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Quick Guide to Mafiascum

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Welcome to!

This page will quickly go over how our forum is organized and works. If you want information on how to play Mafia, please go here.

To Play Mafia

The first thing you will have to do is go to our forum. You need to register an account with us in order to do almost anything. The link to register is in the top right corner of the page. You will need a valid e-mail address to register, as you will be required to validate your registration by clicking a link sent to that account.

All of our sign-up threads are in the Queue subforum. To join a game, post something along the lines of "/in" in its signup thread. You will be assigned to a player list, and when the list is full, you will be instructed further on where to go and what to do. If you're new to the site, we don't recommend joining a lot of games at once in case you lose interest and flake out of all of them later on. If you decide that you want to abandon a sign-up list before you are assigned to a game, post "/out".

A quick breakdown of what's available:

Game Type Sign-up Location Game Forum Number of Players Type of Games Comment
Newbie Single Thread for All The Road to Rome 9 NewD3 For people new to the site.
Open Single Thread for All Central Park Any Open, Variable Open Game setup is known in advance.
Micro Single Thread for All Mayfair Club 9 or fewer Any Specifically for small games.
Normal Single Thread for All New York Any Normal Straightforward medium- and large-size games.
Mini Theme Single Thread for All Coney Island 13 or fewer Theme Medium-size games with special flavor, roles, etc.
Large Theme Special Thread per Game Theme Park 14 or more Theme Large-size games with special flavor, roles, etc.

Note that there may be a delay between when you sign up for games and when they actually start. This is common, especially in the Newbie queue where a precise combination of experience groups needs to be represented per game. Don't panic.

Due to the burden it places on the player base if someone flakes from the site, any given player can only be alive in four Mini-sized games (including both Mini Themes, and Normals of a similar size) at a time.

When you first get to, you cannot mod a game on your own. Please do not try to create a thread in the Queue forum.

To Talk About Mafia

The first subforum under the Mafia forums is Mafia Discussion. You can post or create threads here for your questions, comments, and concerns. The two things we ask are that you not spam and that you not talk about ongoing games. We believe that games should be as self-contained as possible, and it is forbidden to talk about games that are not over yet. This applies even if you are dead in the game in question or if the game is offsite.

To Post a Welcome Thread

While we're not really that thrilled about welcome threads on this site, there is usually a welcoming party hanging around the Newbie Introductions thread. We really would prefer to get to know you through the Mafia games or General Discussion, so posting a welcome can be skipped entirely if you like.

To Do Other Things

General Discussion is exactly what it sounds like. Please make sure you read the Unofficial Code of Conduct below.

We do play games other than Mafia! There's always an eclectic set of games going on in The Whole Sort of General Mish Mash (Mish-Mash for short). Whether it's Survivor, Haunted Mansion, Roll to Dodge, or even your standard Vending Machine thread, we either have it or you can organize it if you want it enough.

The other subforum worth knowing about is Help!. If you're having trouble with your account or having other issues, that's the place to ask. In particular, on rare occasions users make it so that their account needs to be validated - this is the forum to ask for help.

Unofficial Code of Conduct

In General

The most important thing to remember about social graces on this site is that most scummers are longtime Netizens and (superficially) mature adults. We're fairly welcoming people, but if you post like a fourteen-year-old Net Newbie, you will likely be treated as such.

Many boards on the Internet have rules against swearing, doubleposting, etc. For the most part is fairly lenient in this regard. Of course, that's not an invitation to spam a thread with one hundred posts of assorted expletives. If you are mature enough to understand the difference, you should have no problem with this site.

Scummers represent a wide variety of backgrounds, interests, religions, and orientations. For the most part the userbase is fairly liberal, politically speaking. If you are uncomfortable with another user or a topic of discussion, you are advised to politely avoid them.

In Mafia Games

Mafia is not a "comfortable" game, and for this reason it's not for everyone. Your honesty, reputation, skill level, and intelligence will likely all be questioned and/or insulted by people who may not have your best interest in mind. While there are some things that are out-of-bounds - usually things that are irrelevant to Mafia, like racial slurs - having thick enough of a skin to get over these things is a necessary expectation.

In General Discussion

In the same vein as personal welcome threads, most scummers are not very interested in threads dedicated to roleplaying or gushing about your favorite video game. As a general rule, if you're thinking about making a thread that's about you or that you want to have control over, you probably shouldn't make it.

If you're worried about how to act, it's easiest to lurk around for a while so you can see how everyone else is posting, and then post like they do.