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Iammars 1001.jpg
1001.jpg This user plays Mafia. (Talk)

A somewhat new player to Mafiascum, he is a nerd who hopes to find evil in his numbers. Also responsible for the creation of BrainMcQueso. Please note: There is no "e" in Iammars.

Playing Record

Theme Games

Name Mod Role Death Result W/L/D
Game Show Mafia LoudmouthLee Vanna White (Random Ability) Killed N4 SK (Baby Jesus) Wins L
The Little Bookshop Phoebus The Mousetrap (Trapper) Killed D4 Town Wins W
BJ's Wild West Mafia Baby Jesus Preacher (Double Voter who couldn't accept Challenges) Killed N5 Wolves (mlaker, SSB!, Fritzler, draygn_mage, stark, Zippy) Wins L
Civilization Mafia SinisterOverlord Smoke Jaguar, of the Mayans (Town Civilization) Killed N3 Town Wins W
SSB! Reenacts the Civil War! SSB! Slave Escaped N1 Mod Abandoned W
Silent Mafia 2 mith Vanilla Townie Lynched D1 Mafia (rajrhcpfreak, LoudmouthLee, LyingBrian, inHimshallibe) Wins L
DP13 Bad Luck Mafia Dragon Phoenix Ladder Placer (Mafia Goon) Killed N5 Mafia (Coron, Fuldu, TonyMontana/BrianMcQueso, Iammars) Wins W
Nativity Mafia Mr. Flay Mithras, an Old God (SK) Lynched D4 Town Wins L
Firefly Mafia Phoebus Capt Mal Reynolds (Sane Cop) Lynched D2 SK (Fuldu) Wins L
PookyMafia2 PookyTheMagicalBear ??? ??? Ormdandarina Wins ?
Thy Mod is God Mafia darquiel and Schrade Town MUP Killed N3 Town Wins W
ScumChat Mafia Fritzler Tallyvision (Observor Mafia Doc) Killed N3 SK (Baby Jesus) Wins L
Choose Your Role Mafia Commodore Amazing Standard Mafia Goon Lynched D1 Christmahannukwanzadan Mafia (Mastermind of Sin, PookytheMagicalBear, the silent speaker, Fritzler) Wins L
Best of the Internet Mafia bluejay Salad Fingers (Random Cop) Killed N1 Cult Wins L
Fritz's Fav Fictional Figures Fest Fritzler Humbert Humbert (???) Killed N3 Still Going ?
Prophecy Mafia JDodge Unknown Still Alive Still Going ?
Penalty Box Mafia - Hawks Foolster41 Unknown Still Alive Still Going ?
Doctor Who Mafia Battle Mage K9, Fixed (Mason) Killed N2 Town Wins W
Thespival Mafia Thesp Unknown Still Alive Still Going ?
Weather Mafia Glork Unknown Still Alive Still Going ?
Pirates v. Ninjas Mafia Mr Stoofer Unknown Still Alive Still Going ?


Name Mod Role Death Result W/L/D
Normal 33 (Checkmate Mafia) AndrewS White Pawn (Townie) Lynched D4 White Town Wins W
Normal 34 (Bizzare Mafia) big_kahunia Sapo (Circus Mafia Doctor) Killed N3 Circus Mafia Wins W
Normal 35 (Peacecity I: Not Your Mother's Mafia) PeaceBringer Defense Lawyer (Evil Role Cop & Vote Manipulator & Searching Mafia Traitor) Lynched D2 Mafia Wins L
Normal 36 (Open Role XL) SpeedyKQ Cop Killed N8 Town Wins W
Normal 39 (Back to Gambits) Cadmium Werewolf Killed N4 Town Wins L

Open Games

Name Mod Role Death Result W/L/D
Picking Simplicity mneme Vanilla Townie Lynched D7 Still Playing ?


Name Mod Role Death Result W/L/D
Mini 159 (Medival Mafia) Maximus Blacksmith (Vanilla Townie) Lynched D1 Mafia (Seol, vikingfan, Internet Stranger) Wins L
Mini 155 (Animafia) inHimshallibe Rhino (Townie+) Killed N2 SK (rolandofthewhite) Wins L
Mini 163 (A Mafia) Mastermind of Sin Advertisement Coneyancer (Vanilla Townie) Lynched D2 Mod Abandoned ?
Mini 166 (Dodecamafia) Mr. Flay Atypical Gamer (Vanilla Townie) Lynched D1 Town Wins W
Mini 168 (Item Mafia) Crola English Teacher (Post-Restricted Townie & Can Use Another Item) Killed N2 Mafia (Locus Cosecant, Assassin, armlx) Wins L
Mini 172 (Space Transport Mafia) Locus Cosecant Gambler (Random Nightchoice Redirector) Endgame'd Mafia (Omniplex/Thesp, Quailman, Mastermind of Sin) Wins L
Mini 185 (Rock'em Sock'em Robots Mafia) inHimshallibe Screamin' Orange Demon --- Mod Abandoned ?
Mini 188 (Texas Holdem Mafia) LoudmouthLee 72o Beer Hand (Unlynchable/Buy a Beer) Folded N2 Mafia (Dranko20, Thok, EmpTyger) Wins L
Mini 226 (Seal Mafia?) Untrod Tripod Seal (Vanilla Townie) Endgame'd Mafia (Dragon Phoenix, Jabroni2000, Nightfall) Win L
Mini 228 (Super Smash Brothers Melee Mafia) Commodore Amazing Nana (Mason + Lover) Suicide D4 Town Wins W
Mini 229 (No Name Mafia) EmpTyger Poisoner (Delayed SK) Killed N2 Mafia (Mr. Stoofer, Dragon Phoenix, shelper) Wins L
Mini 230 (Color Mafia) GreenLiquid Khaki (Fencesitter turned Naive Cop) Killed N5 Town Wins W
Mini 232 (Friends and Enemies) Thesp Mason Killed N3 Mafia (Jentsu, Brian McQueso/Thok, darquiel) Wins L
Mini 246 (Unknown Role Mafia) Changling bob Patroned by Wilhelm the Destroyerer (Mafia Goon) Lynched D4 Mod Abandoned ?
Mini 255 (Raj's Freaktown) rajrhcpfreak Andy (Special Win Condition Townie) Killed N2 Town Wins L
Mini 256 (Peanuts Mafia) mlaker Rerun (Mafia) Lynched D3 Town Wins L
Mini 257 (Inexperience Challenged Mafia) Norinel Mafia Lynched D3 Town Wins L
Mini 265 (hAx0rz MaF1a) spork76 n00b Mafia Goon --- Mod Abandoned ?
Mini 501 (Illustrated Mafia) undo Unemployed (Vanilla Townie) Survived Town Wins W
Mini 517 (Tree Stump Mafia) Thok Vanila Townie Killed N3 Town Wins W
Mini 541 (Alcoholics Anonymous Mafia) Nocmen Unknown Still Alive Still Playing ?


Name Mod Role Death Result W/L/D
Newbie 80 mathcam Townie Lynched D1 Town Wins W
Newbie 86 (Brass Cup Mafia) Save the Dragons Townie Survived Town Wins W
Newbie 96 (Flying Cow Mafia) Save the Dragons Mafia Lynched D3 Town Wins L
Newbie 107 (Surprise! Mafia) Save the Dragons Mafia Lynched D1 Town Wins L
Newbie 135 (Stick Figure Mafia) Brian McQueso Doctor Endgame'd Mafia (Seol, awear) Wins L
Newbie 139 (Regular Ol' Mafia) MeMe Townie Survived Town Wins W
Newbie 161 MeMe Townie Lynched D3 Mafia (Sineish, VitaminR) Wins L
Newbie 545 Thok ?? ?? ?? ??


Mars Games

Name Game Type Status/End Result
Mars 1/Mini 200 (Mafia Site Mafia) Mini Normal Town Wins
Mars 2/Mini 243 (We Didn't Start the Fire Mini Mafia) Mini Theme Scandal Mafia (rajrhcpfreak and Tamuz) win
Mars 3 (Weasel Mafia) Theme Day 2
Mars 4/Mini 544 (Keyboard Mafia) Mini Theme Day 3

Non-Mars Games

Name Game Type Status/End Result
Normal 38 (Dragon Mafia) Normal Town Wins
Newbie 156 (Welcome to Llamaland!) Newbie Mafia (Mr. Flay and bethelmark) win
JPMM Industries Welcomes You to Newbie 162 Newbie Town Wins
Newbie 170 (Lunchbox 3000) Newbie Town Wins
Newbie 181 (The Cassette Tape Player's Convention) Newbie Mafia (Jimmy the Rez and Poker) win
Newbie 221 (Return of the Cheese) Newbie Mafia (Atticus and Thesp) win
Fritz's Fav Fictional Figures Faction Fest Theme Day 3
Newbie 524 (Lunchtime Mafia) Newbie Day 3
Newbie 533 (MafiaTV - Episode 1) Newbie Day 2
Newbie 534 (MafiaTV - Episode 2) Newbie Day 2


Please note that this section doesn't include any game where the W/L/D column is marked with a '?'.

Closed Games


Role Name Theme Normal Mini
Investigative Town Roles
Cop 2 1 0
Trapper 1 0 0
Cornholer 0 0 1
Other Night Choice Town Roles
Random Ability Townie 2 0 0
Searching Townie 0 0 1
Mason-Type Town Roles
Mason 1 0 1
Mason/Lover 0 0 1
No Night Choice Town Roles
Double Voter 1 0 0
Generic Townie 2 1 6
Townie w/ Information 0 0 1
Post-Restricted Townie 0 0 1
Nexus 0 0 1
Anti-Town Roles
Mafia Goon 2 1 4
Mafia Doctor 1 1 0
Mafia Role Cop/Traitor 0 1 0
SK 1 0 0
Day SK 0 0 1
Neutral Roles
Slave 1 0 0
Fencesitter 0 0 1