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Mastermind of Sin has 3 flawless victories as scum to date, including Guitarists Mafia (Theme Mini), Match of Champions (Theme Mini), and Lost Boys Mafia (Large Theme).

In September 2012, zoraster awarded MoS with the "Best Use Of Mechanic" trophy for his use of Google Hangouts in Always On mafia.

New York

Road to Rome

Personal Information

Mastermind of Sin registered with on October 31st, 2004.

Player History

Town: 87/140

Wins: 86/140

Lynched Town/Scum/Non: 206/180/5 (stopped keeping track after 140 games)

Survive/NK/Lynch/Other: 52/51/36/2

The following information is WAYYYYY outdated:


OVAH - Newbie 81, Newbie 67, NYC MAFIA(mini 143), Mini 140, mini 132, DR. Suess, Minitown(126)(7), GUITARISTS(142), Warhammer(147), STARFOX(156), Newbie 85, MCM (mini153), Peaceville1(mini154), Mafia 28(thomiost or w/e),Mafia 29(mafia mafia), African mafia(mafia 31), good omens, NYPD, OO2, Trifia, sangreal, simpsons, Mini 161. (16)

Abandoned - Samurai, Del Vacchio (2)

Moderator History

Running: Name of the Wind Mafia

Planned: Designer Mafia 2012 (Large Theme), David Eddings (Large Theme), Heaven on Earth (Large Theme), Suicide Bomber 2 (Large Theme), Facebook (Mini Theme), Counterstrike (Mini Theme)

Finished: Newbie 83, Committee (Large Theme), Clue (Mini Theme), Designer 2007 (Large Theme), Normal 53 (Large Normal), Roleplaying (Mini Theme), Suicide Bomber (Large Theme), The Sopranos (Large Theme), Newbie 658, The Fall of the Matrix (Large Theme), Bastardmind of Sin (Large Theme), Quack Mafia (Large Theme), Secret Santa Mafia (Large Theme)


"If MoS is scum he has me snookered." - penguin_alien

"I think we have to [kill ]MOS tonight. If he is Judge, he's even more of a valuable player for town late-game than normal." - Knight of Cydonia

"In the end, I went with MoS because I think he helped tie together the whole game best. Matt used his WELL, but in the end MoS' made the game more FUN for everyone (including me, and hey... i like being entertained). Thus, I thought MoS deserved it." - zoraster on awarding MoS with the "Best Use of Mechanic" trophy

"MoS' target on the last night was perfect." - quadz08

"[MoS] did well to nearly claim back a win after their roleblocker was lynched D2. [He] made it to LyLo and was a very close 1:1 vs someone who had claimed cop." - ooba

"Tricky bastard even hit all of my wifom points and had me debate it for waaaay too long and came waaaaay too close to hooking me." - Thor665

"There was very little MoS could've reasonably done in this situation, so kudos for him for going down swinging." - xRECKONERx

"MoS you did do a good job there near the end. Almost had me doubting my scum read on you. Definitely made me not envy Thor's position." - PeregrineV

"@MoS - you are a bastich. You hit my NKimmune GF WIFOM hangup *and* my 'why was Rag killed and not Thor' hangup all in one post. You were working me like a champ. Excellent play." - Thor665

"I really really really think MOS is a power role or an SK. A player of his renown usually walks the fine line of looking too scummy for the scum to NK but town enough not to get lynched. A player known for good play often gets targeted by the cop and for an NK, so I think he is trying to be an obvious pro-town player to draw the doc protection with outing his role. I think it is important that we flush a power role so that player will draw the doc protection and we can kill MOS night One." - Adel

"I should really trust MoS's judgement more... MoS gets a Scummy nomination for this game, clearly." - Tarhalindur

"What will we do about MoS? He is uncannily sure that pickem is scum, and he's starting to gather some attention. I'm getting power role vibes from him, although it could just be his play style. I would suggest him for a N1 kill, but it seems a doc would be likely to protect him." - Numenorean7

"Good win town, especially MOS. I love how I was criticized day 1 for ascribing god-like attributes to you. You have them." - Adel

"Thanks everyone, I learnt so much from this game, MoS's scum catching skills are top quality." - Crub

"Just my luck: first mini game I sign up for, I come up against a Scummie-worthy performance by MoS. I still don't like his playstyle much, but I can't say anything against his results. Wow." - Numenorean7

"MOS is awesome, isn't he? I don't know how he can be so confident that you are scum, I think he is bluffing. He is great, we need for him to die, for real, and there is no way in hell we can get him lynched." - Adel

"If we didn't have MoS there to cut through the bullshit, there was a good chance of a scum-win." - NabakovNabakov

"Mos totally called out pickem and I on day one, and I was a little freaked. I decided to try really really hard to get MOS lynched on day one, even though that would probably lead to my lynch on day two. I wanted him dead." - Adel

"Good game MOS-you pulled out a well-deserved victory." - Thok

"MoS played you all like a solid gold fiddle. Nobody even suspected him. I am so frustrated with this town, but MoS was great. Good game." - Sarcastro

"Well played, MoS, I was following that game and had no idea it was you." - Mr Stoofer

"MoS played an excellent game." - Thestatusquo

"I was going to kill MoS but then I decided to act more pro town and kill who he wanted me to. Brilliant." - Jack

"MoS found his niche, and did what he set out to do. The Scum never even had a chance in this game." - Mnowax

"Trebis was our safe kill, but I convinced Archaist to take the risk and kill MoS (who I suspected might have doc protection) because people thought he was protown, I thought he was a powerrole, and MoS is damn good at scumcatching =[. Too bad there was a doc." - Streeflo

"I protected MoS because, while I wasn't 100% sure that he was town at that point in the game, he was certainly the strongest player." - Sangy

"Looks like MOS did pretty well despite this." - Kelly Chen

"MoS did very well to have made it as far as he did." - Kison

"I echo Kison that 'Scum team was not that wonderful.' MOS is the only one I don't have criticism for." - Lalmtreasteek

"I thought MoS's roleclaim of FBI Agent was a convincing one." - Patrick

"Props to MOS for being the luckiest Mason ever." - Kinetic

"This was the best town play I have ever seen. Guardian engineered the perfect claim, Shanba investigated perfectly, Flameaxe vigg'd amazingly, I somehow stayed alive until d4, and MoS made Shanba work." - Khelvaster

"35 awesome points [to MoS] for pushing the massclaim" - Pie_is_good

"The goal was to be as abrasive as possible on the things nobody really cared about - it would allow me to sheep along with the masses on the issues that would actually draw scumhunting fire. MOS pretty much nailed me for this, but fortunately his one-man metagame didn't (immediately) swing the rest of the town." - Pie_is_good