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About Erg0

Erg0 joined on 26 Feb 2007 after being introduced to the game by Vel-Rahn Koon (amongst others) on another website. He mysteriously disappeared from the site in October 2008, and obviously reappeared in July 2010. His mojo is yet to return.


  • Erg0 thoroughly enjoys playing Newbie Games as an IC, but does not treat them as "real" for any purpose. This is to prevent him from yelling at any newbies when they hammer a townie in LyLo without reading the thread (for example).
  • Erg0 was town-aligned in the first 13 Newbie Games he played. This streak was broken in Newbie 561.
  • Erg0 is in games with Oman entirely too much. Fortunately, Oman is always scum in those games.
  • The position of Erg0's gimmick has recently been filled. The successful applicant was "Famewhore".
  • Erg0 has not been mislynched since his very first game on Mafiascum. Dayvigs totally don't count.

Mafiascum History

Format shamelessly ripped off from somestrangeflea. Note that I do not record Newbie Games in which I am an IC or a Moderator.


Current Games

Game Mod Role Status Notes
Mini 1020: Troll Mafia Zorblag  ?? Killed N4
Succession Mafia Mr Flay  ?? Alive, D2
/in-vitational Game 8 - Nito City Incognito  ?? Lynched D4 Replaced Ythan N2
Mini 1051: Utopia Mafia Oman  ?? Alive, D1

Past Games

Game Mod Role Status Result Notes
Newbie 321: Contact with the Mob Mr. Flay Townie Lynched D3 Mafia Win
A very good game for a Newbie, with Zindaras (scum) winning the trust of Mr Stoofer (doctor) by not NKing him after outing him during twilight on Day 1, then getting townies lynched on Days 2 and 3 despite scummy play on Day 1. Lesson learned: being right is no use if you can't persuade people to believe you.
Mini 423: Calvin & Hobbes Mr Stoofer Hobbes' Tuna Sandwich (Townie) Eaten N2 Mafia Win Replaced remussaidow Day 1
A hidden mountainous game (2 scum, 10 vanilla townies), in which one of the scum (EmpTyger) was lynched Day 1, leaving VitaminR to play the majority of the game as the lone scum, pulling out an impressive win. This was my second game on Mafiascum, and contained a number of the site's more accomplished players, making it an excellent accelerated learning tool. My own play wasn't terrific, though I take some solace in having VitR in my top 3 suspects before being killed Night 2.
Open 22: Roleblocker C9 Patrick Townie Endgamed D3 Mafia Win Replaced beanbagboy Day 2
Replaced in LyLo after the town's only power role, a roleblocker, was lynched D1. Found one scum, but guessed wrong on a tossup between an active player with circumstantial scumtells and a lurker on Day 3 (it was the lurker). Every player still alive on Day 2 was eventually replaced - the second scum made it to Day 3 with only three posts for the entire game. Not the result that this setup deserved.
Mini 431: Happy Normal Mafia HurriKaty Townie Alive D2 Abandoned
Game killed Day 2 due to Metatron (the Godfather) outing himself and the other two scum in the thread after he was bussed to a deadline lynch by his buddies.
Newbie 397 Glork Cop Survived Town Win!
My first winning result on Mafiascum, which I almost screwed up on Day 2 by putting a townie at lynch -1, only switching my vote to one of the scum after LoudmouthLee (the doctor) yelled at me. He protected me Night 2, allowing me to find the second scum and finish things from there. A very valuable learning experience.
Assassins in the Palace Kelly Chen King Survived Palace (Town) Win!
Something a bit different. This game was nightless and had 2 kings, 2 assassins and 10 guards (townies), with the assassins trying to kill the kings and the guards trying to protect them. Each time an assassin was lynched they had an opportunity to make one or two vig-style kill(s). Turned into a bit of a wagon-fest, then a crapshoot at the end, and I was lucky that the last assassin killed the other king but missed me. An interesting experiment, but probably not a viable format unless all of the townies are on the same page strategy-wise.
Open 33: Crush Mafia Rand Althor Mafia Goon Survived Mafia Win!
A C9 game with a lyncher, lynchee and vengeful-style Godfather. I was scum with somestrangeflea, who was the GF. Plagued by inactivity for most of the first day, leading to a dubious deadline lynch of a player with only two votes. We killed JDodge (the lyncher) Night 1, leaving the way clear for a quicklynch when a townie voted first on Day 2. JDodge really likes to be reminded of this game. My first game as scum on Mafiascum.
Mini 470: Some Guys Are Trying To Kill You Maz Medias Townie Endgamed D5 Mafia Win Winner of 'Most Enjoyable Mini' in 2007 Scummies
Quite the up and down game - we were in LyLo by Day 2 with the cop and vig dead, and it appeared we'd need to lynch correctly three times in a row to win. We came back to lynch scum on the next two days and the doctor got a successful protect on Night 3. This left us with 5 players, one of which was a confirmed mason and one of which was scum. Thinking we would be in a strong position on Day 5, we gave the claimed doctor the benefit of the doubt and lynched the next suspect in line, who turned out to be a townie. As expected, the scum killed the doctor on Night 4 and we were left with three players, one of whom was confirmed town. Unfortunately, it turned out that the last remaining scum had a daykill power...
Mini 454: Candy Mafia ShadowLurker Tootsie Rolls (Townie) Killed N4 RRSC Mafia Win
An interesting setup with two two-player scumgroups, none of whom knew who their partners were at the start of the game. Unfortunately, two mislynches and four townie nightkills left the town in a practically unwinnable position on Day 3, and the rest of the game was a runoff between the two groups of scum. Enjoyable for the first two days, though I felt like the collective scum and some misleading flavour had too much influence over the town's chances of winning. I was just happy that Stewie caught on to what was happening and didn't lynch me on the last day.
Mini 493: Methodical Mafia Mr Stoofer Mafia Lynched D4 Town Win
An experimental game in which all players with power roles submitted an ordered list of night actions prior to day 1, and were bound by this for the remainder of the game. I came disturbingly close to being Glorked at deadline on day 1, and had to scramble like crazy to hang on. One of my buddies went down to the SK on night 1, then the other was lynched day 2 due to an unlucky break on his claim. I managed to get the SK lynched on day 3, but I was targeted by two cops and a roleblocker that night, so it was curtains for me the following day. Not a bad game overall, though I wasn't super-happy with my play.
BM's Mystery Mafia Battle Mage Canada (Doctor) Killed N2 Evil Leaders Mafia Win
I tried not to be afraid of scumhunting as the doc - turned out that I was right about the first two people I went after being scumbuddies, and I got nightkilled early as a result. Fun while it lasted, I was unhappy that I died when I did. Endgame came down to two scum from different groups plus a townie who was left to choose between them - apparently there's an alternate ending still to come.
Mini 450: Evil Genius Mafia Zindaras The Great Mesmero (Doctor) Killed N3 Super Agents (Mafia) Win Replaced Keyboard Fox Day 1
A fun game overall, the town was a bit hit and miss but we were doing OK until Day 3, at which point we misguessed the setup and shot ourselves in the foot quite severely, making the game more or less unwinnable on Day 4. I made the mistake of falling in love with a wacky setup theory and claimed Doctor prematurely, thinking I might have actually been a cult recruiter. I was wrong, and after spearheading the lynch of the townie that I believed I had culted I was unsurprisingly killed that night.
Open 51: Texas Justice Mafia FeRnAnDo Mafia Killed N1 Town Win
As usual for this setup, this was a pretty wild game. I thought I was doing fine, but Oman killed me basically for kicks on Night 1, and the mass carnage ended in a town win on Day 3.
Mini 504: PEGBAM Mafia pickemgenius/Flameaxe Townie Killed N3 Mafia Win Replaced poppinpuffin Day 2
Basically a guest appearance, as I replaced in at the end of day 2 and was nightkilled after a pretty quick day 3. Karen's townie self-hammer on day 3 really killed the town's chances in this game.
Stargate SG-1 Mafia ChannelDelibird/Battle Mage Sgt. Siler (Townie), Bill Lee (Townie) Killed N2, N7 Replicators (Mafia) Win NKed Night 2, then replaced DeanWinchester Day 3 and was NKed again Night 7
This was a very fun game, which nearly died when the original mod disappeared, but was miraculously resurrected by Battle Mage and played through to completion. The town did really well as a whole, lynching scum 6 times in 8 attempts (including 5 straight at one point), but was eventually overcome by the last remaining scum after a mislynch on Day 10. Noteworthy as the game in which I missed not one, but two scum fakeclaiming my flavour.
Mafia 70: Traditional Mafia Patrick Doctor Killed N2 Mafia Win
Another early death - town was doing fairly well in the early going, but lost its way after lynching the two most obvious scum.
Food Fight Mafia DrippingGoofball Linus Smart (Cop) Killed N2 Serial Killer Wins
I died early with an innocent result on the Serial Killer (who eventually won). Didn't get much done in this game.
Mini 427: Clue Mafia 2 Mastermind of Sin Professor Plum (Townie) Killed N3 Mafia Win Replaced Jack Day 3
A fine example of how to be a shitty lurker.
Doctor Who Mafia 2 Battle Mage Harriet Jones (Town Vote Giver) Survived Town Win!
The town dominated this one, with 9 town survivors in a 30 player game. This was a pretty fast game too, with 12 deaths by the start of Day 2 and the whole thing wrapped up by Day 5. A lot of luck and some decent sleuthing, along with an extremely unlucky scum fakeclaim (Yosarian2 claimed the flavour of the only other unclaimed player) left this one in little doubt. I hadn't survived a game for a while, so this win made me very happy.
Open 35: Big Love Mafia Lawrencelot Townie Endgamed N5 Mafia Win
Ugh. 5 mislynches in a row, scum wins without losing a single goon. I got lost at the start of this game due to the massive amount of content generated in the first week, and never really caught up. I was surprised to find out after the game that I'd actually picked the scum, but I never really pushed them (with one exception) because I wasn't confident enough in my reads. Just ugh.
PIRATES v NINJAS! Mr Stoofer Michael Dudikoff (Ninja) Killed D3 Town Win
Scumhunted too well for my own good on day 1, forcing a tracker claim from Guardian, who was goblin scum. His group tried to kill me night 1, thus discovering that I was scum, so he outed me as he was being speedlynched on day 2 and I was dayvigged the next day. Short but eventful, as we also managed to nightkill another of the opposing scum during my two days in the game. Fun while it lasted for me, but it turned into a numbers game at the end and was won by the town despite superior scum numbers overall.
House Mafia Albert B. Rampage/Claus Good Doctor Killed D4 Bad Doctors Win
Good, fun game - there was a different mechanic in play each day, ranging from a double lynch to electing a one-shot cop. Town was doing well, getting this game to a 5/1 split on day 4. Unfortunately, the day 4 twist was that each townie got a free daykill, which triggered a mass meltdown, ending in a scum win after the remaining townies killed each other. shaft.ed did really well to win this one for the scum after his buddies got taken out early on.
Mini 545: The Final Stand death_omen Cop (75% accurate) Killed N3 Town Win! Replaced Death's Door D1
We lynched the Godfather day 2, then I investigated shaka!! (a goon) that night. This could have put the town in a very good position, except that I got a bad dice roll and thus a false innocent result. I breadcrumbed my result as being "75% sure" on day 3 in case I was killed that night (which I was), but that caused most of the town to later think that shaka was a confirmed innocent. It looked like the scum would cruise to a win until the fickle finger of irony struck: the "confirmed town" status that kept shaka from being lynched led to Tarhalindur (the SK) killing him on night 4. shaka killed Tar the same night, handing the town a victory in a game where they only lynched one of the four scum. Not pretty, but I'll take it.
Mini 554: Mafia in Vollville vollkan Townie Survived Town Win!
Very nice game overall for the town, we had two of the scum in our sights from the end of day 1 and managed to lynch correctly three days in a row to close it out, despite losing both pro-town investigators on night 1. I liked the simplicity of this game's setup, as it really allowed the strong scumhunting to shine. One of my better games, I think.
Mini 583: BAMPEG pickemgenius Cop Killed N2 Mafia Win
Kinda "meh" play all round - a modkill ended day 1 very quickly and I got two innocent results and was killed before I could claim. Scum pulled a decent gambit to fool the town on day 3, and that was all they needed to get over the line.
Elemental Mafia Battle Mage Lover (with armlx) Survived Town Win!
This game was built around the concept of four competing cults, but the town ended up lynching most of the recruitable players before they had much of a chance to build their numbers. Only two players ended up being recruited, and the town won comfortably despite a horrible success rate on lynches. Poor curiouskarmadog (the Jester) got nightkilled before the game even started.
Dynamite Stick Mafia Mr Stoofer Townie Killed N6 Town Win!
I really wanted to blow somebody up in this game, but ended up getting NKed before I had the chance. Didn't play brilliantly here, but I figure I must have done something right if the scum wanted me dead. Some good work from the other townies (along with a couple of pivotal mod decisions) took the town to a hard-fought win.
Mafia 73: NEGWLTWWWTKY Shanba Mafia Godfather Alive D4 Abandoned
I lost track of this game pretty badly, and I obviously wasn't the only one as it died a slow death on day 4 and was eventually abandoned due to all-around inactivity.
Space Monkey Mafia 2: Pigs in Space! Mr Stoofer Loyal Security Officer (Watcher) Endgamed D5 Mafia (Traitors/Space Monkeys) Win
Not good - this game had me thoroughly confused after a couple of days, to the point where I actually missed submitting two night actions due to procrastination and inattentiveness. The town as a whole was way off track for most of the game and never really looked like winning, especially with the scum doing a good job of distancing from each other.
Mini 594: Satin Doll Showdown OhGodMyLife Moretti Family Godfather (Mafia Framer) Lynched D4 Town Win
I thought we had this in the bag after Tarhalindur and I pulled some major distancing from Elmo on day 1, wagonning and lynching him at deadline before he was saved by a town lynch preventer. Tar went down in style on day 2, then I was investigated by the cop and subsequently lynched, but Elmo looked like he was in the clear until the town finally figured it out in three player LyLo, thanks in part to a wild gambit by PokerFace. My main regret is not believing Tar when he said that scotmany12 was the cop. Good game overall.
Minvitational 8 Guardian Mason with BillyTwilight Killed N4 Town Win!
This game had an all-star cast drawn from players who joined the site from late 2006 onwards, and it was both tough and enjoyable. After a couple of townie lynches, the SK (Oman) broke the game open by NKing the mafia Godfather (shaft.ed), which gave us four confirmable townies (cop, two masons, cop-investigated innocent) out of seven players on Day 3. We managed to correctly lynch the SK that day and then it was just a matter of closing it out. A pretty good game overall, if a little slow at times.
Mini 631: Mental War Nocmen Vascular System (One-Shot Lynch Immune Goon) Lynched D4 Mafia Win! Replaced alvinz95 N1
Cool flavour in this one, and a seriously twisted setup. I unwittingly killed my scumbuddy Night 1, had a cop investigation randomly redirected to me night 2, claimed a whole bunch of stuff days 3 and 4, got lynched (twice), and maxwellhouse soloed it to the end to win it for the scum. I would imagine that most of the town were massively confused for most of this game. I had huge amounts of fun messing with people's heads, though.
Mini 593: Freedom Force The Fonz Time Master (Serial Killer) Lynched D4 Town Win
Killed two scum with my nightkills, then lamely claimed Vigilante, flaked, and was lynched in absentia day 4. Might have been able to win if I'd been around to quicklynch a townie who was at Lynch-1 on day 4, but couldn't have pulled it off on my own merits. Continues my love/hate relationship with the SK role.
Open 83: Polygamist Mafia eldarad Mafia Lover Committed Suicide D2 Town Win Replaced ZeekLTK D2
Don't remember much about this game, except that the scum were totally outed by their voting patterns.
Mini 666: This Could Be Mafia skitzer Professional Tennis Ball Runner (Tracker) Died D2 Abandoned Replaced Timeater D2
Flaked on day 2 and was modkilled rather than replaced. Looks like the game never finished.
Hiatus: October 2008 to July 2010
Mini 1019: Yep, It’s the Mafia Again! Parama Town Gunsmith Killed N1 Town Win!
Town played well in this game, lynching scum on three out of four days. Almost all of my reads were correct in this game, so it kind of sucked to get SKed on night 1 and not have the chance to follow through after a scum lynch on the first day.


Game Status Result Notes
Open 31: Yoguraimee C9 Completed Mafia Win My first Mafiascum modding gig!
A modified C9 with two cops and one doctor. Town came up with a good plan to improve their odds, but were unlucky in their choices, and a good bluff by the scum gave them the win before the second cop even posted his result on day 2.
Open 46: Strawberry Completed Mafia Win
A decent game, until the cop got lynched without a full claim on Day 3 after semi-faking a guilty result on a townie, which derailed the town somewhat. One mislynch later it was game over for the town. I was fortunate in only having to make one real replacement in this game (not counting the pre-game).
Mini 519: Clerks. Completed Town Win My first self-designed mod.
I liked this setup, though it didn't quite work out the way I'd anticipated. The Vigilante and the Serial Killer took care of one scum each on nights 1 and 2, and the other mafiate was lynched day 2. This left the SK to duke it out with 3 townies, and eventually he ran out of places to hide. Too many replacements in this one, but overall I'm satisfied with the balance and the outcome.
Mini 640: Mallrats Day 1 Abandoned
A casualty of the Great Flake of '08. Profuse apologies to all involved.