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"If I play with madness, will it consume me?" -self-created motto of life

Prelude to Mafiascum

SaintKerrigan joined Mafiascum on September 6th, 2009, just a couple days after his birthday. At the time, his confidence in playing mafia was at an all-time low, having just been booted off of a private website for being a disruptive and generally not-fun-to-play-with person. Every game he had been in on that site he had also played very poorly, and the one game he modded had such low interest, the mafia won by simply not talking.

The Early Days

Needless to say, SaintKerrigan was aiming for redemption, at least in his own eyes, when he signed up for his first mafia game on Mafiascum, Newbie #842. As it turned out, the game he joined happened to be a special game, populated by veterans of the game. Despite feeling overwhelmed by the level of talent he was playing with, SaintKerrigan managed to do an IC-caliber posting job on Day 1, even successfully lynching a scumbag. Things went somewhat downhill on Days 2 and 3, after he was involved in the quicklynch of a townie on Day 2 and was largely responsible for getting the IC, Albert B. Rampage, lynched on Day 3. On Day 4, he successfully identified the final scum. Alas, his mistakes on Days 2 and 3 were too much for him to overcome, and SaintKerrigan was lynched on Day 4. Despite this, he felt confident in his final day play, combined with a strong Day 1, that he would be able to continue playing the game of mafia.

The first scum game SaintKerrigan played was Newbie #849 (which he'd replaced into), and he nearly won it, despite having to lynch his own partner on Day 2. If not for a fresh replacement who saw what he was up to, SaintKerrigan would've likely walked away with a victory under his belt. Alas, it was not to be. But SaintKerrigan felt even more confident in his play after his strong performance in Newbie #849.

Not long after the scum loss, SaintKerrigan earned his first victory as scum in Open #177. Replacing into a tricky game, SaintKerrigan went from being highly suspicious to seeming the most protown, to some people. Playing against a good slew of people, SaintKerrigan and his partner, Nikanor, managed to outwit everyone and survive until endgame. To date, this is SaintKerrigan's favorite game.

Finally, SaintKerrigan pulled a win as a member of the town in Mini #892. Since Day 2, he had been a confirmed mason. Amazingly, he survived to Lylo, and it was up to him to catch the final scum. Thanks in large part to a mistake in a claim made by a scum lynched the previous day, SaintKerrigan successfully identified and voted for the final scum, Col. Cathart. It was also the first game in SaintKerrigan's history that needed no replacements.

Enter: SaintKerrigan, Moderator

The first game SaintKerrigan modded was Open 209: The Invasion of Liten. Despite real life issues that complicated appearances on Mafiascum in the middle of the game, SaintKerrigan successfully managed to complete the game, which resulted in a draw between the two mafia factions. Praise was given for SaintKerrigan's flavor, which he is proud of since he considers that one of his strong suits. His second game, Mini #981: Descent into Chaos, was awarded the 2010 Paperback Writer award, and he is really proud of this achievement.

Currently, SaintKerrigan is active as a player, and will soon be active again as a moderator.

He is also aware that the stuff written in this wiki is in dire need of rewriting, but he feels too lazy to do so at this time.

Addendum: SaintKerrigan also likes a good game of chess, and is willing to play anyone who wishes to challenge him.

Chronicle of Games Played

Overall Record: 10-10-1

Town: 8-8-1 Scum: 2-2-0

Past Games:

- Newbie #842 (Lynched D4-Vanilla Townie-Loss)

- Newbie #849 (Lynched D4-Mafia Roleblocker-Loss)

- Open #177 (Survived-Mafia Monk-Win)

- Newbie #862 (Killed N3-Vanilla Townie-Loss)

- Mini #892 (Survived-Protown Mason-Win)

- Newbie #855 (Killed N2-Town Cop-Loss)

- Mafia #108 (Endgamed-Vanilla Townie-Loss)

- Newbie #848 (Lynched D5-Mafia Goon-Win)

- Newbie #890 (Killed N3-Vanilla Townie-Win)

- Newbie #907 (Killed N1-Vanilla Townie-Loss)

- Open #205 (Killed N1-Normal Doctor-Win)

- Newbie #932 (Lynched D2-Vanilla Townie-Loss)

- Mini #975 (Lynched D5-Vanilla Townie-Loss)

- Left 4 Dead Mafia (Endgamed-Town Survivor-Loss)

- Mini #962 (Lynched D1-Vanilla Townie-Win)

- Mini #934 (Killed N4-Town Tracker-Draw)

- Mini #980 (Survived-Townie-Win)

- Mini #982 (Lynched D3-Murder-Loss)

- Of Gods and Men (Killed N1-Set (Town Vote Changer)- Win)

- Mini #686 Chess Mafia (Survived-White-Win)

- Mini #983 (Lynched D4-Jack O'Neill (Removed Main Character)-Win)

Pending Games:

- none at the moment

Current Games:

- none at the moment

Chronicle of Games Modded

Games Modded

- Open #209: The Invasion of Liten (Over-Mafia Draw)

- Mini #981: Descent into Chaos (Over-Mafia Win)

- Choose Your Side: A Comedy of Whims (Over-Joint Cult-Jester Win)

- The Return to Liten (Over-Town Win)

- Choose Your Side: An Epic of Failure (Over-Town Win) (Thankfully lost to the nether during the site crash.)

Games Modding

- Revenge, Refuge, and the Real BS: Confessions of a Superhero (pregame)

Games to be Modded

- When Gods Collide (comod with UntrodTripod) (Coming Soon)

- Bedlamn (Coming Soon)

- Bodies Buried Beneath the White (Developing)

- Red vs Blue Mafia (Developing)

- Descent into Chaos II (Developing)

- Liten 3 [working title] (Conceiving)


- Wacka Alpaca

- Ythan