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Haylen loves you.

We're not sure why. Just be grateful you are.


Personal History

Xofelf started playing mafia in March 2007 by request of a couple friends...upon further request they joined these forums in May 2008. They no longer actively play mafia.(But maybe if you ask them nicely, they'll consider playing your game or hydraing with you if you have a good hydra name) Instead they play Survivor and other Large Social Games in Mish Mash. They've been playing since 2009, but almost continuously since 2012. They are also currently a Large Social Game Queue moderator, and subsequently the co-mod of Mish Mash.

Large Social Game History


Survivor: Greenland

  • Played as: xofelf
  • Placement: Mod Abandoned

Survivor: Seafoam Islands

  • Played as: Vulpix/Ninetails
  • Placement: 4th(Voted out first, but returned to the game in a returnee twist)

Survivor: Two Worlds

  • Played as: Roxas/Malcolm Reynolds
  • Placement: Mod Abandoned

Survivor: Middle Earth

  • Played as: Galadriel
  • Placement: 11th

Mario Bros Survivor

  • Played as: xofelf/Peach
  • Placement: 3rd

Survivor: Sky Pillar

  • Played as: Magikarp/Gyarados
  • Placement: 6th

Mass Effect Survivor

  • Played as: Tali'Zorah
  • Placement: 3rd

Survivor: Summertime

  • Played as: xofelf
  • Placement: 15th

Survivor: Greece

  • Played as: Susan
  • Placement: 1st

Survivor: Bahamas

  • Played as: xofelf
  • Placement: 6th

Game of Thrones Survivor

  • Played as: Daenerys Targaryen
  • Placement: 3rd

Survivor: Hogwarts

  • Played as: Peeves
  • Placement: 5th

Survivor: Doctor Who

  • Played as: Empress of the Racnoss
  • Placement: 9th

Survivor: Hyrule

  • Played as: Epona
  • Placement: 5th

Survivor: Names Are Hard

  • Played as: Dave Strider
  • Placement: 2nd

Survivor: Pretty Super Vanilla

  • Played as: Orange Creamsicle
  • Placement: 2nd

Survivor: Eon

  • Played as: Zorua/Zoroark
  • Placement: 2nd

Survivor: Magic Kingdom

  • Played as: Roxy
  • Placement: 15th

School Survivor

  • Played as: Patrick
  • Placement: 25th

Survivor: One World

  • Played as: John
  • Placement: 4th

Survivor: Civilization

  • Played as: Hatshepsut
  • Placement: 17th

Survivor: Expect the Expected

  • Played as: Gear
  • Placement: 3rd

Survivor: Legendary

  • Played as: Hoopa
  • Placement: 5th

Survivor: Equestria

  • Played as: Queen Chrysalis
  • Placement: 7th

Disney: World Domination

  • Played as: Sorsha
  • Placement: 2nd place team

Hybrid: Hunger Games

  • Played as: Susan
  • Placement: 4th?(This was a team game and Susan just missed being in one of the finalist teams)

Survivor: PD

  • Played as: Grouch Cop
  • Placement: 9th

Barely Survivor

  • Played as: ...Bees?
  • Placement: 6th