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About Me

Greetings, and welcome to my page!

I've been playing Mafia since 2013. I started elsewhere (as noted below) but have found my niche in this beautiful place! I've found that Minis and Micros are my game size of choice, mostly because I tend to fall a bit behind and catching up on larger games can, quite frankly, be a bitch.

I always am here to have fun, and try not to take myself too seriously.

Had a short ride as Micro Listmod Oct '17 - Apr '18. It was an amazing experience!

The Comments Section

Say something nice or leave a quote or have fun here! Sign your edits please :)

Example: "I feel like Aristophanes is just so nice and cheery all that time that it's easy to mistake that for a scum coverup" - Aeronaut

Gorny was here. That Aristo guy is pretty cool, I'd play with him again :)

Hi mom! (No, Ari isn't my mom, I wanted to make the joke though. :^] ) - Kor


It's hard not to dive into Ari's pocket the moment he starts speaking to you. - Hectic