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Mafia 'scummer since May of 2008.

Games Modded

Mini 801: Kubrick Mafia

Outcome: Town Victory

Set Up: 3 Activating Goons (Romans), 1 Activated Cop (Spartacus), 1 Seeking Mason (Fan), 7 Extras (French Townies)

Comments: The scum misread their PMs which weakened them undoubtly but that shouldn't detract from the very good play be the town in the game.

Mini 854: Dice Mafia

Outcome: Town Victory

Set Up: 2 special Goons, 3 Vanilla Townies, 1 Special Townie

Comments: I agree that the Dice Mechanics didn't make much of a difference but it was a nice experiment and I'm very glad I moderated this game.

Mafia 99: Killers Mafia

Outcome: Setial Killer Victory

Set Up: 2 Mafia Goons, 2 Mafia Goons, 1 Serial Killer, 8 Townies

Comments: An interesting game where the town played kind of awful but the Serial Killer's scum hunting ability allowed him to get the win. Though the set up is kind of swingy the game as it was played didn't turn out that way which is good.

Mini 1097: Simple Mafia

Outcome: Mafia Victory

Set Up: 1 Mafia Don that suffers from heart problems, 1 Mafia Goon, 7 Vanilla Townies

Comments: The outcome on Day 1 where the special scum mechanics were unable to be used (The goon didn't even get their even night vig claim out) was kinda disapointing but Nacho managed to pull the cat out of the bag.