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games with a bullet indicate "my" apparent stalking of farside. current farside stalk count: 6

Currently Playing

Currently Modding

Games Modded

"Open 82: Texas Justice Mafia" (First modded game. Fonz broke it. So go congratulate him.)

"Open 99: Mayo Clinic" (Mafia won. Great game by Nameless for mafia, and Plum for town.)

"Newbie 726" (Town won.)

"Newbie 740" (Mafia won.)

"Newbie 737" (Mafia won.)

"Mini 733: Congratulations! You are... Mafia" (My bastard game. Weeeeee. Despite a screw-up on my part, Mafia still won. Great bunch of players, had a lot of fun messing with their fragile little heads.)

"Newbie 751" (Mafia Won)

"Newbie 749" (Mafia won. Excellent game by Zorblag.)

Games Played

"Newbie 382" Nightkilled N2. Townie. Lost. (Brilliant game by Theo)

"Mini 487: Open Countdown" Daykilled D4. Townie. Won due to endgame play by Kinetic.

"Mini 482: Shrek Mafia" Survived. King Harold. Doctor, Townie. Won.

"Newbie 431" Nightkilled N2. Townie. Won.

"Mini 541: Alcoholics Anonymous Mafia" Survived. Mafia Mason. Won. (First scum game. Some pretty bad screw ups on my part...memo to self, never lie about confirmed innocence...probably my favourite game so far.)

"Mini 566: Justice League Mafia" Survived. Bloodwynd/Martain Manhunter/Rott. Mafia. Won. (Perfect scum game! Woot! none of us got lynched.)

"Mini 509: Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Mafia"Survived. Bulk. Mason-Sibling, Townie. Won. (Longest. Game. EVER. Kitty was a great mason partner though.)

"Mini 610: Ace Attorney Mafia" Nightkilled N1. Miles Edgeworth, Prosecutor. Townie. Won. (Bah. I'm sad I'm dead. I was enjoying this one.)

  • "Monty Python's Mafia Circus" Nightkilled N2. Mr. Vibrating, the Argument Specialist. Self-Target Role Blocker. Townie. Won. (Double Bah! I was really enjoying this one. Sad I didnt live through this one longer. Great game.)
  • "Newbie 621" Nightkilled N2. Doctor. Townie. Lost. (Probably could have played this better, but, for the record, I *hate* being the doctor.)

"Mini 617: Scottish Mafia" Replacing Dcorbe. Nightkilled N3. One-Shot Vig. Townie. Lost. (Most. Painful. Game. EVER. So glad to be dead. Also so glad that scum won since town did not deserve it.)

  • "Mini 636: WOMAFIA" Nightkilled N1. Tampon. Doctor. Townie. Lost. (this one was also fun. Why do I keep getting NKed in all the fun games... :( )

"Open 89: Assassin in the Palace" Lynched D4. Guard. Townie. Lost. (First time I was ever lynched.)

"Newbie 634" Survived. Townie. Won.

  • "Open 92: Vengeful Mafia" Lynched D2. Mafia Godfather. Lost. (First lynch as scum. I still think that FL's play was horrible in this game.)

"Newbie 635" Abandoned due to lack of newbie interest. Vanilla Townie.

"Marathon Day III: Vengeful Mafia"Replaced Cephrir. Survived. Townie. Won. (First and last Marathon game. Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.)

"Newbie 670" Nightkilled N4. Townie. Lost. (Great game by Jazzmyn)

"Newbie 606" Replacing GhostWriter. Survived. Mafia Goon. Won. (Yay. Perfect scum game.)

"Newbie 682" Lynched D3. Townie. Lost.

"Newbie 714" Replaced Caboose. Lynched D3. Townie. Lost.

"Newbie 684" Nightkilled N1. Townie. Replaced back in to replace clammy/wolf. Townie. Won.

  • "Mini 699: Insane Asylum Mafia" Lynched D7 in HAiku-Off. Mafia Godfather. Lost. (I knew I was gonna lose this game from pretty much the beginning, so eh.)