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Logo mafiascum medium.jpg This user plays Mafia. (Talk)

"I am the devil, and I'm here to do the devil's business."

"My Spirit Animal is The Punisher."

And when he had opened the second seal, I heard The Second Beast say, Come and see. And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword. And he did christen that sword "Hatebringer," and slaked its thirst with the blood of his enemies.

Summary / Preferences

Thirty-something professional caregiver from the East Coast with a penchant for writing erotica and for posting as if I think I'm a low-budget Stone Cold Steve Austin. I own cats, and they're both better at Mafia than you are.

Been playing on the site since 2007. Started out as a logical and analytical player, then developed that playstyle to a fine--- AHAHAHAHAHAH no, just kidding. I drive people into an emotional response and then judges their alignments based on that emotion.

I've never been a third party. Ever.

Dislike Open setups and Mini Normals, prefer Large Themes and Mini Themes.


I stole this idea from DrippingGoofball, but a list of terms I've coined:

The Mist- See below

The Murdercock- See below

Lurkaderp- A player who will barely post, and only rear his ugly head at MYLO to make the wrong decision.


Serene- with DrippingGoofball and Fate

Serene2- with DrippingGoofball and FakeGod

GuyInHell- Unused hydra with GuyInFreezer

Heaven and Hell- Unused hydra with pirate mollie

Hammer Bros- Once-used hydra with Quilford

Serotonin- Modding hydra with GreyICE

Three-Pronged Trouser God Hydra with T-Bone and Untrod Tripod

The Love / Hate List

LOVE: "The Murdercock." The murdercock is a righteous tool of revenge, wielded by all true townies. It is a weapon of unequaled power, destroying scum in its wake.


LOVE: "The Mist." The Mist is that enigmatic property of good scum players that allows them to completely snow an entire town. If the game state is a forest, then "The Mist" is the tricks and traps that scum have laid to keep them in the dark. Good Mist is almost completely undetectable until it's too late. The best scum players have amazing Mist. Term stolen blatantly from descriptions of Dan Gheesling's gameplay in Big Brother 14.

HATE: Being called "kurbio" or asking if the name comes from Yu-Gi-Oh. NO IT DOESN'T IT'S FROM MARIO 3 AND SPELL IT RIGHT DAMN YOUR SOUL.

LOVE: Giving long winded speeches at the time of hammering. Especially ones which imply damning the victim's soul to eternal hell, reciting the Lord's Prayer in reverse Latin, and praising Satan.

HATE: When people hurl accusations of fake rage. CONGRATULATIONS IF IT WASN'T REAL BEFORE IT IS NOW, ffs.

LOVE: Coming up with ideas for games that will never get modded.

LOVE: Most of the posters on the site, but please don't tell them I said that.

2007 - 2009: Born of Hellfire

It took quite a while to develop the style for which I'm now known. It becomes evident later in the game, but for the most part I tried to stick to the logical style in the early days. It's like reading posts from a stranger.

Mini 617: Capital of the World Townie, Survived, Town wins

667: Random C9 Godfather, Lynched day 3, Town wins

Mini 656: Mini Mafia in Normal Town One-shot vig, Killed Night 3, Town wins.

Open 93: Near Vanilla Mafia Goon, Survived, Mafia wins

Mafia 85: Murder at the Bus Stop Townie, Killed Night 5, Serial Killer wins

Mafia 89: Revenge Townie, Killed Night 2, Mafia win

Mini 665 Vanilla Townie, mod abandoned after 5 pages

Unreal Tournament Mafia Mafia Goon, Mafia wins in Worst Idea variant.

US Election 08 Mafia Self Aligned Traitor, Survived, Won with Republican Mafia.

Innocence Falls Townie, Survived, Town wins.

Gangland Mafia Godfather, Lynched Day 1. Town wins.

Amish Mafia Townie, Endgamed, Mafia wins.

Hot Potato Mafia Mafia Bombmaker, Exploded Day 4, Mafia win.

Newbie #634- Ballroom Blitz Doctor, Survived, Town wins in two days with no pro-town deaths.

Scottish Mafia: Vanilla Townie, Lynched Day 2 after false-claiming Mafia Goon for my own sanity--- AND I'M GLAD I DID! Mafia Wins.

Really Bad Idea Mafia: Vanilla Townie, Killed Night 14, Town wins.

Lethal Weapon Mafia: Veteran Cop, Endgame killed, Scum win after strife220 (townie) self-lynches in LYLO.

Dynamite Stick Mafia: Vanilla Townie, Killed self and Surye (scum) Day 5, Town wins.

Welcome to Cape Town Town Doctor, Killed Night 4, Scum wins

President Maker: Mafia Goon, Executed Day 3, Town wins.

Happy Tree Friends Mafia: Pro-town suicide bomber, Killed self and Holy (scum) Day 4, Self-Aligned Serial Killer wins.

Quack Mafia: Doctor, Endgame killed, Scum Win.

Masons and Monks: Monk, killed N2, No one wins.

Mini 539 Townie, endgamed, Scum wins.

Big Brother Mafia: Replaced FaerieLord at start of Day 7, Floater, Evicted Day 7. Scum Win.

Trouble In New Catania: Tracker, Killed N2, town win.

Baby Too Much Scum: Vanilla Townie, Lynched Day 5, Scum win.

Jellyville VII: Vanilla Townie, Killed N1, town wins in 8 pages.

2011 - April 2012: The Return

After a two year hiatus, I came back to the site, a decision I regret often. Some games from 2011 - 2012 are gone forever due to a site-wide crash which resulted in six months of posts being wiped away forever. This includes a Large Normal game where I was scum with DeasVail, which we won and was pretty much my favorite win at the time.

Modern Family Mafia Phil Dunphy, Town Inventor, Killed N4. My first game with Fate, GreyICE, Lady LambdaDelta, and a few others that would become favorites of mine. Had a blast with this one.

TV UPick Mafia I was Town, scum won this, but I don't remember my role or anything about the game. Pretty sure the end was lost in the crash.

The Aftermath Town tracker, Died Night 3. This was the only game I ever played in with the entire Screaming Death Clan. If I had to replay this game, I'd have counter-claimed Fate more directly. The end was lost in the crash, but scum won. Kinda sucks that no one listened to me, because I wound up in heated arguments with every single member of the scumteam before they killed me. But, when you have a game filled with big personalities, that can happen and I was still rusty from my two year absence.

Open 345: Nomination Mafia Vanilla town, Survived, town wins. Interesting mechanic, but I don't really like Opens. Scum got roflstomped early, leaving Fate to fend for himself. He basically confessed on Day 6, stating that he couldn't keep deceiving me like he was. Sometimes the hardest part of playing Mafia is lying to your friends.

Open 350 Town Doctor, Killed Night 3, Town wins. By now the rust was coming off. I replaced into this and completely decimated the scumteam. Two people claimed vig, I picked the wrong one, but by that point it was pretty much auto-win anyway.

Open 354: Twin Trap in Morecambe Most of this game was lost in the crash, and I don't remember anything about it.

Gay Mafia Fred Phelps, Mafia Godfather, Lynched Day 6. Town and Third-Party-AIDS-giver win. A scumteam of me, DrippingGoofball, Katsuki, and DeltaWave? What could go wrong? We had the game on lockdown until a Fate/Nuwen hydra jailkept DW out of a kill. Then DGB and I made the infamous move of counter-claiming the masons. One was vengeful and shot DGB. After that, it was all she wrote for me. Katsuki was pretty much a done deal due to role confirmations. Still one of my favorite scum games.

Chrono Trigger Resurrection Mafia Marle, Town Doctor, Killed Night 3, Town wins. I don't remember much about this game, other than it being the first time I blurted out my role in a rage. In fact, I've done that quite frequently as doctor. I'm not a good doctor. Scum had some neat and interesting powers in this game, but town won regardless. No thanks to me.

Weather Mafia II Al Robbins, Town Coroner, Survived. Town Wins. The beginning was lost in the crash. Hot damn, this is probably my favorite town game ever. The entire playlist was pretty much an all-star game of Mafia, and so all of the scum were very experienced. When I rolled coroner, I thought it was going to be a boring role. It turned out to be pretty crucial since scum had a janitor and my role allowed us to disprove at least one fakeclaim. Also, Katsuki thought I was on the opposite scumteam and tried to kill me... But hasdgfas redirected Kats' kill back to himself, so Kats wound up suiciding on me. Thanks for that, hascow!

Open 396- Democracy Ho! Lost in the crash. I remember nothing about this game.

Artemis Fowl Mafia Lost most of it in the crash. I don't remember much about this.

Polite Mafia Vanilla Townie, endgamed, Town loses. LOL. "That" game. Infamous due to the misery and malaise it suffered. The beginning lost most of its players to the crash. There were no deadlines. Severe post restrictions. Became a bonding experience to those who wound up with PTSD from playing in it. I would later go on to mod the sequel, Uncouth Mafia as part of the Serene2 hydra.

May 2012 - 2013: The Dark Years

It was during this time my gameplay reached an all-time low, due to severe depression and a failing marriage. A lot of these games are nothing more than a blur of hate and misery.

Catch-22 Mafia Milo Minderbinder, Mafia JOAT. Mafia win, I was the Sole Survivor. I bussed pretty much every single one of my partners into the ground and then self-doc'd to win with a sketchy claim (lolololol). This game also contains The Scum PT of Misery and Self-Loathing. After my partners die, it's pretty much just me talking to myself about my personal life and venting to the mod. You can actually watch my marriage hit the rocks in real time if you read the QT, which is pretty ironic since my brain has blocked out 95% of the stuff that happened then.

WWE Attitude Era 2.0 The Miz, 'Insiders' Mafia Godfather 1 shot kill immune. Other scum team wins. My scumteam went down pretty hard and the other scum team got two kills due to having a regular kill and a scum vig. I tried to pull it off using the same tactics I used in Catch-22, but no dice.

Author Mafia Hulk Hogan, Mafia, Lynched, I forget what day. Heavily themed game. I was asked to replace in as Fred Phelps, but I became so uncomfortable spouting homophobia I asked to switch over to Hulk Hogan. Slot was doomed before I replaced in, though.

Gay Mafia II Jesus Christ, vanilla townie. Serial Killer wins. I have a flawless record for reading DrippingGoofball, but this was the first time I figured her out on Day 1. Unfortunately, I got piss fucking drunk during twilight and called her out. She was the serial killer, and so she killed me that night. She played a masterful game, though.

The Wire, Season One Orlando Blocker, Town 3-shot Neighborizer. Scum wins. I neighborized a handful of smart hydras, basically doubling the size of the neighborhood. We figured out the game, but we were entirely too dead at the end to do anything about it.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 1 Cordelia Chase, Vanilla Townie, Lynched Day 5. Scum Win. My second mislynch as town, so it's fairly infamous.

Team Mafia 2012: Mafia in the Back Room I don't remember my role, but I survived and town won. I legitimately do not remember a single moment of this game. At all.

Gaben Mafia I was town, town lost. Another game I don't remember, and I'm too lazy to go hunting through the thread for the role PM reveals. Mods, please always update your original post.

Revolution Mafia Revolutionary, Scum win. My god, this game was a clusterfuck of insane rage and shit-talking. Mostly by me. I was a pretty miserable person back then. Even by my standards.

The Fortnight Scum. Lost. An interesting setup that would take too long to discuss here. ONE FUCKING POST cost me the game.

Ordinary Town Town compulsive Neighborizer. Killed N1, town wins. I literally don't remember anything about this game because I died immediately.

Goonies Mafia I don't remember my role, but I was town and town won. Scum tried to out-scream me, but that shit wasn't working.

Always Sunny Mafia Another one I don't remember and not looking up. I was town, town lost.

Rural Mafia Vanilla Town, killed N5. Serial Killer won. I don't remember playing this.]

Anything Goes Spiderman Turn off the Dark, 3-shot hider. Scum wins. Hoooooo boy. This game. The less said about this shit, the better. My play was shit, I was filled with a LOOTTTT of anger, and... it was bad, just bad.

We the Purple I was town, town wins. Despite being silenced the last day, I managed to help make sure town made the right choice in MYLO.

Death Note Mafia Keomi, Mafia Goon. Mafia wins. The town pretty much screwed up everything they could in this game. The cop didn't counterclaim us, they pretty much just followed me off a cliff. It was bad. Also I'm fairly certain TheFuzzyLogic99 hates me now. If you ever read this, sorry dude. I was going through a lot of shit at the time.

Aircraft Madness I was scum. Mafia won. Just about the only thing I remember from this game is that I ran a red light while posting in the scum QT and driving.

President of the United States Mafia William Howard Taft, town tree-stump, Killed Night 3 and then resurrected voteless. I pretty much just taunted scum and trolled the first three days. After they killed me, I helped lead the town to victory.

Destiny Mafia II Hand of Fate, Killed N2. Scum win. DGB was scum, and gifted me a gun. I swear to god, I almost shot her until she claimed to have given it to me. So I shot a claimed cop instead in what was probably the stupidest fucking thing I've ever done on this site. This was the closest I've ever come to not reading DGB correctly, so the case could be made that she finally got one over on me.

Jungle Republic Vanilla Townie, Killed almost immediately after replacing in. I was barely in this game, scum killed me that night.

Zombie Attack! Vanilla Townie, endgamed. I don't remember much about this, it's a big blur of screaming.

2014 - Present: Into the Sunset

With my personal life no longer in shambles, I found it harder and harder to rage at people. Or to contain the rage at acceptable levels. Anyway, it was around this time that I retired and cut my Mafia schedule waaaaay back.

Graveyard Shift You can read about this on Serene2's page, but it was pretty much my favorite scum performance ever.

Fortnight II Town, Scum win. Marquis played an absolutely amazing scum game and deserves all the props in this difficult setup.

Games Modded

Mini 735

Bipolar Mafia (Co-modded with GreyICE as Serotonin)

Uncouth Mafia (Co-modded with DrippingGoofball and FakeGod as Serene2

Three-Pronged Trouser God Mafia (Co-modded with T-Bone and Untrod Tripod as Three-Pronged Trouser God