terrible twos, I tell you!
StrangerCoug, post #130: Bankrupt. Sorry. RichardGHP, let's get on the board.
RichardGHP, post #131: Let's. (He spins the wheel.) What's the bet that this is Bankrupt or Lose a Turn?
StrangerCoug, post #132: (RichardGHP lands on Bankrupt as well.) Way to jinx yourself. doctorwho?
RichardGHP, post #133: I think I'm headed for comprehensive doom in both games.
(doctorwho spins the wheel in post #134.)
StrangerCoug, post #135: (It lands on Bankrupt once again.) ...Yeah. Lady Luck hates everybody, apparently.
StrangerCoug, post #56: You are shaking together vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice, and cranberry juice with ice to be served in a highball glass garnished with an orange slice. What popular cocktail are you making?
BipolarChemist, post #57: Sex on the beach!
StrangerCoug, post #58: BP, ya perv... (Intended to be light-hearted since he gave the correct answer.)
BipolarChemist, post #60: You bet! :D
StrangerCoug, post #2779: Alice, Bob, and Charlie are three players at a craps table. They always bet the pass line and never make any other bets.
  • Alice always bets $25.
  • Bob initially bets $25. If the pass line loses, his bet becomes double his last; if the pass line wins, his bet resets to $25.
  • Charlie also initially bets $25. If the pass line wins, his winnings are added to his previous bet; if the pass line loses, his bet resets to $25.
DISPROVE that any of Alice, Bob, Charlie will be any better or any worse off than the others on average.
inspiratieloos, post #2782: What do they do when their money runs out?
StrangerCoug, post #2789: Assume the players and the casino have unlimited funds.
serrapaladin, post #2790: That doesn't really work though.
Sudo_Nym, post #2795: Welcome to the world of ideal mathematics; where gamblers have infinite funds, cows are spherical, and every surface is frictionless!
StrangerCoug, post #19: Oh, hey, the cute little fox cub avatar is back!
xofelf, post #22: Mine? I love this little fox. I'm probably going to keep making new avys with it cuz it's so fucking cuteeee.
StrangerCoug, post #25: *squeezes it, trying not to choke it to death*
xofelf, post #26: D: Please don't kill my avy. Accidental death is still death. ;~;
StrangerCoug, post #27: I won't. It'd make me sad, too.