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Player Information

Hasdgfas is known among the MafiaScum community most often as Cow, due to this proof from JDodge.

jdodge1019 (11:23:59 PM): hasjghsalghsakljghs is from vermont

jdodge1019 (11:24:11 PM): vermont is made of liberal freaks and cows

jdodge1019 (11:24:14 PM): he's not a liberal

jdodge1019 (11:24:18 PM): thus he is a cow

I would call myself a mediocre player, but not a poor one. I'm inconsistent more than anything. I have games where I'm good, and games where I'm terrible. Unfortunately, the terrible ones happen more often than the good ones. I'm not sure why that is, but I think it has something to do with not posting if someone says something I like, which I need to improve on, and find things of my own.

Note: I am way behind on this page, and suck about updating it ever. If someone at some point wants me to update this, tell me on MS

Game History

Newbie 484[1] Vanilla Town - killed in endgame - lost.

I just sucked in this game. I was fighting with Battle Mage throughout all of Day 1, and he ended up being the doctor. Sikario8 lynched him basically as soon as he replaced in, we lynched him Day 2, and then lost.

Mini 515 - The Pine Barrens[2] Mafia Goon - survived - won.

This game was phenomenally played on our parts. Elias_the_thief and I did not receive a single real vote throughout the entire game. I was protected by the doctor on nights 2 and 3. Bookitty, who was the traitor, recovered from a very strange situation on Day 1 and lost suspicion from then on.

Newbie 511[3] Vanilla Town - killed night 2 - won.

I didn't play this as well as I should. Though we found the first scum rather easily on Day 1, during all of Day 2, I didn't look at everyone. I had my eyes on only a couple of people that I found suspicious, instead of looking at everyone. However, d3sisted was a complete and total idiot on Day 3 and the last 2 townies lynched him.

Penalty Box Mafia - Hawks[4] Defensive Right Wing - stayed alive until end.

Hawks win.

This was a very interesting theme about a hockey game, but inactivity killed in, unfortunately. At least it finished.

Mafia 73 - NEGWLTWWWKY[5]

CPR Doc - Abandoned :(

  • sigh* I killed the doc night 1 trying to protect him, then kept getting blocked trying to kill zu_faul, the mafia RB

Newbie 497[6] Vanilla Town - lynched day 2 - won.

A very interesting game. I replaced in partway through day 1. We lynched a mafiate on the first day, then because of his interactions with me, I was lynched on day 2, even though I tried to convince people that Ho1den, the mafia that we lynched, was using the "buddy up to a pro-town player so he gets lynched afterwards" scum tactic. It ended up working out though, because the ICs lynched the final mafia member on Day 3.

Mini 530 - Guitar Hero Mafia[7] Player 1 - Day Lengthener

Survived to endgame - Town Wins

Yeah, we rocked this game. Only one mislynch, and I lengthened that day so we still were able to lynch mafia that day. The only problem was it was so ridiculously long.

Prophecy Mafia [8] Mafia Goon - Scum win. I win overall.

Interesting prophecy mechanic, but the dreadful inactivity in this game killed any enjoyment.

Mini 543 - Election Day[9]

Mafia goon - lynched day 1.

Mafia win.

Not a whole lot I can say because this game was kinda boring due to the fact that all votes came after discussion. I got lynched Day 1. I still don't know why. That's about it.

Newbie 523[10] Vanilla Townie - killed in endgame - lost.

All around bad. I replaced in on day 1.We had a no lynch day 1, then the Doctor was killed during the night, then we lynched the cop day 2 because he didn't post enough. Not much else to say.

Mafia 74 - Minimally Flavored Mafia[11] Vanilla townie - killed night 3.

Light red mafia wins.

I don't remember a whole lot about this game.

Thespival Mafia[12] Mostly Mute Mafia Godfather - killed night 5

Mafia win.

Woo! Quite a game. I had a pretty good fakeclaim which let me survive as long as I did. I, like an idiot, uberbussed CKD the day we could have won flawlessly, but I didn't realize that. Urgh. It worked out, though, as mathcam was awesome.

Food Fight Mafia[13] Libby Sterbisk - "Decided she'd rather be homeschooled" Day 3 - Death Miller. Actually Chop Seleri (Soup Scum Roleblocker)

Battle Mage - Librarian(SK) wins.

Not much to say. I replaced in and got nailed because it was close to deadline. Oh well.

Weather Mafia[14] Navi (Mafia Will-O-The-Wisp) - Survived Mafia Win.

Booya. The town was pretty much screwed from day one when Blackberry fakeclaimed tracker and got a townie lynched on "gut." After that, we were able to strew discord throughout the town. The only death of ours came when I mega-bussed Cyberbob. Not a whole lot of other notable things.

Pirates v. Ninjas[15] Stan Laurel(Mason) - Cutlassed Night 2 Town win.

HOLY CRAP. This was some game. I died after my Mason partner outed me once he was fakevigged. Then a bunch of random stuff happened in the middle. Then the endgame was insanity. I still can't believe the town pulled it out.

Mini 555 - Last Days of FOXHOUND mafia[16] Psycho Mantis(Mafia Rolecop) - Killed night 1 Town win due to modkills.

This game was fun day 1, but I got killed night 1 and then the game was plagued by inactivity, so even though I could talk to my partner, he didn't respond enough to actually do anything.

Newbie 560(as IC)[17] Gangsta/Townie - Lynched Day 3.

Town loss. :( This loss was pretty much my fault completely, as I sucked it up all game with regards to Dean Harper, the mafia goon whom we lynched day 2. I realized that Muerrto was pretty much obviously the other scum once it was too late to convince anyone else to listen to me. Oh well, I learn from these things.

Mini 567 - iPick[18] The Spanish Inquisition: Role-Name Cop and One-Shot Reviver(didn't make sense) - Killed by a flash of green light Night 2

Complete Insanity. You have to read the game to understand it. All you need to know is that the mod modkilled a player day 1, and that player helped to lynch the final scum Day 5. So in the end, the Doesn't Make Sense town won, somehow.

Mini 572 - Packrats[19] Villager-died night 8 Guardian(Hitman) wins.

This game was weird. It was made more difficult for the town due to almost no power roles and no possibility of crosskills. I enjoyed the items that were given out and the flavor, and it was a fun game, but I think it could've been a bit more polished(sorry Ether)

Newbie 577(as IC)[20] Doctor - Nightkilled Night 2

Town Win!

Not a shining example of my townness, but the newbies in this game were ON. After the day 1 lynch of Xect, the town dominated. Day 2 was random talking until Indigo Heron started calling me town even when I was being quite suspicious. I called the "scum trying to get brownie points" tell on him, and we lynched him. Then I got NK'd because Alabaska J thought I was a cop. I'm not complaining. Anyway, the next day was the rest of the town newbies just right on Alabaska the whole day, leading to a lynch and a town win. Good work, newbs. :D

Mini 579, Plagues of Egypt mafia[21]

Moses - Mafia GF(basically) Hebrews freed(scum win)

Due to the strange nature of the plagues, we were able to confuse the town for a long time. Lynching Guardian during the no-reveal day 1 lynch really helped, because we were able to make the town think he was scum. We went from there, and even though I was lynched solely due to the name I claimed, strife(who started as town, but replaced Mr Stoofer) was able to pull out the win at the end. Good work.

Pikmin Mafia[22]

Yellow Pikmin - eaten night 2 Scum win

I replaced in on day 2 and got killed that night. I don't really remember that much about this game because it took a long, long time.

Newbie 604(As IC)[23] Mafia goon - survived to end.

Mafia win.

Boo to the yah. I really wasn't under any suspicion at all. I pulled the town around by the nose, and RealityFan and I had a relatively easy win.

Open 71, Jester Mafia[24] Vanilla Townie - Killed N2.

Scum and Jester win.

I'm not talking about this game ever again.

Mini 594, Satin Doll Showdown[25]

Innocent Patron, lynched d3 Town wins.

I played terribly, but the rest of the town and Tarhalindur played really well. Tar was able to confuse most of the town during most of the game, and Elmo almost pulled out the win for them due to that, but once the town actually thought about it a bit more, they made the correct decisions.

Newbie 624(As IC)[26]

Townie - lynched day 1

Um, I played badly day 1 and there's not too much to say besides that.

Newbie 625(As IC)[27] Townie, survived

This might've been one of the best town performances in a newbie that I've seen. Day 1 ended in a quicklynch, but I nailed one of the scum from day 1, and the next soon followed. Good work all.

Mini 620 - psychotic xyzzy mod[28] Mafia - lynched Day 3

Town win.

Not really a good game in my opinion. I didn't think anyone played well, and I thought the modding was bad for a speed game.

Mini 637 - Xyl's smalltown Plus[29]

Roleblocker - survived to endgame Town win

Pure destruction on day 1. Mafia GF/bomber bombed day 1 to get rid of one scum, the backup made a terrible choice of bomb, and the lynch and the poison were wrong. Then, I blocked the bus driver scum night 1 end up preventing my death, I think. Day 2, I shouldn't have jumped on the wolf wagon, but fortunately, he poisoned armlx to allow town to still have a chance. Then I blocked the scum two nights in a row to prevent a death and we lynched him for the win.

Mafia 82 - International[30] Summary tbc

Newbie 665(IC'ing) - [31] Summary tbc

Worst Role Ideas - [32] Summary tbc

Mafia 83: [33] Summary tbc

Open 93 - Near Vanilla [34] summary tbc

Mafia 86 mafia.gif - [35] summary tbc

Mini 673 - [36] summary tbc

Xyl's Relative Chaos - [37] summary tbc

Newbie 727(IC'ing) - [38] summary tbc

Mind Screw Mafia 3 [39] summary tbc

XylBot - [40] summary tbc

Mini 732 - Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Mafia [41] Another of my worst games. After this, I decided to not play smalltown again, because it's not mafia. It's a logic puzzle.

Open 129 - Pie E7 [42] This is probably in my top 3 worst games even though I won. I played down to other players' styles instead of playing like me. Sorry you didn't get to see the real me, alex.

Mini 733 - Congratulations, You are... Mafia [43] summary tbc

Newbie 751(IC'ing) [44] summary tbc

Mini 734 - GrimMafia [45] summary tbc

Newbie 773 - New Bieland(IC'ing) [46] Townie - Lynched Day 4. Summary tbc

Wheel of Time Mafia [47] Ongoing ??? - ???

Games I probably shouldn't put on here - Medieval Mafia: [48] Scum - replaced out at some point: Anyone trying to meta me based on this game, don't. This is in my top 3 worst games, and is going to be summarily forgotten if at all possible. I was never able to keep up with this, just made terrible posts the whole time, misread my fakeclaim in the role PM as something else, and didn't play well at all. So yeah, this game, I sucked. This isn't how I normally play at all.

If I missed a game, someone let me know


Say hi, ask me questions, or just start random discussions about how awesome I am. Anyone feel free to post here.

Hi -- I'm curious about your username. Was it a random bashing-upon-the-keyboard, or just a pattern string? Also, I noticed your title, above your avatar -- How does one get that changed? Josh Lyman 18:38, 26 December 2009 (EST)

heh, been forever since I've been on here. Well, it was actually bashing upon the keyboard from when I was little and signed up to a forum/online site somewhere(may have been while I'm thinking of it). It looked kinda like a name, was pronounceable(to me), and easy to type, so it stuck, and I use it for basically everything. Titles is something you should check in the Title Fairy thread on MS(should be in this subforum) - Cow

Are you still planning on updating your game list? It'll be interested to see your opinion on newer games (Like the recently finished Mini 958: Another Mafia Problem). Super Smash Bros. Fan

Eventually. I couldn't do it when we had no search, but now that it's back, I will update it at some point. I'm going to have issues finding all of them though. I keep forgetting about my wiki and just not updating it. Anyone who's super interested in my thoughts can always help me out by reminding me to update my wiki and/or find all the games I'm in.


Heh. Well, I believe I was looking for a computer, and Ether said "it's upstairs" so I went upstairs. And when you're just lying on the floor in the middle of the upstairs hallway..........