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Commodore Amazing

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"Commodore Amazing should be lynched as quickly as possible."

Total Record: As town – 7-13. As mafia – 1-4. In other words, I am no longer amazingly average; I am somewhat bad. And getting worse.

Player Profile


No links yet, but I do have a list of all the games I've played. Feel free to edit this page with your comments on Commodore Amazing.

Bizarre Mafia #34 - Ralph Daniels - Couch Potato become Thief, mauled night 6 – Italian Circus mafia wins

PeaceCity Mafia #35 - Townie. Beheaded night 5 by Leonidas the vigilante. Mafia wins.

Dragon Mafia #38 - Western Dragon. Lynched Day 6. Pending.

Mafia #43 - Married to the Mob. Alive. Pending.

Mafia 45: Gambits II - Alive. Pending.

Mini #187 One-Shot Mafia - Mafia Cop. Killed Night 2. Town wins.

Mini #204 Fight Club Mafia – Mod abandoned.

Mini #207 Roleswap Mafia. Bad Man. Lynched Day 4. Town wins.

Mini #229 Townsperson. Killed Night 3. Mafia wins.

Mini #??? You Only Live Twice. Mason. Killed in endgame. SK (mason buddy) wins.

Mini #234 – Astuto-Umore. Fabia Ameche, beautiful Mafia daughter, lynched day one. Town wins.

Mini #237 – Basic Mafia. Townie. Lynched Day 4. Mafia wins.

Mini #238 – Destroy All Humans. Majestic Agent Bob Tinytuck - Sane Cop - Zapped Night 2. Alien Mafia wins.

Mini 248 - News Mafia. Alive. Pending.

Mini 249 - Alive. Pending.

Mini 253 - Killer7 Mafia. Samantha Sitbon, doctor, day-killed day one, resurrected, killed Night 6. Mafia wins.

Mini 257 - Inexperience Challenged Mafia. Alive. Pending.

Tri-Cities Mafia – North York Townie. Killed Night 3. Pending.

Muppet Show Mafia. Special Guest Star - good guy - mauled Night 2. Tie – Town and SK wins.

DP12 Jeepfest - Cadmium, one-shot vig, killed night 7. Town wins.

Silent Mafia – Lynched Day 3. Townie. Mafia wins.

MTG Weatherlight Mafia – Tsabo Tavoc, mafia goon, killed night 6. Town wins.

Roald Dahl Mafia – Alive. Pending.

BabyJ’s Wild West Mafia – Medic, Lynched Day 1. Wolves win.

SSB! Reenacts the Civil War! Mod Abandoned.

DP13 Bad Luck Mafia – Ghost finder, incinerated, Night 3. Pending.

Bad Idea Mafia - Killed Night 1. Townie. Pending.

Kirby Mafia - Alive. Pending.

TT; Book 1: Bible Verse Mafia - Alive. Pending.

Best of the Internet Mafia - Alive. Pending.

Mafiascum Alphabet Soup - Alive (replacing CaptainDuctTape). Pending.

Newbie 93 – Townie. Killed Night 1. Mafia wins.

Newbie 105 – Townie. Lynched Day 1. Town wins.

Newbie 112 – Mafia. Alive. Mafia wins.

Newbie 118 – Townie. Lynched Day 2. Mafia wins.

Newbie 125 – Townie. Killed Night 1. Town wins.

Newbie 130 – Townie. Alive. Town wins.

Newbie 133 – Doctor. Killed Night 2. Town wins.

Newbie 138 – Townie. Lynched Day 2. Mafia wins.

Newbie 156 - Townie. Killed in endgame. Mafia wins.

Newbie 166 - Cop. Killed Night 1. Pending.

newbie 177 - Alive. Pending.