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A history lesson

A photograph of Ether from Starkadium. Her vacuum arm is obscured by her hair.

Who can say what 2006 was truly like? Ether can't. She emerged from the depths of that time period only partially formed, with her memories hazy. For her missing limb, she obtained a mechanical replacement: a vacuum arm. For her identity, service to Lord Mith and a loyalty to the ScumChat of that era. ScumChat was a wilder place then, rumored to actually host mafia games sometimes. Ether definitely has no regrets about her miniondom, none at all.

She flourished as a ScumChatter then, but she was troubled. Her playstyle was marred by constant lurking, and the guilt that followed. Those traits never really went away, although the lurking is much less common now. Her alignment is going to be completely obvious, because she is terrible scum. Ether is now a manic-depressive lunatic who cracks if she ever slows down, and she would like to lead your town.

Ether has helped shape the site as you know it! She is pretty sure hydras are at least partially her fault, although she doesn't have the logs to prove this anymore. Mafia encryptors are hers. Neapolitans are on the normal whitelist thanks to her, and you should use a ton of them. They're really cool.

Speaking of that, Ether is the weird grandmother of the Normal Game Review Group. She didn't last long officially reviewing every single normal game, but she did keep going just long enough to convince the site that it needed to keep that position filled, with or without her. She has recently joined the NRG in its modern form, and like a good grandmother she is here to shower it with affection, junk food and immaculate reviews. These reviews are probably a little more townsided than you're used to, but in her defense, towns are really stupid and we don't give the scum nearly enough credit.

Ether is also deeply artistic. Known to some as the Lyrical Rampage, she has a ton of mafia filk to share, and she is totally prepared to belt it out. She would be delighted to make you an avatar, and like the best creative works, that avatar will probably have the face of Yosarian2's wife photoshopped into it. Ether holds a scummie for her Telephone Pictionary modding in Mish Mash, and has somehow become the only person who runs them at all these days.


Although Ether started playing on Mafiascum in July 2006 immediately after joining, she doesn't really want to talk about her first year of play. And it's not gonna help you meta her anyway. So we'll start with July 2007.

  • Open 35 - Big Love
    • (Replaced in Page 38; alive 73 pages.) Pro-town vanilla, endgamed Day 5. Loss.
  • Mini 494 - Farscape
    • (Replaced in Page 8; replaced out Page 31; Page; alive 23 pages.) Pro-town vanilla ("grunt"), technically replaced Day 4.
    • I was replaced not for inactivity but for a slip that gave me more information than I should have had. That makes the outcome a bit more painful...maybe I could have pulled out a win.
  • 70 - Traditional
    • (Replaced in Page 6; alive 111 pages.) Pro-town unconfirmed mason, endgamed Day 8. Loss.
  • Newbie 530
    • (Replaced out Page 7; alive 6 pages.) Mafia roleblocker, replaced Day 1.
  • Egypt Mafia
    • (Replaced in Page 75; alive 20 pages.) Pro-town sort-of-confirmed mason ("Osiris"), sort of endgamed. Sort of a draw.
    • But we definitely beat Yosarian.
  • Mini 574 - Portal
    • (Replaced in Page 9; alive 14 pages.) Pro-town roleblocker ("Cake Core"), survived. Win.
  • Invitational 10
    • (Replaced out Page 39; alive 27 pages.) Pro-town one-shot vig ("Pie_is_good"), replaced Day 1.
  • Mini 720 - SPQR
    • (Ether + Patrick hydra; alive 16 pages) Pro-town vanilla ("conspirator"), killed Night 1. Loss.
  • Newbie 790
    • (Alive 15 pages.) Pro-town vanilla, killed Night 3. Loss.
  • Newbie 798
    • (Replaced in Page 8; alive 7 pages.) Pro-town vanilla, survived. Win.
  • Newbie 815
    • (Alive 37 pages.) Pro-town vanilla, lynched Day 1. Win.
  • Boost 2
    • (Replaced in Page 35; alive 62 pages.) Pro-town brainwasher, survived. Win.
    • This was a game in which I made a series of fuck-ups and then managed to correct each of them before any damage was done. Also, I won a Best Replacement scummie for it.
  • Newbie 871
    • (Replaced out Page 29; alive 22 pages.) Pro-town vanilla, replaced Day 3.
  • Normal 118
    • (Ether + Yosarian2 hydra; replaced in Page 96; alive 4 pages.) Pro-town vanilla, survived. Win.
  • Oldy Mafia
    • (Replaced in Page 37; alive 84 pages.) Pro-town vanilla, survived. Win.
  • Newbie 1096
    • (Alive 30 pages.) Pro-town vanilla, endgamed Day 4. Loss.

Three years later...

  • Newbie 1656
    • (Alive 52 pages.) Pro-town vanilla, lynched Day 5. Loss.


(10:10:58 PM) CaffieneDeity: Guys. Am I nice?
(10:11:03 PM) CaffieneDeity: This is very important.
(10:11:07 PM) XXXpickemgenius: YES INDEED
(10:11:09 PM) jathan84: ether i'd say yes
(10:11:11 PM) soccerh888: IRL?
(10:11:13 PM) XXXpickemgenius: YES
(10:11:13 PM) Ultima Avalon: I think you are
(10:11:15 PM) XXXpickemgenius: <3
(10:11:28 PM) soccerh888: IRL or online?
(10:11:50 PM) CaffieneDeity: Uh, the person I'm proving this to is online.
(10:12:00 PM) soccerh888: yeah
(10:12:31 PM) unclexyzzy: well, you're always sitting on people in photos from starkadium, so if you were really fat or sweaty you'd be mean
(10:12:43 PM) unclexyzzy: but you don't appear to be either of those in the photos

(10:14:38 PM) Nocitogin: Indeed. Ether is the kindest, sweetest, most gentle, wonderful person on Earth.

(7:12:01 PM) ArtherDent: 's ok. We all love Ether.

(10:41:00 PM) petroleumjelly42: the fact still remains that the few women on 'scum still go after you in droves

Ether is truly a kind hearted soul who rescues kittens, feeds the homeless and ocassionally will even make the sun come out and play. Any slight one reads in her posts should be disregarded because it's an obvious misinterpretation.
-Green Crayons, Mini 707

(6:35:46 PM) Zen Artros: Forsooth Ether, thou art to me as the morning sun, encroaching upon the darkness and banishing it with thine rays of beauty. >.>

Thestatusquo (15:06) she is a good lap warmer
Gorkington (15:06) she is good at getting rid of mushrooms
Thestatusquo (15:06) and also at drinking creamer packets
Thestatusquo (15:06) these are all useful skills

(6:09:53 AM) Xtoxm: i dunno, id say youre prob one of the less scary ones