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Magnaofillusion [1]


Kmd4390 Obv. [2][3][4]

Fate That setup. [5]

My Favorite Quotes:

"camn's death marks a turn of this game going to shit" - Fate

"When did camn become good enough to sheep?" - Thor665

"im going with dgbtown instead of dgbnuts and dgbscum because im 99% sure camn head would have prevented lolgambit regardless of alignment." - populartajo


CrimpingNoofball Incamnito camntsuki


The Resistance #1: 7p-- (Link)

Turn of camn-- (Link)

The Mod Is Mafia-- (Link)

Girls ♥ Girls 2, Mini's Apartment-- (Link)

Girls ♥ Girls -- (Link)

Newbie 1793 -- (Link)

Mini 1886: Accounting Mafia -- (Link)

Mini 1855: Questionable Content Mafia -- (Link)

Hunger Games II -- (Link)

Mini 1837: Family Mafia -- (Link)

Mini 1825 -- (Link)

Final Fantasy IX -- (Link)

The First Mafia -- (Link)

Kids TV Show Characters Mafia -- (Link)

Katsuki's Madness Prequel II -- (Link)

TTH's Summer Mafia -- (Link)

Kuribo in Wonderland -- (Link)

Mini 1792 - Baccano! Mafia -- (Link)

The Amazing World of Gumball -- (Link)

Mini 1777 -Varied Music Mafia -- (Link)

Star Wars - The Force Awakens -- (Link)

Mini 1758 -- (Link)

Shaman Mafia -- (Link)

Newbie 1671 -- (Link)


Mini 1466 -- Two Room Mafia II (Link)

The Wire - Season 1 (Link)

Ladies Night 2: No Cover (Link)

Name of the Wind (Link)

Newbie 1264 - Village of Ten (Link)

Lovers Mafia - The Heterosexual Revolution (Link)

Otters vs. Tigers vs. Sharks (Link)

Polite Mafia (Link)

Mini 1322 - Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season One (Link)

Zach's Insane Mafia World [6]

comparethemeerkat.mafia (Mini 1287) [7]

Mini 1276 - Village for 13 (Link)

xkcd mafia (Link)

Repo! The Genetic Mafia (Link)

Newbie 1112 (Link)

Mini 1171: Battlestar Galactica (Link)

Speed Mafia (Link)

Team Mafia: Aggressive Mind Games Mafia (Link)

Fringe Season 3 Mafia (Link)

Metropolis: Revisited (Link)

X-Files - The Truth is Out There Mafia (Link)

The Prisoner Mafia (Link)

The Return to Liten (Link)

Newbie 1019 (Link)

Hide and Seek Mafia (Link)

Ladies Night (Link)

The Wire Mafia (Link)

Mixology Mafia (Link)

Lovers 214 (Link)

Dirty Dirty South (Link)

Supreme Court Mafia (Link)

A Glitch in Time (Link)

Mafia with the Quickness (Link)

Newbie 815 (Link)

Brrr Mafia (Link)

Newbie 789 (Link)

Lovers 159 (Link)

Apennine Mafia (Link)

DHSDSM [8](Link)

Mafia in Ludd (Link)

cr3t1n's Mafia (Link)

Saving Nasubi (Link)

Open 122 - Near Vanilla (Link)

Pale Moon Risin' (Link)

One Flew Over a Cuckoo's Nest (Link)

Medieval Mafia (Link)

Open 108 Weak MD (Link)

Night Watch Open 95 (Link)

Tranquility (Link)

B.S.G. - The BaseStar (Link)

Troy, Meet Helen (Link)

Nice Shot! Mafia (Link)

Newbie 602 (Link)


camn's revenge (GOTY)(Link)

camn's apartment 2 (Link)

camn's temperamental (Link)

camn's apartment (Link)