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Kublai Khan

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Slack. Does not like to take definite stances. Sensual. Likes the way things feel. Touches everything in the stores. Enjoys little polymer figurines, but has bought very few, if any. Goes with the flow. Sometimes, thinks things are going over his head. Prefers cumulo-nimbus to stratus. A dreamer and introvert, loves cartoons. An easy manner with people. Not complicated. Will have a nice epitaph on his gravestone. People like him but sometimes they don't notice him. More mature than his biological age suggests. -- From Dripping Goofball's analysis of my handwriting.


Alignment W L Other Win%
Mafia 4 3 0 57%
Town 6 10 1 35%
Other 1 0 0 100%

Role # W L Other Win%
Cop 1 1 0 0 100%
Mafia Bus Driver 1 1 0 0 100%
Cultist 1 1 0 0 100%
Custom Mafia Power Role 2 1 1 0 50%
Mafia Goon 4 2 2 0 50%
Vanilla Townie 13 5 7 1 38%
Town Commuter 1 0 1 0 0%
Doctor 1 0 1 0 0%
Hider 1 0 1 0 0%


Played Game History

Name of Game Moderator Role Outcome Personal Outcome SWA Time Alive Comments
Newbie Game 648 Vel-Rahn Koon Vanilla Townie Lost Lynched Day 3 0/1 27 Days Replaced in Day 2. Funny to read this old game. My opening replacing post was way off on scum-reads. Xejon unfairly tunneled me based on my predecessor's actions, but I probably didn't do enough to try to shake him. Had a good bead on one scum, but they got replaced by Pesco47. Overall the game was plagued by low activity.

Playerlist: Alabaska J, EGL, Gorrad, Meji Fan, Pesco47, Scarlett O, Xejon, Xtoxm

Newbie 660 Cephrir Vanilla Townie Lost Killed Night 3 1/3 78 Days Replaced in Day 1. Despite the high number of replacements (which is a constant problem with Newbie games), this game ended up being pretty memorable for me mostly for mykonian's play. Myk replaced riboflavin who had fakeclaimed cop. Myk unclaimed cop then the next day *re-claimed* cop and got the real cop lynched. Kudos to the mafia team for doing a great job keeping the townies confused.

Playerlist: Azimuth, bionicchop2, charter, Jahudo, Jazzmyn, Ku_F, MacacityLock, mykonian

Prisoner's Dilemma Mafia II Machiavellian-Mafia Vanilla Townie Lost Killed Night 2 -/- 66 Days Original Player. Frustratingly bad game for town. The PD mechanic tempted the town into gaining powers, but scum pretty much massacred us. I ended up dying Night 2 because they thought I might be a vig. Not a good game to revisit.

Playerlist: Abstract Actuary, Albert B. Rampage, CounselWolf, Dr Pepper, DrippingGoofball, Ectomancer, Empking, English Argo, freeko, [[hp [leaves]]], jakep, killa seven, Lowell, Moratorium, Narsis, ortolan, Percy, Plum, RossWilliam, SlySly, solorpg, Stephoscope, zachattack, zwetschenwasser

Newbie Game 691 Claus Vanilla Townie Won Killed Night 2 0/2 84 Days Original player. Good game that was marred by a replacements. I really liked Chiarosicada's use of theory questions to kick start the game after the RVS. The town was very aggressive and into this game. It resulted in a couple of mislynches (that I unfortunately helped along), but eventually we stopped ourselves from lynching Budja and Budja ended up being the town's best asset in the end. Fun game with lots of activity (eventually) and great reasoned arguments.

Playlist: Budja, Chiarosicada, iamausername, julienvonwolfe, Pik, Spolium, Taffy Foxbat, Tisp

Open 96 - Carbon 14 -TinVision- Seer Won Killed Night 2 0/2 21 Days Original Player. Carbon-14 setup. Weird fast game that I'm surprised we won. After we mislynched the cop on Day 1 thanks to Natirasha's random hammering fetish, the scum team tried a gambit of fakeclaiming scum with a guilty on the other. I hesitated in counter-claiming and the town quicklynched the "guilty" scum. StrangerCoug just gave up on the last day. Town just kinda failed itself to victory.

Playerlist: Crazy, Natirasha, ortolan, popsofctown, StrangerCoug, Xtoxm

Mini 699 - Insane Asylum Mafia forbiddanlight Vanilla Townie Won Survived 2/3 63 days Replaced in Day 4.

Playerlist: corporate, Corvuus, Crazy, farside22, Hoopla, Korlash, LlamaFluff, Mirth, populatajo, Shadowgirl, SlySly

Mini 711 - Thursday Nxt: Lost in a Good Book Mafia Dean Harper Vanilla Townie Abandoned Abandoned 0/1 64 days Original Player. Unfortunately we had to vote to abandon this game. Dean Harper was having a hell of a time getting replacements over the holiday period. Anytime anyone was a top suspect, they would flake out and disappear. The game lost all steam and everybody just grew bored of it. I had 2/3 scum pegged by Day 2 though.

Playerlist: Aoshi, imaginality, TAX, Knight of Cydonia, ortolan, Firestarter, Badguy, Pesco47, Porkens, Soveliss, Pug89

Mini 773: Welcome to Lynchville! afatchic Vanilla Townie Won Survived 1/2 58 days Original Player. Fun game. I went very antagonistic and confrontational to draw attention and it worked. After toughing it out, I got the town on my side and we got the proper people lynched. This game did suffer from a few VIs and long lags but we refused to abandon it.

Playerlist: cateraction, Archaist, hohum, Skruffs, RedCoyote, qwints, Johnny Rotten, Albert B. Rampage, BrianMcQueso, Light-kun, alexhans

Mini 786: Disney-Dreamworks Mafia LlamaFluff Mafia Bus Driver Won Lynched Day 3 n/a 53 days Original Player. One of my first scum roles. I did okay, but I claimed badly (town version of my role) and ended up dying. Props to Green Crayons for winning the game.

Playerlist: farside22, StrangerCoug, Panzerjager, MafiaSSK, semioldguy, Gorrad, OhGodMyLife, sam.samhorn, Green Crayons, Crazy, Kmd4390

Newbie 740 Mirth Vanilla Townie Lost Endgamed 0/2 58 days Original Player. Oof.. Flubbed this one bad. scum-EK was town in another newbie game (751) and scum-Korlash replaced a VI so I just didn't do a good job. Ah well.

Playerlist: Korlash, elvis_knits, Miss Rin, q21, Ion67, Sjakmachien, AK, Nyx

Newbie 742 iamausername Mafia Goon Lost Lynched Day 2 n/a 24 days Replaced in Day 2. Aw, man. The first mastin game. Lots of walls of text all to fight off a guilty result on me. Failed to prevent my lynch though, but had a fun time trying.

Playerlist: Jeffcole1, AceMarksman, ppp973, Maturin24, Xtoxm, Datadanne, Empking, Mastin

Newbie 751 Mirth Vanilla Townie Lost Lynched Day 2 0/1 56 days Original Player. Major thing I remember from this game is that Zorblag is so very good.

Playerlist: strappado, Zorblag, hasdgfas, Diamondilium, elvis_knits, don_johnson, Archon, Apokalyptika

/in-vitational 3: Brass & Shrapnel Korts Mafia Goon Lost Lynched Day 3 n/a 50 days Original Player. Was really bummed about this game. My first /in-vitational and the playerlist list was really good, but everyone lurked so damn much that it wasn't much fun.

Playerlist: Budja, curiouskarmadog, Quagmire, hasdgfas, molestargazer, Porochaz, MacavityLock, Porochaz II

Mini 831: The Town Council of Millicent MacavityLock Vanilla Townie Lost Killed Night 3 1/2 33 days Replaced in Day 1. Was frustrating to replace a role that I thought had obv-towned, because nobody else seemed to have noticed. Didn't keep up with the game after I died, but kudos to Plum for winning.

Playerlist: Plum, brothernature, ThAdmiral, Kill-kill, Lord Gurgi, chamber, crazypianist1116, ~Jordan`, Casey, Battle Mage, Ythill

Mafia 96: Murder in Emerald City iamausername Mafia Goon Won Survived n/a 80 days Original Player. One of my most favorite games. Fake-claimed miller on Day 1, worked with a fantastic scum team to get a near-perfect victory. Source of my title.

Playlist: Faraday, SerialClergyman, Sotty7, elvis_knits, Konowa, MafiaMann, Kise, ZazieR, Mufasa, Mastin, ckool5000, VP Baltar, Empking's Alt, Namttam, roflcopter, molestargazer, Lowell, Hayker, curiouskarmadog, SpyreX, Kmd4390, Xylthixlm, Wickedestjr

The Dark Goma Mafia curiouskarmadog Mafia Mailman Lost Killed Night 1 n/a 18 days Original Player. I didn't really play that well, then I got vigged Night 1. Bah.

Playlist: VP Baltar, Sajin, LlamaFluff, chamber, SpyreX, Snow_Bunny, Vaya, stark, Kise, SocioPath, Elmo, Benmage, milkshake, Battle Mage, Plum, tubby216, Papa Zito, SerialClergyman, dramonic, vollkan, DrippingGoofball, KaleiÐoscøpe, populartajo, Kmd4390, Deathnote, ~Jordan'

Open 176 - Night Watch Kaiveran Mafia Goon Won Lynched Day 3 n/a 39 days Original Player. Good scum game. The hypo-hider strategy really hurt us (causing two scum lynches), but dramonic won the game for scum like a boss.

Playerlist: dramonic, Debonair Danny DiPietro, Sleepless Assassin, hewitt, DeathRowKitty, Scien, RayFrost, charter, Octupis, Dragonfly13, Adel

Mini 857 Disney Movie Mafia 2 - The Classics LlamaFluff Mafia Tracker/Watcher Won Survived n/a 25 days Replaced in Day 2. Fun game that had some unfortunate hurt feelings towards the end. Jazzmyn & I made a great scum-team.

Playerlist: Starbuck, Crazy, semioldguy, Jazzmyn, kmd4390, MonkeyMan576, chamber, Neopi, Gorrad, StrangerCoug, curiouskarmadog

Blackest Night Mafia danakillsu Cultist (was VT) Won Killed Night 4 2/4 36 days Original Player. Pfft.. Controversial game for sure. Early play was bad on my part but I got better as time wore on. Then I got recruited. Then we won. (setup was pretty unbalanced in cult's favor)

Playerlist: MagnaofIllusion, Andrius, Dekes, The Stove, toogeloo, kdub, Guderian, dramonic, xRECKONERx, Vi, Katsuki, Plum, Starbuck, Stephoscope, Fate, xvart, SpyreX, SensFan, Jack, nopointinactingup, AlmasterGM, tanstalas, Kast, KageLord

Road to WrestleMania Mafia Locke Lamora Vanilla Townie Won Killed Night 4 3/4 57 days Original Player. Loved the way that the theme really dictated play. No quoting, word limit, no double-posting. Really made for a fast-paced game where you had to think about your posts properly. Good playerlist too.

Playerlist: Internet Stranger, Erratus Apathos, Baby Spice, chesskid3, jediknight, Trendall, Empking, GMan, sottyrulez, Lowell, AurorusVox, Furcolow, thor665, SnakePlissken, jasonT1981, vezokpiraka, VP Baltar, Nero Cain, Hoppster, bristep123, Scott Brosius, Primate, Kise, VasudeVa, Debonair Danny DiPietro, Gobots

Metropolis: Revisited ReaperCharlie Doctor Lost Killed Day 7 4/6 51 days Original Player. Controversial RC game (again). Didn't like the theme and the restrictive rules, though it caused the scum teams to fall apart and give themselves away. Props to magua for the excellent SK win.

Playerlist: Magua, Untrod Tripod, DrippingGoofball, AGar, Nachomamma8, ThAdmiral, AlmasterGM, curiouskarmadog, MagnaofIllusion, Baby Spice, Bunnylover, Toogeloo, Lady Lambdadelta, KageLord, Hrezs, Exe, Plum, Mute, camn, Kise, StrangerCoug, Kast, Albert B. Rampage

American Gods Mafia Jahudo Vanilla Townie Lost Lynched Day 4 1/4 38 days Original Player. I played very badly, however other townies played worse and lost the game. So it goes.

Playerlist: 00iCon, vezokpiraka, Ythill, Saint, Seacore, AGar, ooba, MagnaofIllusion, Locke Lamora, Apokalyptika, Llamafluff, Fate, OhGodMyLife, LynchMePls, farside22, A Gaggle of Geese, WrathChild

Mini 1088: Cookie Thief Mafia FakeGod Hider Lost Killed Night 1 0/1 17 days Original Player. First game back after a hiatus. Went for unknown players and got a surprising amount of VIs. Kinda crashed and burned.

Playerlist: PoisonIvy, drmyshottyizsik, Zed, lewarcher82, Elleran, Darox, Furcolow, andrew94, Llarmarble, don_johnson, RobCapone

Open 290 - Double Day Stephoscope Vanilla Townie Won Survived 2/2 14 days Replaced in Day 2. Town was cruising towards a win and I led one lynch-wagon on scum, then thankfully comprimised on the last lynch (because I was way off).

Playerlist: Number58, Toogeloo, Hiraki, Lady Lambdadelta, silverbullet999, bvoigt, Nachomamma8, Furcolow, singersigner, Nikanor, Meransiel, Apokalyptika, pod person, Twistedspoon, Nobody Special

Open 308 - Gurgi EC8 Bella Weak Cop Lost Killed Night 2 1/2 26 days Original Player. Fun little game with a top-notch playerlist. Too bad about the end. Town got speedlynched by town, but town didn't put up much of a defense.

Playerlist: DrippingGoofball, Oman, Empking, Amrun, Korts, Cyberbob, Archaist

Fall of the Matrix Mastermind of Sin Mailman Survivor Lost Lynched Day 4 n/a 65 days Original Player. I liked the game, but hated the role. As a survivor I didn't want to scum-hunt so well that scum would kill me, or scum-hunt so badly that town would lynch. I used my mailman ability as best I could, but I got tracked doing it and that was the end of me.

Playerlist: DeathNote, Albert B. Rampage, Kison, Surye, Amrun, creampuffeater, vezokpiraka, Death Ninja, Internet Stranger, Yosarian2, LlamaFluff, HezLucky, MrBuddyLee, Toon Fighter, bristep123, Primate, Cogito Ergo Sum, dramonic, Ranmaru, Medicated Lain, Porochaz, BrianMcQueso, SensFan, Zindaras

Mafia Invictus Vi Vengeful Townie Lost Killed Night 1 0/1 2 days Original Player. Short game for me. Tried to create a confirmed town, but it didn't work out. Oh well.

Playerlist: Baby Spice, Ban, Benmage, DrippingGoofball, Duplicity, Fate, Gut, Hinduragi, danceHello, MagnaofIllusion, Nautilius, Gammagooey, silavor, SpyreX, Tarhalindur, Amrun, VitaminR, Zachrulez

Mystery Box Mafia Seraphim Serial Killer (was VT) Lost Killed Night 2 n/a 11 days Replaced in Night 1. I replaced Yami-Chan. I chose to become a SK, but quickly got killed the next night because I was way too actively scum-hunting. Lesson learned.

Playerlist: Gammagooey, CSL, Lady Lambdadelta, Hoopla, Mastermind of Sin, Toon Fighter, bvoigt, xvart, Primate, DeityKabuto, Rikana, DeathNote, CooLDoG, Empking, MagnaofIllusion, SpyreX, Junox, LobsterCatapult, Neruz, danakillsu, inHimshallibe, ReaperCharlie, hohum, Robocopter87

New York 134: Planet of Hats Wraith Vanilla Townie Lost Killed Night 2 0/0 3 days Replaced in Day 2. Came in. Said hi. Got killed. Bah.

Playlist: xRECKONERx, Tomie Uzumaki, kryptinen, Knight of Cydonia, JDGA, 65536, SleepyKrew, Auckmid Zebronic, Thor665, FourseenCircumstance, Taro, Palisade, PeregrineV, NobodySpecial, bvoigt, DrippingGoofball, VinegarEater, Amrun, Celebloki, DeityKabuto, chkballin

Large Normal 132: Desert Mafia Untrod Tripod Mafia Goon Lost Lynched Day 4 n/a 40 days Original Player. Oh fuck. This game was a heart-breaker. Our scum powerrole got lynched day 1 and cleared half the town. Did the best I could, and got two townies lynched before I ran out of breathing room. It was a doomed cause.

Playerlist: Skyquiem, gorilla, Hiraki, Pine, Empking, RisingPhoenix, Ranmaru, inHimshallibe, mastin2, DeityKabuto, xRECKONERx, Silver1337, Slaxx, Scott Brosius

The Aftermath Max Mafia Traitor Won Survived n/a Unknown Original Player. Tigers ate the last of the game, which is a shame because the finish was great. I claimed mason with scum-mate with elvis_knits and was believed. Fate and SpyreX were near-confirmed for bad reasons, so we got a big scum win.

Playerlist: chunkykev, DrippingGoofball, elvis_knits, Fate, Lowell, Seraphim, SpyreX, xRECKONERx, Zdenek, Sleepless Assassin, SocioPath, Rhinox, springlullaby, Hinduragi, Hoppster, kuribo, Shattered Viewpoint, Ellibereth, Katsuki, Pine

Newbie 1098: Trouble in Trieste ReaperCharlie Vanilla Townie Lost Killed Night 4 1/3 33 days. Original Player. Props to SleepyKrew. He totally hoodwinked me as scum. Was way too cocky.

Playerlist: SleepyKrew, Twistedspoon, Faraday, Regfan, pikajens, dramonic, Redcolbalt, swankidelic

Animal Rescue petsPick zoraster JOAT Serial Killer Won! Survived n/a 53 days Original Player. Definitely in my top games. SK win against really good opposition. Won a scummie for it in fact.

Playerlist: xvart, Quilford, saulres, Vi, glowball, JasonT1981, Sotty7, Amrun, Debonair Danny DiPietro, Llamarble, VP Baltar, Cogito Ergo Sum, lewarcher82, xRECKONERx, Ghostlin

Mini 1253 - They're Taking the Hobbits to Isengard Mafia Andrius Mafia Role Cop / Copycat Won Survived n/a 11 days Original Player. Honestly, this game was a pleasure to watch scum-Fate and 3rd-party lyncher SpyreX team up and decimate town. I rode coat-tails for a scum victory as town imploded in a town-sided game. Fun Fun Fun.

Playlist: Fate, xvart, Shadow Dancer, Duplicity, gandalf5166, Katy, scooby, mockingjaye, SpyreX, esuriospiritus, Parama, Amrun

War in Heaven III Mr. Flay Modified Watcher Abandoned Abandoned n/a unknown Original Player. Game was lost in the Tiger crash. Was a monster of a game though and I played poorly.

Playlist: Half the damn site

Quack Mafia Mastermind of Sin Jailkeeper Won Killed Night 5 3/5 60 days Original Player. ugh. Was over-whelmed with two many large themes. But I did check back in and uncover the last two scum. Lynched one, but got killed. The town let the other live. Fortunately there was a mod-error and we got the win back. Loved the setup, though.

Playlist: manho, MattP, mafia-n00b, mykonian, Bunnylover, Paranoid Daycop, Trojan Horse, kdowns, Maruchan, BK201, mneme, Nobody Special, Seanald, Ranmaru, Wraith, drmyshotgun, for myself

TM2012: Scummies 2011.5 Lost Butterfly Vanilla Townie Lost Lynched Day 3 1/3 28 days Original Player. Team Mafia game (I was partnered with kuribo, Amrun, & Untrod Tripod). I am not proud of my play. MOI tunnelled on me for my bad Day 1 play and it was all a mess of town vs. town vs. town. Reck picked up the pieces and won. Bah.

Playerlist: xRECKONERx, Captain Ajax, The Fonz, Magua, Quilford, hitogoroshi, theamatuer, MagnaofIllusion, T-Bone, Slandaar, BBmolla Zar (Endgamed Day 6)

Mini 1346: Flavorless Mafia Amrun Mafia Framer Won Survived n/a 36 days Replaced in Day 1. Was scum with Junpei and together we worked really well to get the perfect victory. Really enjoyable solid scum win.

Playerlist: Rainbowdash, Slaxx, Junpei, FatCat, farside22, Tammy, Ellibereth, roflcopter

NY 151: Playground Mafia PeregrineV Vanilla Townie Lost Killed Night 2 0/2 36 days Original Player. Welp. Not a good town game. Didn't read much after I died, but my reads weren't great. First ever town game with Mastin though.

Playerlist: Psyche, VisMaior, FakeGod, OhGodMyLife, RachMarie, rack, Quilford, DLG, Code_X, Benmage, Seacore, maxwell, HezLucky, drmyshotgun, Nero Cain, redFF, Antihero, mastin2, Lady Lambdadelta, Fallman7, Maxous, vijay2vasandani, StrangerCoug

Modding Experience

Game Players Win Length
Open 124 (2:10 Bugs Bunny) Grimmy, dejkha, Zachrulez, Cephrir, AndyTony, madeofphail, millar13, roflcopter, Empking, Pablo Molinero, zwetschenwasser, Giuseppe Mafia 1 month, 10 days, 22 hours, 36 minutes or 850 posts
Newbie 783 Debonair Danny DiPietro, Katy, tracker, Pablo Molinero, Iecerint, MichelSableheart, semioldguy, Kitoari, Brandi Mafia 2 months, 17 days, 5 hours, 36 minutes or 567 posts
Mini 836: Commie Mafia charter, Raskol, Cyberbob, SerialClergyman, Col. Cathart, Hoopla, Debonair Danny DiPietro, mathcam, Peabody, Talitha, SensFan, Socrates Town 2 months, 9 days, 17 hours, 50 minutes or 1581 posts
Newbie 854 Albert B. Rampage, esuriospiritus, HackerHuck, havingfitz, hexsixsic6, odde, RPG*Twilight, Sotty7, Veridian Cleric Mafia 1 months, 28 days, 17 hours, 20 minutes or 591 posts
Newbie 1054 AntB, HearTheLightning, silverbullet999, Andrius, Mist7676, God Is Dead, ThePurposeOfArt, Guybrush, Valern Mafia 2 months, 3 days, 10 hours, 53 minutes or 625 posts
Mafia 125: Khan's Game of Mafia iamausername, Gorrad, werewolf555, farside22, Xalxe, Chevre, Xtoxm, curiouskarmadog, nocase, inHimshallibe, Dutch one, yabbaguy, Kmd4390, DrippingGoofball, Cyberbob, Fate, Korlash, Starbuck, RedCoyote, The Fonz, PokerFace Mafia 4 months, 11 days, 11 hours, 29 minutes or 2310 posts