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Joined mafiascum on the 19th of June, 2005.

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Blackberry is just plain awesome. ~ Fritzler

History Of The Berry Kingdom:

In a far off land, where berries roamed, a war was taking place. In the past, the berries had all gotten along. They were friendly and kept their distance from berries different than themselves. But peace could not be kept for long. King Blackberry of the Blackberry Kingdom was fighting a war with the Cherries. The evil Queen Cherry had become greedy and attempted to attack the Blackberries in hopes of taking over their kingdom. But her attempt had failed, the Blackberries, along with their allies, had defeated her nasty Cherry army. Luckily for Queen Cherry, she avoided capture before her kingdom had collapsed.

Now, Queen Cherry has plotted her revenge. She has begun to sneak her evil Cherries into the Blackberry Villages and murder them one-by-one. King Blackberry knew she would make such a vicious attempt, so he called upon his allies once more for aid. He called upon the Blueberries, King Blackberry’s oldest ally. The Blueberries were known for their extensive caring, they had mastered a magical blessing to heal wounded and damaged berries. King Blackberry also called upon the Strawberries, known for their high instinct and ability to discover their true enemies.

When news got around that the Cherries were planning on attacking the bigger villages, King Blackberry began recruiting new berries to join his fight against the evil Queen Cherry’s minions. New allies were hesitant on entering the war. Would they answer King Blackberry’s request and aid them in the Blackberries’ battles? Or would new enemies appear from the dark shadows?

King ReaperCharlie, in the far-off magical kingdom of Unicornucopia, heard of the treacherous Queen Cherry's plot to end King Blackberry's life. Stomping his hooves on the cement of his castle in anger at the backstabbing Queen, he immediately dispatched four of his best SPARTANicorn Agents (Stefunny, Fuben, HamboBlank, and Eupascupa), to protect the neighboring king. He also instructed his most trusted Unicorn Assassin (Fritzler) to dispatch the enemy Queen. If there was a fight going on, then the Unicorns as well were going to war.