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Who is LoudmouthLee?

LoudmouthLee (or LML) is a High School English teacher in NYC. He enjoys playing mafia and is considered to be a smoothtalker of sorts at times. Lee enjoys making people laugh, and is always known for playing mafia very seriously. LML was originally from the GL.

Completed Games (on MafiaScum)

  • Mini 161 (Simpsons Mafia) - Krusty the Clown - Serial Killer - Lynched, N1, Mod Error - Town wins.
  • Mini 162 (Kill Bill Mafia) - Bill - Unnightkillable Townie - Survived - Town Wins.
  • Mini 163 (A Mafia) - Armed Forces Officer - Night Killed, N3 - Game Abandoned.
  • Mini 167 (Les Miserables Mafia) - Cosette - Unnightkillable Townie - Committed Suicide, N2 (Marius died) - Scum won based on great play by gootentag.
  • Mini 169 (Basic Mafia) - Cowardly Goon - Vigged, N3 - Scum Wins (Talitha, NanookTheWolf and Maximumum). This may have been one of my best performances ever... I was nailed by the cop day one and managed to get the town to lynch the real cop and a cowardly doctor.)
  • Mini 181 (80's Music Mafia) - Tom Bailey - Doctor - Vigged, N1 - Scum wins based on terrible play by the vig (who acted as a SK)
  • Mini 182 (Not too Fancy) - Mafia Goon - Lynched, D3 - Pretty good performance here... After bandwagoned, managed to nightkill the Cop, lynch the Vig and nightkill the real doctor. - Game IN PROGRESS
  • Theme (Talk Show Host) - Ricki Lake - Naive Cop - Survived - Town Wins. Good performance by myself again, however, one of the few times I got incredibly frustrated with my fellow townies.
  • Theme (The Little Bookshop) - Parker Pyne Investigates - Good Book (Actual Role Withheld) - Murdered, N2 - Figured out Save the Dragons was scum based on Maximumum's puppy code.
  • Normal (Rival Turf) - Orange Vig - Lynched, D2 - Red mafia wins. Very off mutation on mafia, made my role into a modified SK role.
  • Newbie 113 - Mafia - Lone Survivor - Mafia wins (with Stam). Quite possibly my favorite game on Mafia Scum thus far. Included one of my favorite players (Mr. Flay) and really was a top quality game. Stam was a newbie with a great mafia head on his shoulders, especially with the
  • Mini 280

Games in Progress on MafiaScum

  • Theme (Alias Mafia) - Currently, N7
  • Mini 185 (Rockem Sockem) - Currently, N2
  • Mini 190 (Murphyville) - Currently, N1 (Started Day)
  • Mini 192 (Circus) - Currently, D1
  • Normal (Open Role) - Currently, D6
  • Newbie 441

Games currently Modding

  • Theme (Game Show Mafia) - N3
  • Mini 188 (Texas Hold'em Mafia) - D2
  • Mafia 64 (The New C9) - D2